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Majolica Majorca Lash King: Yes My Highness!


love their royal set up

If you have been to Mid Valley last week, you'll be amazed at the latest Majolica Majorca Spring 2012 launch - the Lash King, The King of all Kings. I grabbed the catalogue booklet, which is really cute! It's designed with poker cards, cosplay models. Think Paradise Kiss. The booklet says:
An astonishing event stirs the lash world. A first in Majolica Majorca history, 5mm fibers that truly blend in with lashes. The trusted Acrobat Catch Brush coats every single lash evenly. Limitless length. Unbeatable thickness. Lush fullness. Lashes are so perfectly satisfied.. they finally deserve the throne. That aura and that beauty.. it is yours. You are the king of all kings.
Thanks to Majolica Majorca for inviting us to discover their latest product launch here and to pose around their royal seat! Imagine if you could have one at home, during your birthday party. It was all fun checking out the lash king, the fun activities around the roadshow event and the gwp gifts. 

Lash King roadshow at Mid Valley

fun fun time posing with the royal set up
(me, Esther and Seeing is Believing)
make overs and lucky draws for purchases
(Jyn and my photographer Jeremy)
Lash King and the Eyes Reset Gel
(eyes reset gel is a waterproof mascara/eyeliner remover)

For those who missed the Lash King roadshow event, don't fret. You can still check out the mascara at pharmacies in shopping malls. In short, I haven't got to review the products yet to give my input, but here's a product description on the Lash King is all about :) 

An astonishing event stirs the lash world! Overwhelming length, extra thickness, super lush. Mascara that perfectly satisfies lashes. The Lash King is priced at RM59.90. For the longest ever, unrivaled lashes! A lengthening liquid mascara base and super long fibers extends lashes towards the peak of the lash world. One coat brings on volume and fullness. Waterproof type to secure the throne.  It's a acrobat catch brush that holds the longest 5mm super long fibers in Majolica Majorca history.

photo credits to : Jeremy 


  1. x pnah lg try brg majorlica. hihiks

  2. So tempted to get one of these but I still have my mascara! >.<

  3. i like majorlica eyeliner, but never really try the mascara.. kinda expensive.. (compare to maybeline.. =x)

  4. It smudged on my eyes after few hours of application. My lower eyelid just tainted by 1 layer of black colour.. :(


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