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  • shu uemura takashi murakami christmas collection 2013


     shu uemura x takashi murakami holiday collection 2013

    Last week you would have seen my instagram photographs unboxing the shu uemura's 2013 Holiday Collection called the 6 heart princess by takashi murakami. I'm just so so so dam happy that this year's Christmas designer collaboration is going to such a big bang to my 2013. Being an avid shu uemura fan for more than 5 years, I have been following closely on their holiday collection to see what's the latest and most happening art x designer collaboration that would outdone all other make up brands. In my opinion, so far shu uemura has been the leading holiday collection for premium make up brands to have the best make up turn art collection that not only gets their shu fanatics going crazy but drawing in more and more of the younger and more artistic generations of the future. Indeed "Art is a way of life" and Mr. Shu Uemura's freedom to explore and reach milestones of imagination bringing it come true has been unbeatable.

    shu uemura hits another milestone with anime inspired collection

    Takashi Murakami & 6HP

    Especially when this year's holiday collection features artwork based on an upcoming anime series called the "6HP" (Six Hearts Princess) directed by Takashi Murakami. Yes seriously no joke an ANIME! you can literally see the eye & cheek palette as well as the lip & cheek color tint being used by the princesses in the anime just like how Sailormoon transforms!

    Mr. Shu Uemura & Takasi Murakami

    Takashi Murakami, an internationally renowned master of contemporary art, and a leading icon of the Tokyo art scene—an artist who displays the same uniqueness of vision and creativity as Japan’s explosive master of beauty, shu uemura. “6HP” was first previewed at the “Murakami Versailles” exhibition in France in 2010. 

    watch the shu uemura holiday christmas on anime!

    It follows the adventures of mischievous magical “majokko” (witch girls), a popular animation genre in Japan for more than a half century; in this world normal girls magically transform into super women, and explore new facets of beauty and femininity. The new animation work is Takashi Murakami’s modern re-interpretation of this genre, drawing on aspects of Tokyo’s “otaku” sub-culture and the worlds of cosplay and manga. “6HP” reflects the timeless and universal theme of transformation of feminine desire to reflect another, inner self, the parallel universe between real and surreal, the dark and light sides that exist in every woman. For this unique collaboration with shu uemura, Takashi Murakami took inspiration from his 6HP animation, creating exclusive packaging featuring pink and black princesses and their magic mascots. He also directed and produced an exclusive 5min animated movie that will be revealed a month before the worldwide launch of this exciting holiday collection. The shu uemura holiday collection focuses on the pink and black princess characters as feminine icons-because every woman has a duality within- nice and naughty, innocent and sexy. Play with the possibilities of multi-faceted beauty, and transform into your other self!

    do you know it's the same model in this poster?
    she's the pink & black princess

    nice & naughty which are you?

    behind the scenes of the making of 6HP campaign

    the launch of shu uemura takashi murakami in Japan

    Collaboration Takes Off Amid Cosplay and Live Performancesimage

    watch scene 2.35 for the opening dance scene! it's super cute

    limited edition heart-full pink parallel palette RM250
    (eye and cheek parallel palette)

    limited edition enchanted black parallel palette RM250
    (eye and cheek parallel palette)

    The ultimate palette, featuring 7 iridescent and pearly eye shadows and 1 cheek blush for an enchanting holiday look. Play with the options-transform yourself into an angelic pink princess or a coquettish black princess.

    heart-full pink parallel palette
    Create a romantic, and purely feminine pink princess look with this collection of iridescent white, yellow, pink, orange and brown. 

    enchanted black parallel palette
    Reveal your most glamorous and provocative side. Charm with this mischievous variation of black combined with green, purple and pink. 

    purifier Anti / Oxi skin refining anti-dullness
    cleansing oil 450ml RM290

    The ever-popular cleansing oil comes in festive Takashi Murakami designed princess packaging. 

