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How To Delay Your Period


planning a holiday but your period is coming?

I thought I share about how I delayed my period when I had to travel to a beach getaway last year with my friends. You know how you plan that big day and then you get a feeling that your period is about to come? or suddenly you feel cramps and you  know miss PMS is visiting soon? I use a period tracker app on my iPhone, it's called the period tracker. It's pretty useful to keep track of you period, your ovulation days, and safe days. It'll also give you a summary of how long your period last for, and you can insert lil' cute notes like moody, etc on it.

the period tracker

For those who's planning to get pregnant, this app allows you to estimate when you're fertile and your ovulation day (which is all an estimate based on your period cycle). You can put lil' hearts called "intimate" days to track your baby making diary. Download the app from itunes here (apple users) | google play store here (android).

Anyway back to how to delay your period, just head over to the pharmacy and ask for Norcolut from the pharmacist. Let them know what you're looking for, they're able to ascertain what you need. It's a box of 20 pills for RM8. Norculut is to be taken before your period comes (3 days at least), every morning 3 times a day. Your period will be delayed and once you stop the medication, your period will return. This medicine is also used to induce period. I've tried it even on the day I see spotting and it still works (guess just me).

I thought I share this as it would be helpful for those who's getting married and you don't want to have ops "accidents" on your white dress. Go on holidays with ease of mind, or swim without stuffing a tampon into yourself (I hate using tampons). Common side effects includes mood swings, tender breasts, etc check with your pharmacist.

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  1. wow thx for sharing

  2. hmmm, this is interessting! Norculut!

  3. Wow I didn't know that there were such app. I've heard about the pill but didn't know what was the name, thanks for sharing Tammy. But in my case my period is irregular, so it's a bit hard to predict when it's coming.

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