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My Credit Card RM10K Debt


the story of me and my credit

If you saw the movie Shopaholic then sister, you and me we share the same beating heart to shop , shop and shop. Hey! we helped keep the economy going. Shopping is really fun, and it relieves stress that's why they call it retail therapy... until we see our credit card bill and we get stressed again!  Then we go to Hagen Dazs for desserts (stressed spelt backwards is desserts). When did I spend RM500 on Pandora? Oh, now I remember, during the buy 2 free 1 ring sale D'OH! (Homer Simpson).

how did I end up with three credit cards and 10k debt?

I couldn't say no. The promotion was talking to me. Telling me how I would not get the same kind of deal ever again if I missed this once chance. Everywhere I go, I am plagued with attractive promotions, words like Buy 1 Free 1, 50% OFF, up to 70% OFF gets me all the time. Now with online shopping, it gets worst. Coupon codes, promotions, happy hours, daily bonanzas, free shipping oh my purse.

Not that I am loaded, to begin with. I just have this bad habit of shopping for things I don't need. I admit I buy things when I can't even afford them. It's the credit card; you just don't notice how much you spend until your statement arrives. I blame my poor self-control on not knowing when to stop, and when to save.

resistance is futile

I remembered at one point, I owe RM10,000.00 with three credit cards. I was just a fresh graduate with a salary of RM1,700.00/month. I'm not kidding. I didn't know how to control myself using the credit card, and at first, it was just a few hundred ringgit. Then it became a thousand. By the time I woke up, I already have a 10k debt on my hands and I was sweating.

It took a year to pay them off, along with the interests. I learnt my lesson the hard way.

How did I do it? First, I cut two credits into half so I don't use them again and buried the other one somewhere in my room. I kept to the min. payment for each credit card with my meagre salary. I took on extra work, became a personal shopper, held a garage sale and finally, my debt was paid off. Of course, I didn't tell anyone that I'm in such a shitty situation. My ego won't let me.

I have a confession, I can't stop shopping! T_T

However, even after that... I still spend like there's no tomorrow. Buying gifts for friends, throwing gatherings or parties. Buying things I thought I would review but eventually, it's collecting dust at home. They say being a blogger you can earn money, I think the opposite happens. Being a blogger you actually spend more money. You need better camera, gadgets, and trendy clothes. Then think about throw giveaways as well to reward your readers. Sometimes you spend more than you get for a review. E.g if you needed to review a cool new skirt you got but went on to buy a matching top, accessories, a nice hipster cafe and buy a coffee as prop.

omg! I must buy this in all shades to swatch on mah blog
(so I become feymes with this post!)

The inner beauty guru voice talking to you whenever you go out "window shopping". Must buy this, and get all the collections and shades so you can be the no.1 blogger to showcase all of it for fans to read. Your post would be "complete". They'll love you!

Then you realise there's not enough time to even review one item, let alone 10 of them in different shades because of [fill in the blanks].

Tell me, how on earth does being a blogger actually earn money?

So yes, I still don't know how to save (is KWSP consider saving?) and I still use my credit cards. The one thing that’s improved? I stuck to one credit card only with a max limit that I can handle. I could feel the money going away when I could've bought an apartment and pay loan instead of rental. BUT will my loan be granted? I dare not even speak of my credit history. It must be like a blood stained, bullet hole statement.

run far away if your husband starts asking for rent

I remember when my ex-basket fiance who bought a home without consulting me and cutting me out as a co-partner (we were to get married and live in it) with the excuse that apparently, he checked my credit rating and I was not qualified to share a loan together with him. In fact, I would bring his credit rating down. OH! Wait till you hear what I have to say about this soon! Continue reading.

I'm guilty of on both account - maxing out & identity theft
(well not as the theft but the victim)

Recently I got my credit report from RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAMCI) because of an incident; someone used my credit card details overseas for online shopping. This is not uncommon, Google identity theft and you'll ready stories of how someone can one day go bankrupt because they owe banks for a loan taken / as guarantor. You can even get into bad debt and be blacklisted out of nowhere because someone used your identity to apply for a phone contract. Seriously, you would be shock to know how easy it is to have your identity stolen.

my credit information was stolen online

So how did I find out about the fraudulent charge on my credit card? I received an sms from Citibank updating that I just paid RM1, 300.00 at xxx site. Panic, I called my Citibank to tell them I HAVE NO IDEA! Bad news? It takes weeks to months to investigate and then cancel the charges. We're talking about my money here, I can't wait that long! Also, I'm for sure *&^%$%^ not paying that money. Citibank stopped my credit card and reissued a new one to me. Still angry with the "scammer", I checked the company and it turns out to be an International online shopping site.

Immediately I contacted them on Facebook and on their hotline to tell them that I did not authorise this payment and it has been reported as fraud. I told them to check the status of the order and to stop it from being shipped. Otherwise, both parties will be losing in the end.

Thank goodness, the site manages to cancel the order and also my payment!

