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  • Hammam Spas Publika


     Hammam opens at Publika

    It's been a year since I visited Hammam Baths in Bangsar (click here for review) and I was waiting for Hammam Baths Publika to launch but they never did until last month. It's a pity because I lived right opposite Publika before moving to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Anyway today I happen to be there so I went to inquire about their opening specials.

     bigger but is it better? Hammam Pulika

    Hammam Publika Pre-Opening Deals
    (until 14th April, 2013)

    I went into Hammam and inquire, found out that they're still having the pre-opening specials but only for this branch. You can get 20% off normal ala-carte treatments like massage, foot ritual, body polish, hammam & gommage. For the Harem Treats, meaning sessions more than 1 hour of combination ala-carte treatments will be 30% off. I did some mental calculation and buying the packages would be a better bang for your buck choice. 

    3 sessions of My Favourite Concubine (exp 6 months) RM680 (np RM945)
    2 sessions of Royal Couple Hammam (exp 6 months) RM980 (np RM1300)

    My Favourite Concubine Package has Hammam & Gommage, Moorish Body Polish, 45mins60mins Aromatic Massage for RM227 per session per pax (if you buy the package). The only difference between the concubine and royal couple package? Royal Couple Hammam has 15 mins longer massage session and a couple bath. Royal Couple Hammam is for 2 pax np RM688 per session. Now you can have 2 sessions for RM980 = RM490 per session (2pax). That's a RM18 difference from buying the My Favourite Concubine package.

    Royal Couple Hammam is the a better deal than My Favourite Concubine but because my fiance don't appreciate spas, it will only be me. Not wanting to share a bathtub half naked with a friend, I bought the Concubine Package instead. I don't think it's expensive for a spa session because you're getting:
    • Hammam & Gommage (Turkish bath & full body scrub) RM150
    • Moorish Body Polish (body wrap) RM120
    • Aromatic Massage (with choice of oil) 60mins RM135
    FYI, when you buy package, the 45mins Aromatic Massage will be upgraded to 60mins. One hour massage in a shopping centre would normally cost over RM100. You're now paying another RM127 to have full body scrub and full body wrap/treatment. Plus you get a head to toe bath by your masseuse.

    I had time to kill so I took advantage of the Ala Carte Treatments 20% discount to have an hour of Hammam Foot Ritual (spicy soak, scrub, rhassoul & massage) RM88. It's my first time trying Hammam's Foot Ritual so I was quite excited. I'm such a footsie person.

    the changing room a.k.a locker room

    lead inside to the center of Hammam

    Hammam Foot Ritual begins here (foot soak)

    treatment room & my rose tea with Turkish delight

    Surprisingly the foot massage was done in the treatment room and not at the sitting area. Would you prefer to have your foot massage done seated or while you're relaxing lying down on a bed? Well I prefer the later because you'll be so relax with your body weight all released instead of sitting down.

    Hammam Foot Ritual (55mins)
    It started with a spicy foot soak, I didn't feel any spiciness so it just meant a herb spice soak. I was so excited, I didn't notice that my scrub and rhassoul was missing from my treatment! Anyway it's not a big deal because that meant my foot massage session woud be longer (time). The masseuse lead me into the treatment room, asked me to take off my bath robe and lie down. She put a cold eye pillow on me (OMG so nice) and started giving me a welcome massage from my shoulders to leg. Then she proceeded to massage my legs using essential oils. It was pure bliss. When my hour was up, she gave me a quick head massage, shoulder, hand and back massage. Then I was brought to the sitting lounge ( a small area) where I sip rose tea and savor the Turkish Delight.

    It was unexpected, I never thought Hammam's Foot Ritual would be done this way. I had in mind it would be a sit down foot reflexology. The 20% discount was worth it, I paid only RM70.40 in the end for an hour of footsie bliss.

    I'll be sure to come back to enjoy more discounts before it's over!

    Lot 3F-7 & 3F-8, Bangsar Village 2.  T: +603 2282 2180
    Lot 3, 4 & 5, Level G4 Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas.  T: +603 6201 0881


    1. it looks so luxurious.. damn i love massages but i don't go to much spa (causetheyarequiteexpensive) but i shall give this a try!

      1. I'm a spa junkie, my life would be horribly black & white without spas to cheer me up. You're staying in Klang so there's not many good spas there for massages. But hey u can check out Groupon for massage deals! e.g Amante 90mins aroma massage for only rm39! (first time customers only)


    2. Sounds good !!! Tempted tempted

    3. Sounds good !!! Tempted tempted

    4. Omggg! So tempted to try!! Nice!! :)

      1. it's a nice place! you should try if got promo again

    5. Oh dear Tammy, you are tempting me yet again this year. I so need an upper right now. SO depressed. Might treat myself.

      But does that mean we have 2 days left to buy this!? Can call to "chop" the package prices? Otherwise might be quite difficult for some people (like me) who don't go to that area often.

      OH NO!

      1. so sorry >_< to reply you this late.. I was already sleeping and the next day flying to Krabi until 16th night.

        The promotion ended yesterday, I gave them a call during dinner to check if I could "book" or "buy a second" package again under the promo. They're quite strict and said no :(((((((

    6. hahha.... i would love to go there, just that its a bit far from where I am living la..

      1. get a car wei.. since u can drive. I can't drive so i go by taxi everywhere

    7. RM70.40 for good service :) got shoulder to leg maggase, got cold eye pillow some more.. :P so nice..

      1. yes it's heavenly... now I regretted I didn't try more. Hammam hardly has promotions.. cept festivities where you need to spend over RM200 for a special 1 time session of mix mix treatments :)

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Bought the Princess Hammam treatment last year; and I bought another treatment recently at a discount too, haha...


      1. shall read your review!!! I haven't try Princess Hammam, concubine atm hahaha

    10. Love love this spa. It's what sets me off being obsessed with everything Moroccan. I took a couples package with my hubby (his 1st time to a spa). It was so cute when he got nervous having another lady scrubbing him. We'd love to go to another spa like this. Sadly in England, prices of spa are through the roof! A basic facial starts at £35.
      That lil treat you had there is actually Baklava. Just really can't get enuff of that scrumptious goodies. I wonder if the arab area in KL sells those things.

      1. Hey waternymph, are you Fauziah? I remember a reader called waternymph who was into cosplay and make up.

        My fiance would run screaming out without his clothes if someone starts to scrub his body. I heard spas and facials costs quite a bit overseas. Ah Baklava!!! thanks for clearing that up for me, it was a yummy sweet treat oh so sinful. The Arabian restaurants in Mont Kiara (Soho KL) sells them! but I haven't got the courage to go in because they seem to be grumpy.

    11. Tammy, I went for the princess hammam yesterday and it was sooo good, suggest you buy that package. Got hammam and gommage where they scrub you down and bathe you followed by a massage. But cannot be shy one la, coz you'll be literally naked when they scrub you. There was even another naked woman in the same place doing her hammam, gasp. Just look for Nadya coz she's Moroccon and knows the art well. Happy with her service!

      1. Hey Cas, don't tempt meeee... i actually bought the fave concubine package which is the same as princess but with additional body moorish treatment. My first time I was trying my best to not... show i'm such an amateur or "virgin" hahahha.... I really like Hammam!!! argh regretted not buying the Royal package during their pre-opening. I shall look for Nadya then! thx for your referral :D

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