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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Day 1 Hong Kong Disneyland is FUN!


    welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!

    Continuing my Hong Kong Disneyland story, I just finish the super awesome Disney Special Dim Sum Lunch Set Promotion at the Crystal Lotus Restaurant, Disneyland Hotel so now I'm heading to the next best thing - DISNEYLAND! It was just a bus ride away, so convenient! I just love how everything is already planned in this place. Really different from visiting Hong Kong out of Disneyland. Again everyone is super nice and helpful here and they speak English too because I am a banana (yellow outside white inside).

    you can buy Hong Kong Disneyland tickets online

    there's two types of 1-day tickets
    (children rates are lower)

    a 2-day ticket is a better deal & more fun!
    (1day HK450 vs 2day HK585)

    easy to buy online & just print to collect!

    the website is pack with information for tourist!

    this is where my journey starts!

    Of course before even flying to Hong Kong, I did some research on Hong Kong Disneyland website on how to get there, what to see, the schedules of character appearances, schedules of the show times (Festival of the Lion King, The Golden Mickeys, Flights of Fantasy Parade, Fireworks!). The website is pack with information for newbies like me. For convenience, I bought the Disneyland tickets from here using my credit card. Printed the tickets from my e-mail and brought them to Hong Kong. Buying a 2-day ticket is so much more worth it than 1-day plus if I didn't use it I can upgrade to a magic access! (1-year membership).

    3 things you need before your adventure starts!

    At the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland, I grabbed three essential items for my adventure. They were really helpful in guiding me and informing me what I could do in Disneyland! I really highly recommend you get these pamphlets before entering! Here's what I summarized about the 3 essential guides:
    • GuideMap: Shows you all the 7 wonderful lands you should visit in Hong Kong Disneyland and the rides you should not miss!
    • Times Guide: Shows you the character appearance time for photo moments, show times, parade and fireworks. You need this to plan your adventure to ensure you experience everything within these 2-days!
    • Resort Dining Guide: Tells you where to eat at Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel. Including information and introduction about the dining places.
    I reached Disneyland at 3.30pm, guess what?

    so many people waiting along the main street!

    my heart became more excited with the crowd

    my brother with his cool pose

    here comes the Flights of Fantasy Parade!
    it was so awesome! MUSIC Singing Dancing!

    Mickey & his Magical Airship arrives!!!
    leading the parade with lovable Disney characters

    it's Donald & Gofey! *waves waves*

    Donald Duck strikes a pose! quack quack

    here comes the Lion King ship! boom boom boom

    the atmosphere was so lively so fun!
    (you gotta experience this it's so amazing)

    the cutest airship ever by Winnie the Pooh!

    jumping bees dancing to the beat!

    Winnie the Pooh! & his hunny pot!

    ohhhh?!!! look what follows behind them?!

    the Disney Princesses has arrived!

    GOSH there's no way to describe how I feel about witnessing the Flights of Fantasy Parade the moment I reach Hong Kong Disneyland! It was like perfect timing and it wasn't so crowded! The weather was scorching hot in June, but thank goodness it didn't rain. I totally love the parade so much, it's the NUMBER ONE SHOW that everyone must not miss out on! All the Disney characters coming out to play and to say hello. The lively music, the dancing, the cheerful bouncing bees is so surreal!!!

    must buy Minnie Mouse headgear
    to complete Disneyland experience

    After the parade at Main Street, U.S.A, we walk to Fantasyland which was all cute and pink, my favorite color haha! This is the place to start exploring first because there's many things to see here and rides to enjoy like The Golden Mickeys, it’s a small world Mickey's PhilharMagic and The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. This is also where Sleeping Beauty Castle can be found and at 8pm you can see the Disney in Stars FIREWORKS! (yes the popular fireworks over the castle scene!).

    so many things to do at Fantasyland

    Sleeping Beauty Castle!

