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Essential Oils: The Beauty Of A Bath

turn your bath into a spa treatment

Saturday, let's try to transform our bathrooms into a mini-spa? first by laying out your essential oils on your bathroom sink or on the bathtub area. If you keep your essentials oils in the cupboard or hidden away, they're usually forgotten until it's too late.

I usually de-stress in my bathroom, after a hard days work or a tiring day out. My body is aching or I feel like a 30 day old dried up apple. I turn tub into a treatment space rather than a washing place. Any time when I need ten minutes for quiet reflection, I can do it at my tub. Light a candle or two to set the scene.

Use a total of three to six drops of essential oil in the bath. Once the tub is filled, agitate the surface of the water. Swish it rigorously to disperse the molecules. You'll notice a tiny aromatic film float on the surface and coat your skin as you lower yourself into the tub. The oil molecules hover in the air for more than 15 minutes as they evaporate, though your nose can no longer detect the smell after a few minutes as odor fatigue sets in. Don't be tempted to add more oils to the bath. The oils continue to work long after you can no longer detect any smell. Choose the essential oil suitable to lift your mood (just google to find out which would work for you).


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