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  • Levi's Warehouse Sale 2013


    Levi's warehouse sale starts today until this Sunday 1/12/13. From 10am - 7pm at Wisma Bakti, a popular warehouse sale venue just behind the jogging park in TTDI. 

    This is the Wisma Bakti building, the guards don't let the public park inside for this sale. Could be hindering their regular car park space that's why. You can park outside along the road but when there's crowd it's a long way from the building.

    It's a good thing Levi's decided to be clear on the pricing and stocks at the sale. You can easily spot what u need from the board right before you go in. Bags will be clamped with a plastic strap or put into plastic bags tied up. 

    Most jeans are priced at RM129 with sizes maxed at 42 for men. For ladies it's 32 with a choice of colors and floral (limited). For blue jeans there's a variety to choose but depending on size. I spotted Demi curve, skinny, slim fit & taper jeans. Obviously I bought men jeans which I am not ashamed of admiting because Levi's Malaysia tend to think women are only acceptable here for certain sizes. This size discrimation was clear to my face during the Levi's Revel Media launch when I attended as a blogger (I'm not happy so I will not blog about that launch). It's such a embarrassment to be treated this way because you're not of certain size or "look" for them. Where's the room for real women? You think everyone women out there looks like a stick and has socially proportioned face dimensions & fabulous hair? Already the world has enough of these girls on prints. Your Levi's Revel Malaysian ad boast of successful or inspiring women of all sizes and colors but I guess that's only on ad right?

    Crowd is not too bad in the morning on first day. There's about 6 fitting rooms available with a long waiting line which will take 15-30mins for your turn. A man is guarding this area making sure it's all under control. Cashiers I could spot 4? Accepting credit cards and cash. Bonus, if you spend RM500 today, you get a instant RM50 discount off. 

    Awesome, I already bought my Christmas and Chinese New Year jeans :) each at RM129 (after the RM50 discount, it comes to RM114 each). Normally retailed to over RM300, you can save now at this sale with a decent pair of jeans.


    1. I saw your status about that issue and I think it is very unethical or unprofessional of them to do so. Even though I'm stick thin (I have fitting problem too, most pants are always too big for my waist and if the waist is okay on me then the pants will be too tight or singkat on my legs) I do not favour ads picturing only "perfect-sized" or "flawlessly proportioned" bodies. It is an insult :(

    2. Hate the women stereotype of all women being skinny -_-

    3. I was there the first day too; had no problems parking inside. Afternoon was less crowded than the morning. Even the fitting room line wasn't that long a wait.

      I haven't bought Levi's jeans for years because of the sizing issue too, but got a couple of pairs I can live with, so... I also might have to consider shopping men's jeans too :P

    4. ade kew saiz kamu ??

    5. The Customer service is also impeccable. They will go out of their way to make you feel welcome, they also keep track of people entering the facility which gives me peace of mind when it comes to storing something in the city.

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