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  • Biore Makeup Remover For Lips & Eyes Review


    removing waterproof eye makeup

    Today I will be reviewing the Biore Makeup Remover For Eye & Lip, courtesy of Kao Malaysia. It's a eye and lip makeup remover that removes heavy makeup such as waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, glitter eye shadow and fake lashes as well as lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss. We all know that it's such a pain to remove waterproof eye makeup. Sometimes I get quite aggressive trying to remove what's left of a waterproof eyeliner on my lids that I throw out the window "thou shall be gentle on thou eyes" girl's rule. 

    "no more excessive wipping and tugging"

    So it was quite pleasant when I receive a package from Kao Malaysia to review their eye & lip makeup remover that not only cut down time on removing heavy eye makeup, it also cuts down the process of removing! (and prevents girls like me who turn aggressive when their eye makeup is not removed in a few seconds). 

    oh this package is so special! (hearts)

    so cute! eye catching pink bottle

    A bit about the product. The Biore Makeup Remover for eye and lips is a premium product specially formulated to remove heavy makeup, multi-layered makeup from delicate areas of our eyes. Unlike other double-layered removers, it contains a special Micro Cleansing Formula which softens and effectively lifts off all traces of heavily-layered makeup. This special formula works by giving more even dispersion when shaken, for improved cleansing performance. Hence, less wiping is needed on delicate eyes & lips where excessive wiping and tugging at these delicate areas can damage the skin, causing wrinkles or contributes to eyelashes being weakened and then fall.

    Here's a some important highlights about the product:
    • No.1 makeup remover in Japan
    • micro cleansing formula
    • reduces excessive wiping on delicate lashes & eye area
    • gentle on eyes & lips
    • softens even heavily-layered waterproof mascara for easy removal
    • contains Hyaluronic acid, to keep skin around eyes moist
    • leaves no oily residue
    • dermatologically and ophthalomologically tested to be safe on skin, eyes and lips. 

    The packaging is girly pink, which I love! It's tight cap, clicks opens with a flip. The instructions says to shake well before use, so the liquids are mix and ready for your cotton pad. Just close your eyelids and place the cotton pad on for 5 seconds. Gently cleanse mascara downwards from root to eyelashes to tip. Repeat again but this time upwards fromt root to tip of eyelashes. Fold cotton pad, cleanse lower eyelid and under eye area gently. Repeat for the other eye using a clean cotton pad. Use another cotton pad to cleanse lip color.

    in just one wipe - false eyelashes and make up partly removed

    before and after removing make up

    My verdict on the product. I knew by seeing the double layered liquid I had to shake it before using but what I didn't expect was how fast it worked! Granted the formula must be powerful enough that my waterproof eyeliner was removed effortlessly in a few wipes. However the first wipe is the most crucial in determining how well an eye remover product would work. My first wipe removed almost all my blue eye shadows and even my false eyelashes! Normally false eyelashes would take a few wipes and gentle massage to remove (sometimes I have to peel it off) but in this case, it came off after 5 seconds of placing on my closed eyelids and then gently removed in a wipe. Impressive I must say! easy, fast and moisturizing on the skin.

    The downside? do not open your eyes immediately after wiping, give a few seconds before you open your eyes so that the remover would not sting. 

    even can remove waterproof temporary tattoo

    If anyone notice, in my pictures I have a blue kiss tattoo on my cheek. It's a waterproof temporary air-brushed tattoo that would need a nail polish remover to effectively remove it. Normal soap or cleanser would not budge this tattoo. I decided to try my luck and walah! The Biore Eye & Lip Makeup Remover effectively removed the blue tattoo from my face fast and easy! not bad not bad. For RM29.90 for 130ml, this is a keeper :)

    easy to use, light and leaves no oily residue

    Swipe off fake eye lashes, smoky and glitter eyes plus colored lippy easily in a jiffy!  Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lips comes in 130ml bottles priced at RM29.90, available exclusively at AEON Wellness, Caring Pharmacy, JUSCO, SASA and Watsons. 

    cute sample packs for followers
    Now that you have read what I have to say about the Biore Makeup Remover for Eyes & Lips what say you try it for yourself? Thanks to Kao Malaysia, the first 30 followers to comment will get cute sample packs delivered to their homes! All you need to do is to comment whether you like my review and that you want to try it too.

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    *Open to Malaysian followers with valid Malaysian address only.


    1. Great review! :D I prefer using the Biore cleansing oil at the moment, although i might try this one after my current one runs out. :D

    2. i hardly use make-up, yet you've made me wanna buy a bottle for those once-in-a-blue-moon occasion. LOL!