It made my day horrible, panicking over what happened but I felt a great sense of achievement having to stop crime and save that site's goods as well.

This one incident left me to question, is there anything else that I don't know about? Like a loan, I don't know, an extra credit card somewhere in the world? I got RAMCI to check my credit history, just using my identity number! I was so afraid to look at the credit report (it was just a few print out pages) because you know; my credit history is... the shit.

checking my i-score to find out if my credit is good for loan application

I opened my eyes and... saw Risk Grade 10 (Strong). RAMCI told me this means I have a really good credit rating and was able to apply for loans if I wanted! I didn't believe them because I've bad debts and well still owing credit card. But apparently, I was a good paymaster and I never missed a payment. I paid all my debts on time as well. I didn't owe any phone bills or have a secret house loan that I don't know.

Wait, I was good for loans? Then why did my shitty ex-fiance said he checked my credit history and that I wasn't qualified at all? #caughtredhandedbigfreakingliarmanipulativebasket

I also asked RAMCI whether third parties can check our credit history? RAMCI said nobody could do that but yourself with your identity card. You will have to be the one to apply for a credit report. Guess what again? I checked my credit report for people who ran a search on me, there was none!

BAM #lyingfreakingnogoodbasketcaughtredhandedagain


(you can see how emo I am here)

Get your credit report because it helps you to know where you stand now in credit rating, so you can consider applying for loans. It also helps you to track if you have any "ghosts" in there using your credit or identity. Right now, I'm giving 1st 10 readers of mine a chance to bust any ghosts on their credit report and to see if they are credit worthy for loans.


 Just leave a comment here with your e-mail, on why you want a free Personal Credit Report PLUS.

Terms & Condition:
1. Open to all my followers residing in Malaysia holding a Malaysian identity card.
2. This credit report giveaway starts from today until 12/12/16.
3. Winners will be notified on this post (under comments)
4. I reserve the right to amend any terms and conditions herein without prior notification.

free personal credit report (basic) to get started

Curious about your credit profile? Find out here www.mycreditinfo.com.my. You can also check for Company Credit Report, get a free Personal Credit Report BASIC check, pay RM10 for Personal Credit Report PLUS that includes all you need to know and more, and i-Score which is a simple tool to identify your credit score (loan credibility). If you have obsessive-compulsive behaviour, sign up for My Credit Watch, which is like your personal anti-fraud police or identity protection plan.

RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAMCI) has established itself among Malaysia’s leading and trusted credit and business information bureaus in recent decades and has a comprehensive database that has been built over the past 25 years.

Today, RAMCI’s institutional partners such as RAM Holdings Berhad and Experian Asia Pacific have availed the company to extensive domain knowledge to serve both businesses and consumers in Malaysia and globally through its comprehensive array of services.  It also collaborates with associations and cooperatives to serve their members. RAMCI’s core capabilities include online credit information, credit rating and credit scoring services, monitoring and international information services and trade bureau services.

For more information, log on to www.mycreditinfo.com.my


  1. me, because i'm also on credit card debt :(

  2. Hi Tammy, may I know do we need a credit report if we never own a credit card, doesnt have PTPTN loan, never signed up for a loan at banks and doesnt have postpaid account under our own name? And also no insurance policy under own name yet as well. I'm curious.

    1. Yes still can with your NRIC Number, but your credit history would probably be clean bcoz you don't have credit card or loans / etc. However, you can find out if "anyone" has used your details to apply for a loan / credit card / etc as well by checking.

  3. Oh, I definitely need this... I have the same situation like you and I can never finish clearing my credit card debt. Me and my bf have plans to get loan to buy new house, it would be great if I can get the FREE Personal Credit Report PLUS to find out about the status.

    1. Congrats! Could you email me your name, contact & email details to tammylci@gmail.com ? RAMCI would get in touch with you with a free credit check :)

  4. I would love to have a check on my credit too! Never done it before. Hope I get this chance

    1. Congrats! Could you email me your name, contact & email details to tammylci@gmail.com ? RAMCI would get in touch with you with a free credit check :)

  5. Oh.I think I need this. I am in huge debts. My ex husband left me with more than rm20k of debts. *cries* . I was thinking to go to AKPK.

    1. really O_O omg... I'm so sorry to hear that... you better get it checked! Could you email me your name, contact & email details to tammylci@gmail.com ? RAMCI would get in touch with you with a free credit check :)

  6. me. would like to know if there is any 'hidden' debts too.
    However, is this similar to CCRIS item which will be renewed yearly? meaning if you have 12 months good payment record the previous year's will be reset. If CCRIS then other party will be able to check on behalf (Banker etc can check).

    1. Hmmm... that's a good question! But RAMCI didn't tell me about this, you may be right thought. Perhaps you can ask them when they email you for your credit check!

