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Spotlight Ikano Power Centre Grand Opening Sale


shopping day at Spotlight, Ikano
(bought 100% feather pillow at 40% off!)

Being a blogger has its perks. You get to discover things before they launch in the market, invitations to store and movie previews, and review products and services. I love being one but I'm quite picky as to what I blog about because first, I need to be convinced it's blog worthy. That's pretty easy, either it's something I like, would like or think it's relevant to my readers. Shopping has always been one of my favourite activities as a blogger so when Spotlight, one of the craft and wonder store I stalk back in Melbourne announced they're in Malaysia, I went crazy!.

I blogged about their first store launch in Ampang Point last year here but it was just too far for me. Now with the opening of their latest Spotlight, Ikano Power Centre, I went mad because it's 15 mins drive away from me. I got an invitation to shop first hand before the grand opening as well so I bought two feather pillows to build my pillow fort at home.

It's 1.5 times bigger than the one in Ampang Point. This means more craft materials, bigger party supplies, more fun for the whole family!. Spotlight is big on craft so they have crafting activities now and then for children, teens and adults to participate in. Check out which activities on their Facebook if you're curious.

Spotlight 's Grand Opening Sale until 24th March

 iron on cuties, just look at the owls!

 cotton cloths for sewing & quilting

 kitchen and home supplies

 just a big playground for the craft maniacs like me

If you like what you see here, you're going to love what you see there!. Head to the top floor on Ikano Power Centre where the pet store used to be, it's next to Popular bookstore. If you can find the same buys out cheaper than Spotlight, bring it back to get a 10% discount!. Yankee candles, bedding, Sizzix dye cut machine (which is usually expensive to get because the Scrapbook stores import them in) can be found here at RM600++ but with the grand opening price, it's now only RM400++.

My personal favourite has got to be the bedding section because it reminds me of my time in Melbourne, Australia. Being in a country with four seasons, I always find the quilts interesting. There's quilts for summer use, winter use, couple use, duo use quilts etc. Anyway I'm into scrap booking and party decorations so this store gets a A+ in my books.

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  1. Nice!!! I love to craft at times too and this just looks like an amazing place to go......

  2. I love goint to spotlight so many thing to do and classes to take ...

  3. whoa!! still got time to drop by and shop at this place for my house!

  4. Spotlight's INCREDIBLE! Managed to check it out with momsy. Total heaven!!!


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