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Suria KLCC Earth Hour: Turn Me OFF to Turn Me On



I joined the Suria KLCC's Earth Hour Global countdown celebration yesterday after blogging about it last week. I didn't go to Chinoz though, prefer to be with the crowd for the countdown. After all, what's a countdown without everyone going crazy in it together? Besides New Year's Eve, Earth Hour countdown is probably the next Global celebration where everyone gets together to turn their lights off. One thousand Suria KLCC LED lights was given away to the first 1,000 participants who registered at the booth nearby. It's not just any countdown, you get to see Suria KLCC lights off! yes off (the outside). There's celebrities and performances as well =)

Earth Hour Countdown at Suria KLCC

I had to go back before the celebration was over, I wish there was a designated taxi stand using meter (not the blue taxi stand). It was hard trying to flag down a proper meter taxi. Nevertheless, it was fun being a part of something for a good cause. Don't miss out next year :) or Merdeka?

P.S: Anyone saw the Storm Trooper, Gundam, One Piece cosplayers? they're so cool yesterday! 

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