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Glasses or No Glasses?


glasses or no glasses?

By now everyone knows I have this no fashion sense style that I named "I don't give a dam" fashion style. Actually it's more of a hipster style but in a more subtle geeky Korean way. Hating dresses, skirts, tight or revealing clothing, I rather be comfortable in my own skin, enjoying my life outside social mainstream. I have the urge to wear jeans and a t-shirt with my messy bed hair to gala dinners just to rebel. Just yesterday my friend asked, "Your mom is so fashionable, how come you don't have fashion sense?".

Okay I don't know what is wrong with my hard drive. Perhaps I have enough confidence to be ugly? Though I don't mean ugly as in physical looks, stereotyped by society. Ugly can be beautiful, a diamond in the rough. Like how I view abandoned colonial buildings in Port Klang. They're ugly but beautiful with a history. So yeah, I'm a beautiful mess. That's me. I'm not lazy, I just love the way I rebel against dress codes.

Anyway I've been dating a Canadian guy and he says I looked better without glasses (hotter he says). IMHO, I think I look awesome with glasses. I used to date a guitarist who thinks my glasses are way cool on me. Iconic he says - my signature look. My x-fiance on the other hand, thought my glasses were hideous. I wonder what my readers think about my glasses? Yay or Nay? Give me a hola :)

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  1. I agreed with the Canadian guy! :D

  2. both brings out the different look of a person

  3. ur younger without the glasses. from this pic seen here. maybe u post more photo from different angle see?

    1. :D mebbe next time.. now gemuk sikit malu post so many angles hahahha

  4. with glasses you look more easy going. fun.

    without glasses, you look more feminine.. i guess that's why he said you look better without glasses ^^


    1. ahhhh..... Patricia... hmmmm with glasses more easy going fun :D that's a nice way of putting it

  5. A fantastic read….very literate and informative. Many thanks Salsa Philadelphia classes


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