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Beauty Labo Shake Shake Hair Coloring Whipped Cream


Just got mine from Guardian MidValley for RM29.90 (introductory price)! It's the latest hair coloring product in the market from Japan. Think Liese Bubble Hair Dye, now there's Beauty Labo Shake Shake whipped cream -  soft, fluffy non-drip hair coloring technology available at Guardian or Watsons near you. Comes in yummy color "flavored" like milk chocolate, bitter chocolate, cream caramel, milky beige and so on. While color choices are limited from what I see at Guardian, I think it works if you're looking for natural brown tones instead of bright colors. It says shake and make, silky gloss formula to leave your hair looking smooth, shiny and evenly colored hair from roots to hair ends (serious?). I'm going to try one soon, if not tonight maybe tomorrow!

Check out the extremely cute whipped cream bottle packaging. It's like a milk shake container!

it's in Japanese but I understand!

whip hair color! cute

this is the brightest color i can find

so cute packaging kawaii!!!

there's English instructions no worries

my color is Milky Beige!


  1. cool product! i love Liese Bubble Hair Dye product! it is really easy to use!

    1. oh babe, this one is from Beauty Labo :D

  2. Wow nice I saw at mag but no buy yet.l lol having one that is blond supposed do for my mom as she loves blond. But bro say don't do...let be natural.

    1. Beauty Labo colors at Watsons Mid Valley not much choice, all mostly natural looking colors of browns... maybe ur mom will like it? u should try this! it's awesomeeee...

  3. This packaging is way more kawaii than Liese,i'm a super sucker for cute packaging too ;)

    1. are u goin to buy! muahhaa... the best part is the bottle is so cute.... I don't want to throw it away

    2. Nope,i can't color my hair cause my school won't allow,i will probably buy it when i graduate in high school which would be 3 more years :/ By the way,how long will it last??

    3. eh!! how old are u! omg.. u sound so young now

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