    3. Ohsem! Im using the wet tissue one! Nice! Look so easy to remove ler! I want to try also!

      Follower ID: Caroline Ng
      Name: Caroline Ng May Ling
      E-mail Address: carolng1989@gmail.com

    4. nice review~

      Follower ID: anime earth ( Google & FB )
      Name: Jessica Lew
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    5. Impressive!!! Definately wanna try!!
      Follower ID: fiseel
      Name: Lee Fui
      E-mail Address: fiseel@gmail.com

    6. i like their cleansing oil cotton wipe !! can use for whole face and vy convenient for travel

      Follower ID: pigllen
      Name: ellen shi
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    7. Follower ID:Tiffany Tai
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    8. I want to try!!!!! =)

      Follower ID: Teena
      Name:Teena Pang
      E-mail Address: teng3103@gmail.com

    9. i have not come across a cleansing oil that can even take off the falsies adhesive glue!!! i wanna try this then!

      xoxo elle

      wifluvelle at gmail dot com
      ps: im using maybelline blue bottle..its kinda licin (feels soapy, no bubble, and its so so only hehe)

      1. yeah amazing! i wonder if it works for other types of glue? let me know if your falsies is comes off in 1 wipe!


    10. i want to try user friendly cleansing oil!

      Follower ID : arwen
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    11. oo I saw the blue oil based one..but not this one..would be cool to try it!! :D

      Follower ID:choulyin.tan
      Name:Choulyin Tan
      E-mail Address: choulyintan@gmail.com

      1. got blue oil based? O_O! that's interesting!!! i emailed u!

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    13. I like your review, I hope to try it.

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      Name sherry
      Email Sherrygo at hotmail dot com

    14. Follower ID: Jean
      Name: Jean
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      Would love to try this! hope it goes well on clean up my thick gel eyeliner tooooo!

    15. I like pink in bottle. And would like to try it on my face!

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    16. Follower ID : mrs.amy
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    17. I never try this but I did try on their cleansing oil cotton wipe.

      Follower ID: shereen1224
      Name: Shereen Sow
      E-mail Address: 104,Lorong Damai 3,Taman Alma,14000,Bukit Mertajam,Penang

      1. Urm! u put your mailing address already so.... I will compile this along with the list to send to Kao Malaysia yeah

    18. Hello...I'm new here. i like your Biore makeup remover for eye & lip review. interesting! especially focus for heavy makeup also less wiping!!! i'm excited to try it. so, i can remove my waterproof mascara easily.*wink*

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      1. ^__^ Hey thanks!!! I've emailed u for your details! reply me yeah

    19. Love ur review...

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    20. im here ^^ it's cute and love to pink bottle~ would like to get it try~

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    21. An honest review.❤ it! Hope i can try the item as well :)

      Follower ID:nynna
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      Thanks Tammy! :)

    22. Very straight forward and informative review! Keep it up.

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      Name ~ Catheryn Chuah
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    23. love ur review and hope can try this cute pink bottle cleansing oil ^^

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    24. i wanna i wanna this amazing product!

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    25. Love the review, thanks for the info.

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    26. I like the review and i want i want the sample .....

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      1. Tammy,my apology, typo error in my email : lyksell@yahoo.com.my

      2. emailed u! it's alright :)

    27. I've always wanted to try this makeup remover but I haven't had the chance.

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    29. hello! i wanna try biore too!! i loved ur review :)

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    30. Hi there, great review and i wanna try it too!!!

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    31. Hi Tammy

      Luv ur review and would really like to try this

      Follower ID : vina
      Name : vina
      Email : leve_17@yahoo.com

      1. heyyyy Vina! emailed u too! :D reply me yeah

    32. I use their small sample before!!!!very very good!!! good review too!! i like the lips on your face!! haha~~

      Follower ID:Cindy

      1. no.30! Gratz Cindy you are the last one :D

        pls reply my email yeah!!!

    33. Follower ID: thian
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      1. Hi Thian so sorry, I've got the first 30 submissions already.

    34. Hi Tammy I would like to try it if given chance.. Thanks Tammy! :)

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      1. Sorry Jovy, the first 30 already commented :(

    35. I want to try this product

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      1. Great review I would love to try this product.

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      2. Hi Lisa, sorry :( the first 30 has been selected already

    36. Great review I would love to try this product.

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      1. thanks Jade!!! but i'm sorry :( I have the first 30 already

    37. Follower id: Emily Tang
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      1. so impressive!! 1 wipe already can put off all the makeup and eyelashes!! Must get 1! Good review :)

      2. hi Emily!!! glad to see u here again :D

        Urm!! not all the make up, most make up is removed already in the first wipe. For mine, most blue eyeshadow and my falsies came off in the first wipe :D my eyeliner has to fold and wipe (but easy off)

        But very important to hold the soak cotton pad on close eyelids for 5 secs. It will disolved the waterproof eye make up :)

    38. thanks everyone!!! I'll be compiling the first 30 list and send email to u guys :) to get your address!


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