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Ola Korean Restaurant: My Korean BBQ Birthday (Jan)


birthday dinner on New Year

After 4 months (ay caramba) only now I'm talking about this really nice Korean BBQ place outside my condo at Solaris Mont Kiara. It just opened a few months and I came here to have my birthday dinner with my buddies. The place is like a outdoorsy garden bbq picnic area but it's inside a restaurant. Well ventilated, spacious, clean and the waiters as well as the owner, Mr. Lim - friendly people. However during peak hours, they're understaff a bit. Oh the place's funnily called Ola! Korean BBQ Garden. I don't know what Ola! means, if anyone knows pls tell me.

their signature dish smoke pork

like bacon strips only better

must try smoke pork

I came here many times already, just for the bbq smoke pork and duck. It's their signature dish here. It's a homemade marinated and smoked pork and they slice it in the shop itself too. Since it's smoked, you can be sure they'll sizzle fast enough to get eaten. The price? 2 pax would cost RM60 and 3-4pax cost RM110. They look bigger in slices but once you grilled them over the charcoal fire, they turned into bacon like texture and tastes great with the signature mustard like sauce. There's not many varieties of dishes to order here unlike other Korean BBQ restaurant. One of the reason is their dishes has no MSG. That limits what the menu has to offer but that's not stopping their smoked pork and duck to be devoured.

next birthday dinner with the gang
(Ben, Jean, Wing, WX, KL, Elvina, Ricky, Kid, Eugene, Victor, Kenby)

I was kinda impressed by my 1st visit to this place so I organized a second birthday dinner gathering with the foodie gang (my bf's friends from IBM and my own).  The dinner costs about nearly RM500, I ordered 2 large sets of Smoke Pork (RM220) and 6 sets of Pork Slices (that cost RM35 each). The side dishes are nothing to shout about though, can't compare to Bonga Korean Restaurant (across the street). My treat! :D

pork slices (bought using Everyday coupon)

smoke pork grilling over fire

I hope they enjoyed the dinner

the pork slices were no match for smoke pork

Wing and Wei Xuan

Ben and Jean (nice hair)

The sets comes with vegetable porridge which I love love love! and sesame soup (don't like this!). I hope to come here again soon. The smoke duck and pork is a must try, highly recommend it. The pork slices in the menu, not that interesting. I've also tried the beef sirloin and marinated beef cuts, it's fresh but nothing to shout about.

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Ola Restaurant

J-01-12, Soho Kl Solaris,
Mont Kiara, Jalan Solaris,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-6211 4971

Business Hours:
Mon - Sat : 10am to 11pm
Break time ( Mon - Sat ): 3pm - 5pm
Sun: 4pm to 11pm


  1. i absolutely love the porridge! and the bbq meat are good too!

  2. Hi, Ola means Hello in Spanish. :)
    The pork looking delish, going to try it someday!
    Thanks for the reccommendation! o(^▽^)o

    1. hey there's a deal now on on Ola cash vouchers!


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