    first thing? The Golden Mickeys at Storybook Theater

    every show area has a stroller parking for families!
    (stroller can be rented from MainStreet, U.S.A near entrance)

    a red carpet star studded musical featuring...

    all time fave Disney films!
    it was like watching a Grammy's Award

    it's a small world is just beside the Storybook Theatre

    ride on a boat around the world with cute lil' dolls

    from different countries dancing & welcoming you

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    (so cute! you get to sit in a hunny pot ride!)

    hunny pot ride to search for hunny
    (feel the wind blowing at your face too!)

    this is where they say must watch 3D attraction
    (which is more like 4D cinema show)

    we will watch tomorrow instead!
    meet the characters - Twinkle Bell

    From 3pm with the parade show, we are going to finish off visiting 4 lands, rides and shows in 3 hours! It's a awesome adrenaline rush and we feel excited catching up all the shows and rides on the first day. After Fantasyland, my brother and me set off to visit the three new exclusive lands my friends talk about. It's the Grizzly Gulch (world exclusive), Mystic Point (world exclusive) and Toy Story Land (Asia exclusive). 

    welcome to the 3 new lands!

    Look! there's Woody waiting for us!

    the colorful & fun Toy Story Land 
    (my fave land among all!)

    at the Barrel of Fun, the first to take pic with Jessie!
    (everyone was so jealous muahhahaha)

    feels like I'm in the Toy Story movie too
    T-Rex, planes, Christmas lights. This place is so fun!

    Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, RC Racer & Slinky Dog Spin

    OH NO SO SCARY!!! I can't do this sob sob
    (but my brother happily went to sit!)

    look he can't wait to get to the top!
    (Pen Merah & her bff was also with us)

    up he goes!!! brother why u so daring!!!
    (he says it's super fun & not scary at all)
    but sorry I prefer the rides that don't move haha
    (yeah so many photo taking spots)

    each land has a souvenir shop & fun pit stops

    next stop - Mystic Point

    my brother & I posing at Mystic Manor

    The Mystic Manor is a amazing place to take photographs! Just look at the house. It looks like a magical house waiting to explode with mysteries. Lord Henry Mystic stays in this house and he is a traveller who loves to collect things he find here. His trusted companion is a monkey named Albert, a very cheeky one too. We rode the "Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage" to enjoy front-row experience of Lord Henry Mystic's collection but suddenly our journey becomes a adventure when Albert cheekily opens a magical music box and unleashes music dust.

    welcome to the Mystic Manor, children supervision needed
    (but it's not as scary as Toy Story Land rides!)

    we heard this is the best ride so we're going!

    watch this video to find out what we saw inside!
    (which is AWESOME it's the best ride ever!)

    outside Mystic Manor, there's the Garden of Wonders
    (ancient sculptures & paintings creating 3D illusions) 

    for the most unbelievable photo-taking experience!

    welcome to the bear Grizzly Gulch!
    (very cowboy feel town)
    looks suitable for my fiance to be here

    the Geyser Gulch area, kids love to play water here!
    (part of Grizzly Gulch was accidentally built on an active geyser!)

    I'm SO WANTED (hahahha)
    Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
    wildest ride in the West!

    sit in mine cars racing up & down the mountain
    (your popcorn will fly out too)

    You won't believe it. My brother forced me to sit in this ride, which was the WILDEST RIDE in Hong Kong Disneyland. I should have known to faster run away to hide behind the popcorn wagons when I hear people screaming from inside the tunnels! I thought alright, for the last ride before we go for dinner, I'll just accompany him on the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Car. Maybe I should try this for a change instead of the "non moving" rides haha. WRONG!!! it was so scary!!! the mine car race was so fast, it went up the mountain and came crashing down. Then it went reverse (rewinding) back to where we start in like a matter of few seconds! OMG my stomach was in my mouth, my mouth was on the chair. I literally closed my eyes this entire ride, holding on to my life. My brother was screaming all the way in excitement (so opposite me).

