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Discovering DAILIES® Aqua Comfort® Plus Toric Contact Lenses


suffering headaches and blurred visions due to astigmatism

When I was 6 years old, the headache monster constantly hunted me. I didn't know why and my parents started to get worried. My mom brought me to the Optician for an eye check and they found out that I have astigmatism. At that age, all I know was "YES! I'm getting a spectacle to wear!" like it's some kind of toy. The novelty effect lasted for a while (got bored of wearing) and I didn't wear my spectacles again until Form 3, when my vision started to deteriorate and the black board looked blurred. Astigmatism can be corrected but at a young age I didn't know the importance of it until it was too late (now I doomed to wear spectacles forever).

normal vision vs astigmatic vision

What's Astigmatism?
Astigmatism causes blurred vision, headaches, and difficulty with fine detail due to the shape of their cornea or lens in the eye. Symptoms of astigmatism include eyestrain and headaches, especially after reading.

I experimented with contact lens to avoid wearing spectacles but finding toric contact lens is hard (more often limited). The headaches becomes more severe when I wear contact lens without toric. Last week, I attended the launch of DAILIES® Aqua Comfort® Plus Toric contact lenses by Alcon, the global leader in eye care and second largest division of Novartis. I was curious and excited to learn more about it's Blink-activated Moisture Technology. Apparently with each blink, moisture is release from the lens to give your eyes the long lasting comfort with crisp, clear vision until the end of the day.

the Butterfly Bloggers at Alcon’s DAILIES® Aqua Comfort® Plus Toric contact lenses

getting ready to join in the conference talk

sharing Alcon’s Eye Care Journey of Leadership & Innovation
by Mr. Ryu Trento, GM of Alcon’s ASEAN Cluster Vision Care

(from left) Mr Timothy Grant, Alcon’s Asia Head,
Regional Professional Marketing, Mr Ryu Trento,
General Manager of Alcon’s ASEAN Cluster Vision Care
& Mr Sandeep Tewari, General Manager of Alcon Malaysia, 
launching the DAILIES® AquaComfort® Plus Toric contact lenses

 DAILIES® Aqua Comfort® Plus Toric Contact Lenses

 daily disposables are easy to use & hygienic

Now when it comes to contact lens, I prefer dailies to monthly. Reason being is I need the convenience when it comes to lens care. Using dailies are pretty much fussed free and easy to use. Put them on, remove by end of the day and throw away. I don’t need to worry about eye infections or sleeping with them on. Perfect for girls on the go like myself. 

with Blink-activated Moisture Technology! No more dry, itchy eyes 

What more with the introduction of DAILIES® Aqua Comfort® Plus Toric contact lenses for patients with astigmatism, I don’t need to take paracetamol (pain killers) whenever I wear contact lens for photo-shooting or special functions.

Here's the key advantages of DAILIES® Aqua Comfort® Plus Toric contact lenses:
  • For those suffering from astigmatism
  • Blink-activated Moisture Technology
  • Convenient and comfortable vision correction
  • Daily Disposable - easy & worry free
  • Lenses feature Precision Curve lens design for better fit
The Precision Curve lens design is where the lens utilizes the blinking pressure of the upper and lower eyelids to maintain lens stability therefore providing stable vision and comfort. 

can’t wait to try on my first contact lens for astigmatism!

My verdict: I got samples of the contact lens to have a feel and guess what? The lens is so soft and jelly like. I didn’t try it on yet, will have to wait until I collect them to review. There are markings on the lens, which indicates the correct way to put them on. The markings cannot be seen by the naked eye so don’t worry about it.

For more information about Alcon and DAILIES® Aqua Comfort® Plus Toric contact lenses by Alcon visit www.alcon.com.

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