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  • Neubodi's Pink Ensemble Party


    don't throw your old bras away! they deserve more love
    image source: unhooked.in

    I always feel sad when I have to throw my old bras away. They've been my bosom buddies for the longest time, keeping my boobies warm with support. When it's time to bid goodbye, I sure wish there's a better way than to throw them away like a discarded candy wrapper.

    doing good starts with u

    Which yes there is another way! I found out too late after I threw my old bras away. Neubodi (a very good bra bra) had the most awesome idea to start a bra donating drive called the "Cash Your Bra For A Cause" campaign to raise funds, help women and increase breast cancer awareness all at the same time. This was my first time hearing there's such a thing as donating your bras for women who might need them. I mean who would use our old bras right?!

    Neubodi's Pink Ensemble Party, 1Utama

    video of Free the Girls cause, heart breaking to watch

    Apparently the less fortunate women out there would gladly pay for old bras. I didn't know until I watch the video at Neubodi's Pink Ensemble Party on October 29th. It was pretty sad discovering this and I wish I could help them. We Malaysians are actually pretty lucky to be able to afford bras here, even from the pasar malam (night market).

    went to support their party & see how many bras were collected

    The bra charity campaign is organized with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Free The Girls Association. After 27 days, Neubodi collected over 5,000 bras from their fans and a big fat cheque worth RM5,739.00 was given to Ms Tammy Walker from BCWA by Neubodi’s founder, Ms Anne Tan at the Pink Ensemble Party, 1Utama on 29th October, 2013. 

    a day of everything pink

    Ms. Anne Tan giving the cheque to Ms. Tammy Walker (not me)

    the snap it & win instagram winner

    Apart from announcing the bra charity campaign efforts, something special was in store for everyone to witness that day. A live bra makeover session where Ms. Estee Ong, General Manager and Bra Fitting Specialist of Neubodi picked two lovely ladies out from the crowd and ushered them into the fitting room to be transformed into va-va-voom sexy ladies!

    Ms. Estee Ong looks for 2 volunteers for the Bra Makeover!
    (before & after using Neubodi bras)

     2 victims ladies selected out from the crowd

    our boobs has become larger thanks to Neubodi!

    What's more surprising is the ladies became so confident to be wearing lingerie for the media, bloggers and photographers to snap picture away. Were they planted or women in Malaysia has suddenly become so open?

    A Captivating PINK Ensemble Monologue
    “Be the change you want to see in the world”

    The other interesting and deserving a mention is the (Emmy Award) choreographed breast cancer monologue put up together. Neubodi's Marketing and PR, Anushya Safira did a very good job narrating and sharing the testimonial stories of 3 ladies who has breast cancer and how it affect and changes their lives. It's really good I tell you, she really made it real as the characters for all 3 stories.

    real testimonials from breast cancer survivors
    reenact by models and narrate by Anushya

     each has an inspiring ending to share

    A nice session for a change. The monologue was really good and has touch most of us listening and watching the act by the models. Some of them really played into the scene like this super girl here. I gotta give them a thumbs up for making my Pink October month not only educational, but empowering as well.
    “Neubodi was grounded as the first ever Bra Fitting Specialist in Malaysia, with the emphasis of giving our customers a professional fitting experience upon every lingerie purchase. We ensure all our bra-fitting professionals are impeccable at providing a warm personalised fitting solution that includes choosing and sharing the methods of wearing a right-fitted bra, as well as the concept of proper brassiere care. On top of statistical measurements, we practice a holistic fitting method using the unique hand measuring technique to help women find the right bra that is best suited to their shape,”  --- Bra Fitting Specialist & General Manager of Neubodi, Ms Estee Ong. 

    For more information on this exciting event, log on to Neubodi’s Facebook at facebook.com/neubodi or Neubodi’s website at www.neubodi.com. 

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