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  • Interview with the Juries of the Brush Contest


    interview with the juries

    I've got some pretty good answers from the judges last week at L'Oreal Paris Malaysia's HQ on the Brush contest where 10 finalists from Malaysia will go through another series of judging to compete internationally with 10 countries. In short for all u Malaysians here, the Brush contest (YouTube submission) is the Cinderella Fairy Tale of the make up world. One winner whose make up skills & personality shines through, will win a one year contract with L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer team worth 100,000 Euro, a glamorous star studded trip to Cannes International Film Festival, and not to mention all the fame & glory that comes with winning this contest. Here's to the 10 Malaysian finalists, make us proud and bring it home for us! I'm cheering u all on. Here's some word of encouragement and advise from the four juries of the Brush Contest Malaysia.

    the juries last words to the final 10

    Of course, when it sums down to the heart of the competition, the happy bunch (juries) shared their thoughts on the overall journey, qualities the winner should have and what it takes to be the best. Should the contest be a success, L'Oreal might consider making it a yearly activity to inspire make up artists in the industry, whether amateur or professional.

    :: Darren Ho, the General Manager of L'Oreal Consumer Division
    encourages the finalists to enjoy the experience, be full of energy and be an inspiration to all. This is the first time L'Oreal Paris launched a makeup designer contest exclusively on youtube where 11 countries will be participating and the winner will not only enjoy the prizes but be given an opportunity to work with L'Oreal Paris Makeup Designer team for a year.

    :: Geraldine Loy, Professional Makeup Artist gave her feedback in terms of technical skills. Always be one step ahead, focus and be confident. A makeup artist must possessed the skills to innovate, study facial features, play with colours, create dimensions and the technique to shine it through. Be versatile she says. They are half way there to complete their dream.

    :: Emma Chong Johnston, Editor-In-Chief of Tongue in Chic advises the finalists to show their personality and be comfortable in front of the camera. It's going to take the best of the best to compete internationally and it's not just about the makeup skills, your personality the overall package will be taken into consideration as well.

    :: Megan Tan, TV Host & Celebrity cheerfully agrees with Emma and adds that this is golden opportunity for all the finalists to compete in the National Finals. She gave a big smile and encourages the finalists to smile and be confident. Jump and give it all you've got and when in doubt ask questions, you have got nothing to lose!.

    I'm rooting for all 10 of you to shine your way to the National Finals and to the winner competing internationally, make our country proud and bring the trophy home! I'll be stalking from home. For more information about the Brush contest click here and to follow updates on social channels using via #TheBrushContest. This is Tammy, L'Oreal Paris's blogger who interviewed the juries signing off.

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