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I Love Sweaters


Tuesday, 10th March, 2015

After my hair treatment at 76 Style Mont Kiara, I took a cab back to TTDI. Not even an hour, my stoner bro buzz me up to accompany him to eat lunch at Las Vacas, Mont Kiara. Gah... so I packed my macbook air and went to do work there while looking at him kill a RM100 steak at Las Vacas. Before going back, I stopped by H&M 1 Mont Kiara to check out their sale rack and found a nice oversized grey sweater for RM40 *beams* and a casual top with hand sewn beads on it that looks like stars for RM30. Grabbed both to the fitting room, took some selfies for reference and decided to buy it. Super love H&M, their latest catalogue is also out. Damage today RM70 at H&M.

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  1. Wahhhh .. sempat shopping lagi!! Haha. I love this Entry .. like you are writing a diary plus sharing your shopping haul. Good babe. BTW, your baju nowadays so sopanlah!! Haha.

    1. haha... ada lah... singgah sekejab tengok ada jualan murah tak..... urm... mmg I pakai macam ni from last time babe....

  2. Gosh.. Love yr sweater dear! Nom Nom Nom!!

    1. hahahhaha why u nom nom my sweater hahhaha

  3. That sweater look good on you Tammy!! I love H&M too but coz I'm living in Pasir Gudang it's quite far from JB to find H&M store, but their sweater looks pretty kan! ^_^


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