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Benefit Cosmetic Online Spree: Our Box Arrived!


all the way from the U.S.A!

*Drolls* the pic is soooooo awesome and yummy no words can express how happy I am when I picked up our Benefit Cosmetic package from Pos Laju Brickfields! That's on August 11, it arrived earlier but I wasn't home. I ordered it at www.benefitcosmetics.com on 20th July (so that's about 2 weeks?). Free shipping with usd125 purchased, I bought mine with Jean, Subashini, Laura and Hanna. We all got our Beauty Kits during the Benefit Cosmetic Online Flash Sale, which was sold out on the first day itself, restock twice and then sold out again. We are sooooo lucky! 

this is Feelin Dandy, the instant beauty box

how cute! we got it at RM86++ 

 gal pal Jean was the first to collect her benefit!

Instant Beauty Kits Video Tutorial

The Beauty Kits are available in Malaysia, the price? RM110 for the beauty kit - Feelin Dandy, Sugarlicious and Coralista. If you have patience and wanna spree with a bunch of friends to save some moolah, I suggest shopping at Benefit Cosmetics online and get that free shipping! (otherwise skip and buy from the nearest Benefit Cosmetic counter near you).


  1. Wee!! really thanks for helping me to get it! love it s much!! but tak sampai hati nak guna.. >.<

    1. gunaaaa jeeeeee.... dun like me n wing.. keep keep then.... it..rotten T___T

  2. Aaaaaaahhhh I can't wait to collect my box from you! :D :D :D

    1. XD are u goin to La Senza Pav party???

  3. Ohh,it's so cute :D Hope you'll enjoy it ;)

    1. sold mine to someone... coz... I bought something else from Benefit Cosmetics shop T_T paid full price..

    2. like it T___T but.... no more budget, i bought dandelion full size from benefit cosmetic one utama to become member (somehow i have this obsession to be members to brands i like). So had to sell my kit to pay for dandelion blusher... hahahahaha....


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