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Jessica Magazine 1st Anniversary Issue Freebies!




I went into Borders Gardens Mid Valley yesterday and saw this big banner on the Jessica magazine's 1st Anniversary special issue. Unlike other magazines that I have seen so far, this is my first time seeing a special set priced at RM118 in a nice transparent box, where the first thing you see is Jimmy Coo's sketch of a shoe on JM's tote bag. I got excited and purchased it right on the spot, how can I not? the RM118 special issue set comes with free gifts worth RM458. The Talika lash conditioning cleanser RM110 (for waterproof eye mascara remover) and a RMK Trio Gloss Lips Set RM150. I checked out JM's facebook and there's a Kinokuniya special too but the gifts are just the tote bag and 50ml Ferragamo perfume RM250. Gosh I guess it's either you love make up or you love perfume to decide buying this set at Borders or Kinokuniya!

Question: Is it worth it paying RM118 to get freebies?


  1. Replies
    1. i think i wan the perfume one better

  2. good buy! i would choose tis over perfume :)

    1. the perfume one, it's like paying for the perfume only haha

  3. perfume one looks better :)
    wonder if still available?


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