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2nd Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo (MIHTE) 2013


 what's the story on the medical tourism industry?

On 21st October, I attended the MHTC press conference at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in Bandar Sunway, Selangor. It was my first time covering a launch that I thought might have nothing to do with me. I soon found out that it was relevant to my blog topic because it covers how the Malaysia travel healthcare industry has grown and thus opening doors to potential tourism spot and healthcare destination in Malaysia. Think in the near future, tourists will be coming to Malaysia for aesthetic treatments (double eyelid, liposuction, etc) as well as medical treatments (total knee replacement, cataract surgery).

the multifaceted medical tourism experience

delegates, media & healthcare industry participants

The press conference is organized by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). It's a primary government agency set to develop and promote healthcare travel industry in Malaysia. They are the key to positioning Malaysia as the next healthcare travel destination comparing to the USA, UK and Singapore. Turns out Malaysia is truly one of the most affordable healthcare provider compared.

Here's an example: a heart bypass in Malaysia is approx. USD13,000 (in the USA it costs USD122,000; Singapore USD23,650)

Because of such affordability, many abroad are considering Malaysia for their health care needs. Price is not just the only factor, our quality of healthcare, service and medical standards are also comparable to attract patients overseas and foreign investors. While they visit Malaysia to receive their healthcare, they can also in turn enjoy the warmth and welcome of Malaysia. Hotels, shopping malls, holiday attractions will surely benefit from the visit.

Dr. Mary Wong Lai Lin, CEO of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

With the success of the 1st MIHTE 2013 launch many are seeing the opportunity to participate in the next MIHTE launch to find new opportunities to meet, learn and network among each other in the medical tourism and healthcare industry. I found out that this year, delegates from all around the world has found their way to Malaysia to join and listen to the MIHTE conference by MHTE. Breakout sessions for topics of interest in English, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese and Mandarin was conducted after the welcome opening and overview by Dr. Mary Wong Lai Lin, CEO of MHTE. Follow by a ley note address by Mr. Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor CBS News with a powerful message on the rising needs of healthcare in Asia and the affordability of such services in comparison.

Mr. Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor, CBS News
MALAYSIA IS THE TOP 10 PREFERRED HEALTHCARE TRAVEL DESTINATION IN THE WORLD - by Hon Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin Haji Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

the arrival of the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

 Deputy Prime Minister officiating the launch

the official launch of the 2nd MIHTE 2013

Thus at the 2nd Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo 2013, I was surprised to see hotels such as The Banjaran Hotsprings, Grand Hyatt, One World Hotel and Golden Horses Health Sanctuary taking part in the exhibition. I also saw Thai Odyssey and the luxury aesthetic treatment centre Beverly Wilshire showcasing their facilities and services. It was definitely an eye opener in terms of what our country can provide in this industry.

the 2nd MIHTE 2013 exhibition

 the 2nd MIHTE exhibition

 there's even a healthcare tourism magazine

welcome to the 2nd MIHTE

Deputy Prime Minister taking a tour visiting various participating booths

  Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

 Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre

 societies & organizations

JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur 

 participating hotels

 Ministry of Health

 One World Hotel

 Tourism Malaysia

the 2nd MIHTE exhibition

 Golden Horses Health Sanctuary

 Grand Hyatt KL & The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

 Thai Odyssey

 the 2nd MIHTE exhibition

Meidi Travel Solutions 

BMC Travel

Interested to participate next year? Do visit www.healthtravelexpo.com and www.medicaltourism.com.my for more information on the 2nd Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo 2013 and Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council.
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