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  • Hugo Boss Launches Hugo Red for Men


    we see red everyday

    but do you know what red means?

    red can be appetizing

    it can be passionate love

    or something dangerous

    most of the time it gets our attention

    but now Red means GO!

    Red has always been a powerful color, used in many ways to evoke our senses. We have always been taught that Red means STOP (traffic light red is used because it grabs our attention) but why chain how we see life because of the traffic light? Hugo Boss's latest fragrance the Hugo Boss Red embodies the power of creativity in a bottle. Don't let the stop sign dull our senses. Red means GO and who better to exude the power of life other than Hugo Boss fragrance ambassador, Jared Leto?

    Pushing boundaries is important for everyone - that's when you find the greatest reward, the biggest breakthrough - Jared Leto.

    Jared Leto, voted the sexiest man alive again by Glamour Magazine. An acclaimed musician, music video director and film actor is a modern icon of originality, creativity and talent. He is everything the Hugo brand and Hugo Red is - an innovation of a dynamic fragrance of an unexpected blend of contrasting ingredients that inspires men to break free from the norm and be original. 

    breaking the norm with Hugo Red
    watch the video

    discovering Hugo Red at The Warehouse, KL

    an iconic bestseller & success story

    the Hugo Just Different & Hugo Man

    the next classic success, Hugo Red

    a creation of contrasting ingredients that captures
    the idea of pushing boundaries

    made with two contracting accords
    the Solid Chill accord & Liquid Heat accord

    A daring scent that captures the idea of pushing boundaries but how do one create such a scent? Hugo Boss discovered through an unexpected blend of contrasting ingredients that created cold and hot tension that stimulates the wearer, leaving him feeling energized and ready to challenge himself. Thus finally achieving a new and unique fragrance built around two contrasting accord - the 'Solid Chill' accord and the "Liquid Heat' accord.

    The Solid Chill accord:
    Combines grapefruit in the top note with rhubarb in the heart note to create a bitter fresh accord with a metallic accent which stimulates the underlying strength of solid metal.

    The Liquid Heat accord:
    Characterized by cedarwood and hot amber that blend together in the dry-down to convey the heat and fluidity of red-hot metal.

    Sogo KL the first departmental store
    in Msia to carry the Hugo Red

    As daring as the fragrance itself, Sogo Kuala Lumpur became the first departmental store in Malaysia to launch the Hugo Red fragrance. Along with the launch, customers who purchase RM350 and above of Hugo Boss perfumes will receive an exclusive Hugo Red Sports Bag and a chance to win exciting prizes by playing 3 mini games - puzzle mania, apple tower or high roller. To join in the daring spirit of Hugo Red, I pushed myself to join the puzzle mania where...

    Hugo Red promotions to win prizes

    puzzle mania game to win prizes!

    pushing yourself out of the ordinary

    I had to finish putting together the Red Means Go jigsaw puzzle of Jared Leto holding Hugo Red  picture in 40seconds.  My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding like a mad man on the loose. The adrenaline rush was crazy but I manage to complete my jigsaw puzzle with a steady head but shaky hands. Even the emcee could see my hands were trembling. Me pushing myself for the first time to join a challenge in public was not a failed daring move because I won a Hugo Boss perfume for completing the challenge!!! yay!!! 

    will there be Hugo Red for women as well?

    Extremely excited, I brought back home the Hugo Red perfume as a gift for my fiance. Normally I wouldn't do this because he's really picky about perfumes. However he accepted the Hugo Red and wore it to work the next day which makes me really happy because a manly man like himself should be smelling like Hugo Red and face everyday challenges and break boundaries (so he can bring back $$$$ home for me), I like the scent of Hugo Red too, the metallic cold and hot is like a mixture of citrus spice wood that's alive. The perfect gift for any man I must say, even I like it!

    The Hugo Red (EDT) is available at Hugo Boss counters at RM202 (75ml) and RM291 (150ml). Shower Gel 200ml RM85 and deodorant stick & spray at RM85.


    1. Replies
      1. it's a powerful color, i notice most famous malay bloggers also starts with red name!

    2. Thats a very peculiar combination of ingredient for a perfume.. wonder how it smells.. hahah

      1. yes quite innovative of Hugo Boss to always come up with a bold scent, it smells really nice ^___^ i can't believe men get to enjoy such a scent!!!

    3. very RED, and congrats for winning! ^^

    4. congrats on your winning, ang pok pok oh...!

    5. Replies
      1. thanks Kylie, love the red too. Do u know the bottle is sensitive to heat? if u hold it in a cold room/place long enough, you'll see your finger marks on it :D

    6. Congrats for winning it babe :) your fiance must be very happy!

      1. he likes the smell! he looks happy but...urm I'm not sure if he's happy because he got a gift or he's happy he got a gift from me... or that he finally could replace that Giorgio Armani for Men perfume I gave him 5 years ago.

    7. Very creative post indeed! You deserve winning!
      Congrats dear!


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