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Free RMK Brow Arch Service


I received and email from RMK announcing the come back of their brow service. Wondering if it was complimentary, I called up RMK Isetan KLCC to check and got a confirmation that it's complimentary upon presenting the email. Later I received a SMS informing me of the same news! Complimentary Brow service. I wonder if any of these needs a email / SMS show to redeem? No need! it's available at all RMK counters upon appointment.

Call to make an appointment for your complimentary Brow Arch service, check below for counter and contact number.

Isetan KLCC: 03-2164 7392
The Gardens: 03-2287 4931
Parkson Pavillion: 03-2148 3119


  1. I saw the announcement on Kelly's blog and straightaway called up for my appointment yesterday after work! :D

  2. My mom got go to this,and she was very impress hehe

    1. I love Lilian from RMK, she was the best.. but now she left RMK :( so I do my brows somewhere else


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