    TSUYA skin UV under base youthful radiance mousse RM135
     eyeliner lasting soft gel pencil (in 2 colors) RM85

    Switch the light on in your skin with this ultra light mousse that pampers with moisturizing properties. Draw on super smooth and long lasting definition and make your eyes look larger for the ultimate princess gaze. Available in miraculous purple/ black star.

     lip&cheek lip & cheek fun-tasy RM78

    For lips and cheeks, shu uemura presents a new silky matte texture color tint, endowed with the feeling of moisture, in five festive colors, from cute and adorable pink to chic coquettish red. dream pink, fuchsia fun-tasy, heroin rose, princess coral, magical red. 

    my favorites shu uemura eyelashes

    false eyelash premium edition black jewel on wing RM260
    Inspired by the coquettish and cool black princess, this exquisite and tailor-made premium false eyelash is decorated with super long feather-like lashes, sparkling gold sequins and mysterious purple rings. 

    natural false eyelash princess love in wink RM100
    Mini-type eyelash with adorable heart-shaped stone. Curly sweet brown and pink lashes give you the perfect lashes to awaken the true princess in you, your new wink may have magical charms!? 

    multi-functional eyelash curler with charm RM60

    Heart and flower by murakami s curler S shaped eyelash curler to provide the partial, precise, and pinch free application, fits all eye shapes. 

    shu’s princess fun-tasy mini brush set RM200

    Gorgeous portable brushes with a stylish purse-like case in shimmery gold with a festive print design. Set contains: face brush, cheek brush, eyeshadow brush and mascara/eyebrow brush.

    shu uemura make-up box mini RM1500

    Six heart princess make-up box Masterfully crafted premium make-up box with a discreet look hides a stunningly delightful inner design that reveals its contrasting charm whenever opened.

    A total of 13 cosmetics items, and 5 accessories will be unveiled in 18 countries worldwide at 460 stores. Japan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam, United States (online sales only). The collection is now available at all Shu Uemura stores new you!

    From 4th - 10th November, 2013 the shu uemura takashi murakami holiday collection will be on promotion at the Mid Valley Road Show and available for fans to grab hold off before they go like every year, out of stock! What should you get first? The s curler priced at RM60 that comes along with a collectible attached to it. Splurge on the magical palette, it's bigger than previous palette size and has the anime characters on it.

    Stay tune for my next unboxing post on swatches! Also a 6HP workshop for my readers!


    1. OMG I Love this collection so much!!!! From the Make up bag to the eyelash curler! Everything is so princessy! Waiting for your price list hehe~~ (Hoping that it's an affordable one!)

      1. Hey Princess Neverland, I have updated the price list! it's a bit higher than last year :( but the s curler is rm60 not bad!!

      2. Thanks Tammy for the price list!! Yeah RM60 for curler is a good price!! Can't blame them for the higher price as compared to last year, since this year's collection is much cuter and dreamy!!! (In my own Princess world now LOLL!!!)

        Thanks for the info btw! :)

    2. Tammy, why you showcase all these pretty things (T_T) I can cry now, cuteness to the power of infinity!! This collection opens my eyes that I should be creative and imaginative (now I sound like motto/misi/visi sekolah). I never thought of doing anime makeup and I wish I could learn it.

      1. Creative and innovative right.. so edgy.. they incorporated traditional and modern Japanese artistic cultures and trends into making the collection come to life. I really can't stop watching the video, been watching it everyday! I love the fact that they have 5 lip & cheek tints to choose from. Lip & Cheek tint is my favorite items (coz i don't like tasting lipsticks)

    3. the makeup mini box and the lashes are to die for!! How can they even came up with this wild ideas....and for you to blog about with the price it is just wonderful...definitely going to be in my wishlist! but where to wear such amazing lashes...

      1. red carpet bila dijemput nuffnang or at events!!! but I'm a shu lash collector so I dun use unless i got back up lagi satu to use!!! For aya takano i have 10 sets to use coz i love that collection's heart sticker eyelash!

    4. Workshop! Workshop! :)

      1. me waiting workshop too! wanna brush up on my make up skills n get hands on good promo kits

      2. so tempted to buy lashes, brush set, cleansing oil, palettes, curler, ... waiting for your workshop only purchase :P

    5. Ermahgad this collection is super KAWAII!! <3

    6. aaaa i love when art is combined with makeup! masterpiece!

      1. knew u would!!! anime lagi tu... it's like wow....

    7. Replies
      1. this Christmas everyone using gold, but luckily Shu Uemura still got colorful haha

    8. their mini brush set is soooooo tempting.. dush dush dush

    9. Omggggg the mini brush set is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

      1. i know right... I collect their brush sets every Christmas!!! me go so many brush sets now

    10. shu's eyelash curler is a killer by far the best that i have. i m the nice princess ;P

    11. workshop! i saw workshop! long time never attend fun makeup workshop d!

    12. Absolutely beautiful collection! :D Anime + Makeup = Perfect combo! XD

    13. hey hon, im SUZAI who finally here huhu *shame* anyhow love the anime theme errr especially the RM1500 box seriously awesome! till we meet again ^^



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