    Yes I'm such a scardy cat. Seriously I like Mystic Manor's ride more!!! No more wild rides for me! 

    stay tune for part 3 of my day 1 episodes
    (whahhaa??? so much stories)

    There's many more stories to tell but let's leave Disneyland day stories behind because the next episode PART 3 I will be sharing about Disneyland night "bedtime" stories! Seriously at night Disneyland is not over yet because there's plenty of places to have dinner, enjoy the romantic scenery and finally the long awaited FIREWORKS at Sleeping Beauty castle which happens everyday at night.

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    1. Tammy, you look so slim the the pictures! :D

      1. sudah makan gemuk kat Hong Kong... HAHHAHHA

    2. Seronoknya Tammy ke sana.

      Mengimbau zaman kanak-kanak kita yang dibesarkan dengan character Disney. even sampai sekarang pun masih tgk cerita mereka di You Tube

      1. Innanie, kalau boleh kahwin disney kat sana.... would be dam shiok jugak!!!!

        Disney is always our childhood heroes <3

    3. Oh my...So Fun, Happy, Exciting and colourful...
      The parade looks so nice...I want to meet the Disney Princesses too...
      For a minute at first glance I thought the Mystic Manor was Aladdin & Jasmine Castle.
      Cant wait for part 3 for Disneyland Night Bedtime stories...
      Got sing Lullaby song anot???Hehehe...Joking...

      1. The parade is really something else, it's been so long since I see parades with music and dancing.. it's like being in Disney Movie itself. What a wonderful world they have created, makes me want to go back again to feel happy.

        Lullaby Song?! dun have lar.... but i agree... suddenly got Mystic Manor look liek Aladdin castle!

    4. Oh~~~~ How I wish to go disneyland again....

    5. So nice hor...Feel like a kid again. I enjoyed visiting theme parks. :-)
      Looks like the 2 days ticket is much worth it. 1 day ticket macam so expensive edi now.
      Miss Disneyland!

      1. yeah 2 days so worth it!!! 1 day.. quite expensive already. Weii u don't call me miss disneyland lahh.. shy... hahaha

    6. Amazing trips.. enjoy your holiday~

      1. I enjoy it really much.. miss Disneyland already :( now I wish I could have done more!!! arghhh

    7. Tammy!! You made me jealous!! Huaaaa...

    8. oh my.. disneyland! wanna go! all the pictures makes me feel a bit la im there... hehe...

      Check out my latest post! : Baby Lips Pink Glow Lip Balm Review

      1. ^_^ that's why i post banyak banyak pics.. to show each place i go.. there's more pics but it'll make it so long winded!!! wish everyone could go disneyland!!

    9. Seem it add many new thins compare 2 years ago, I WANT to be there for 2nd Time~~~~~

      1. I want to Peggy! I want to!!! I think if go with a bunch of friends will be so happening...

        I miss the disney dim sum and waffles so much

    10. Nice pics! Lot of new things compared to 3 yrs ago!
      Plan for next visit with the kids :)
      Hope Disneyland continue to upgrade
      It seems very fun of your trip *drooling*

      1. thanks Shiro!! really 3 years ago got what kinda things there?

        I read in brochure, Mystic Land is the new one along with Toy Story & Grizzly Gulch. I had fun :) 2 days.. I am already thinking it's not enough to really explore and take your time at every land.

    11. aww reading ur post makes me think of my trip early this jan too! the 4d philharmagic show is very nice haha.. so happy to be going back to hk next month!!

      1. how is your HK trip babe? did u go to Genting again? I wonder how it would be like it I went during winter time.

        I thought something like Disney would add some magic haha... I wanted to make disney logo on it but scare Disney sue me

    12. comment hilang. nvm retype. i went there in jan this year lol havent blogged abt it also.. its nice to go during winter cause its breezy .. no sweat!
      but yay going to hk again next month lol
      also i like that u even use disney font for ur watermark! cute!!

      1. didn't hilang, i replied to your first one already

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