    2. Ethenies: Could you email me your name, contact & email details to tammylci@gmail.com ? RAMCI would get in touch with you with a free credit check :)

  7. I just wonder what is the different with this report and CCRIS.
    The bank informed me I had max out my eligible salary after a house loan but that was 3 years ago. Now with a higher salary, I wonder if I can now take a car loan even though I still have a few years more for another car loan.

    1. Hmm I'm unfamiliar with CCRIS, so let me check with RAMCI and get back to you.

  8. I just to know the horrid truth about my i-score - if yours was blood stained report, mine would be pieces of meat after being blown by a landmine/ landmines!
    Just want to get it over with!

    1. LOL WHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHHA!!!! pieces of meat??!!! you just made me laughed out suddenly at work everyone looking !!!

      OKAY pls email me your name, contact & email & RAMCI would contact you for your credit check!

  9. I would like to do a credit check as well coz i am planning to buy a house with my bf since he is renting now. We are getting married next year so need a new place soon.

    1. Congrats Joey! Could you email me your name, contact & email details to tammylci@gmail.com ? RAMCI would get in touch with you with a free credit check :)

  10. Awesome post Tammy! Didn't know you were once in such a huge debt based on your post-grad pay. And I do agree that being a blogger we actually spend more money on camera and gadgets etc *LOL
    Guess we just need proper financial planning and self-discipline :D

    1. Wow Aldora... surprised you came to read my 10K debt story. IKR... being a blogger you spend more money on top of everything else.

  11. I am honestly terrified to learn about my credit report actually...but I know I really need to know if my score is bad or not. Your story struck a nerve in me because it's something I've experienced and in a way, still experiencing now. If my score IS bad, I'd really want to know what are the dire (and proper) steps that needs to be taken to overcome this T_T

    1. T_T same sentiment, I was terrified..and praying I don't see "bad" things on my report until... I saw it..and I'm now 100% good citizen WAHHAHAHHA....

      So now it's your turn Silvennia. Could you email me your name, contact & email details to tammylci@gmail.com ? RAMCI would get in touch with you with a free credit check :)

  12. Fuh, okay mamasan. Gotta get my self-discipline together before I start racking up debts. Very informative!

  13. Hi Tammy. I'm interested but I would like to know the differences with CTOS/CCRIS.. I'm concerned with my data confidentiality. I want to know my debt but I dont want my debtors to know my latest info. Hehe.

    1. Congrats Atika! Could you email me your name, contact & email details to tammylci@gmail.com ? RAMCI would get in touch with you with a free credit check :)

  14. saw this site earlier and i don't dare to enter my IC number and email for the report because I scare it is another scam or will steal my personal data. now that you write about it, I feel safer to try. so me!!!

    1. O_O oh didn't know you're quite cautious online with your personal data. Glad this helped clear your suspicion, it's legit one.

  15. Hi tammy,
    I'm so curious to find out "ghost" and the confidentiality of our data. I always get a sudden bomb from no where that I have certain loan/policy which I never sign before and it took me months to year to trace and check. My understanding is ccris can check Loans but not the policy that we are holding/commit. Some agents are bad, steal the information and cheat us behind to make some policy "valid".

  16. Hi tammy,
    I'm so curious to find out "ghost" and the confidentiality of our data. I always get a sudden bomb from no where that I have certain loan/policy which I never sign before and it took me months to year to trace and check. My understanding is ccris can check Loans but not the policy that we are holding/commit. Some agents are bad, steal the information and cheat us behind to make some policy "valid".

  17. Ooh hope I'm not too late fr this !!
    I've got 6 credit cards and 3 loans :/
    I'm planning to add another property loan somemore :/

  18. Finally finish reading HAHHAHAH and it's 1AM (die tomorrow).Anyway yeah about the credit report I knew it too from reading before. Sometimes taking credit card/loan is not a bad thing, if you pay it on time, you will have a better rating than someone who never borrow anything. Cause banks wanna know how much they can trust you. Your ex-basket fiancee can go hide in hole now. MUAHAHAHHAHA

    Anyway super informative and fun post!! As expected from superstar blogger :D Okay minion need to sleep. Roger & out ;)

  19. Normally how much ramci charge for a report? I'm up to the max with my credit card especially when traveling for work and get to go abroad .... Go abroad for work sure must go shopping right? Recent trip to the US would take a year to pay off... Sigh.
    Got housing loan summore.
    Anymore freebie reports to giveaway?

  20. Would love to know if they will have my credit rating as I don't own credit card.. horror story as at 21 my credit card (subbed by Mum) went over 3k. Since then, I stop using..

    On a second note, Glad that u know it earlier about ur cheating ex fiancé! Be strong babe!!

  21. wow Tammy.. i dont own a credit card but this is Good info to keep in mind! Thank you for sharing!

  22. I have the same situation like you. All this crap ex-officio put into debt and my amount triple your amounts. I need a credit check to check whether I still can apply for house loan. Only my husband can apply for loan and I feel helpless. Feel like giving him a burden. Haiz....

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