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  • Beats by Dre Pill Just What The Dr. Ordered


    just ain't any pill, it's the Beats Pill

    Last month I attended the awesome Hwee Seng (Electronics) Sdn. Bhd. Beats by Dre Pill launch at the Westin Hotel, KL where celebrities, models and media played and turn into well, crazy people with imagination just by having what the dr. ordered on that day - the BEATS PILL. If you're looking for a speaker that blasts music without any strings attached, look no further. The Beats by Dre Pill ain't just any kind of pill and it may be too big to swallow. It's a portable wireless speaker pill with a built-in patented Beats Audio. Shaped like a giant pill which fits nicely onto your hands for an easy grab and dash while playing your favorite music hits up to the max without breaking! 

    You can even dance with it, say do aerobics or a dance dance competition.

    Beats by Dr. Dre is the leader in premium headphone
    market in North America and Europe

    first to experience the Beats Pill at the launch

    Available from July onwards in Malaysia, the Beats Pill is offered by Beats Electronics LLC, the leading audio brand co-founded by legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine. Beats fans who seek quality music with functional, form and design will find this a latest innovation too tempting to turn down. I was one of the first few bloggers to be able to experience and play with the Beats Pill first hand and my verdict is? YES I was charmed by the fittingly shaped cool pill, eight inches long and about 2.5 inches height, with four one-inch speakers inside. I was captivated by the cool pill and even more so when I saw Nicki Minaj's commercial on it! She has a PINK PILL, what every girl would want!

    “The introduction of the Beats Pill is the perfect beginning to a truly autonomous Beats company,” said Beats By Dr. Dre President & COO, Luke Wood. “This product demonstrates our total commitment to design, technological innovation and premium sound experience.”

    what do you think of the pink pill?!

     saw this commercial at the launch

    watch Nicki Minaj's Beats Pill commercial

    isn't it so sweet, I want this in pink!

    check out the buttons on this baby? there isn't many

    sleek, cool, pill shape music blaster

    But too bad the pink pill will not be available in Malaysia after I inquire from the manager of Hwee Seng Electronics. They came down all the way from Singapore to meet and introduce the latest product and to answer all our questions. I held the light Beats Pill in my hands (about 0.35kg) and connected it to my iPhone 5 via bluteooth connection and with a tap, blasted the music to the max kinda dance to the beat! (yeahhh it was so fun with the loud music!). Even at max blast, the quality of the sound didn't break and I was told it can last up to 7 hours this way! very energy efficient. It's also shock proof which means awesome for dance dance parties haha! 

    The catchy pill design and form is one thing. How easy would this be for a mere un-gadget savvy person like me to use? EASY! There was only a few buttons available - e.g power button, up down. Tap it to connect to your phone to play music via bluetooth. AWESOME.

    getting jiggy with it - music to my ears

    what do you think of my pink Beats Studio?

    At the moment it's only available in beats signature color black, white and red but in the future they will be more colors available for the market. The price RM790 isn't that bad for quality sound wireless speakers that packs a punch in a small body. I really hope to see some launch promotions on this to attract the young market. Other Beats products also captured my attention. I know they're one of the most wanted premium headphones in Malaysia too. It's like a status symbol when you're seen with a Beats by Dr. Dre headphone.

    available in signature colors of black, white & red

    At Beats, sound is king. From the placement of the drivers to the materials of the grill, the Beats Pill is specifically designed to optimize sound quality and maximize volume. The Beats Pill is the first product to be fully integrated with the company’s patented Beats Audio algorithm and also features exclusive speaker modules to provide the highest quality portable listening experience. 

    The Beats Pill is the first wireless speaker to hit store shelves with tap-to-pair NFC and apt-X technology for easy and instant Bluetooth audio. More features include:

    •       All call functions — including speakerphone when paired with your smartphone
    •       Four-speaker system with Beats unique sound profile
    •       Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 7 hours of continuous play
    •       AC Power adapter with USB receptacle for charging
    •       Auto shut-off after 30 minutes of no signal detection to conserve battery life
    •       3.5mm line out for connection to an external speaker system
    •       Built-in mic for hands-free conferencing
    •       Echo cancellation for call clarity and feedback control
    •       8 Bluetooth profiles.

    From July 2013 onwards, The Beats Pill RM790 will be available to consumers at all authorized electronics and headphones retail stores in Malaysia.


    1. i really in love with dr.dre beats... gosh. sounds really awesome! but too mahal lah! :(

      1. I'm saving up to get the Beats Pill! nak jual I punya edifier beli ni lagi best... Edifier I got from Mac Clearance cheap but it's not updated! tak boleh pakai dengan iphone 5 =_= cis!!!

    2. Wow...nice one! Looks so cool, the shape, the colors.
      Nampak bergaya la you, Tammy! :-)

      1. yeah i alwiz look gaya with non-girly stuffs wan.. (MUAHHAHAH)

    3. Nice article, thx for the info. That red Beats Pill is one fav in my wish list! Once I see it, hope I can grab one soon!

    4. Tammy, you look Awesome in Pink Beats Studio!

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