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Sulwhasoo Launches in Malaysia

say hello to the new luxury skincare from Korea

Get ready for one of the most talked about holistic luxury skincare from Korea that's hitting Asia like a storm of traditional medicinal herbs (especially ginsengs), wrapped around modern science,  traditional Korean beauty and sang-seng (harmonious yin yang). Just talking about this brand makes me shiver, seriously. What is this beauty called? Sulwhasoo. Korea's No.1 holistic luxury skincare has finally arrived in Malaysia. The meaning itself is like a beautiful flower blooming at the tip of your tongue. Pronounced as Sul-wha-soo, which means "snowflower", that of which is known to bloom even in the harshest weather condition.

Korea's No.1 Holistic Luxury Skincare
now available in Malaysia

You would be curious to know why Sulwhasoo is fast becoming the choice of many. Their products are made using high-quality herbs with the latest dermatologist advances said to be beyond compared. Research has been done extensively on over 3,000 medicinal herbs but only 30 precious herbs were selected by Sulwhasoo. These ingredients were enhanced to fortify "Jaeumdan" and "Jaeumboweedan" which makes up the essence of Sulwhasoo skincare.

Jaeum means supplementing and protecting the Yin energy in skin.
Sulwhasoo’s major ingredient, "Jaeumdan" is a unique and original formula that supplements the energy and keeps the skin refined and beautiful. Jaeumdan is carefully extracted from the combination of five Korean herbal medicinal plants. Small Solomon’s seal, Adhesive Rehmannia, White Lily, Chinese Peony, and East Indian Lotus and adopts the principle of Sangseng between fresh and treated ingredients to further enhance the efficacies. 
"Jaeumboweedan" is a complex made of extracts from seven Korean medicinal herbs. It supplements the Yin of Jauemdan. 

internal beauty that transcends time

beautiful video introduction on Sulwhasoo

Korean ginseng the core ingredients in Sulwhasoo skincare
(miracle plant, supreme herb with medicinal benefits)

the 1st Korean 'ginseng cream' was created in 1966

Founded by Mr. Suh Sung-hwan and inspired by his late mother Madame Dok Yung Yoon's handmade concoctions of camellia oil for hair produced using carefully selected natural ingredients which reflects the Sulwhasoo philosophy of "Sang-Seng", the principle of achieving the ultimate balance and harmony, between nature and people, science and tradition.

Extensive research and development was done on medicinal herbs and ginseng. Mr. Suh Sung-hwan strongly believed in the benefits of ginseng and created the first Korean brand that uses ginseng as it's main ingredient. After 41 years, Sulwhasoo was born. 

Sulwhasoo's Philosophy : Sang- Seng
True to the Korean beauty wisdom of looking beautiful from the inside out, Sulwhasoo draws from the ancient wisdom of balancing Yin and Yang energies essential to restoring healthy-looking skin.When Yin and Yang are in balance, "Sang- Seng" is attained. Sulwhasoo is founded on the traditional philosophy of "Sang- Seng", the belief that all things exist in relation to one another, and optimal vitality and balance is achieved with the harmonization of all opposites.

The Spa, The Saujana Hotel KL

My Sulwhasoo House Experience journey begins at the entrance of The Spa, The Saujana Hotel KL. This is where my senses was introduced to the philosophy and the essence of beauty blended by Sulwhasoo. It is an incredible experience and I fell in love with everything I saw, smell and feel on that day. Definitely a "San-Seng" experience, lifted from the stresses of life to the timeless beauty found in Korean herbs.

the aesthetics of Sulwhasoo

the Prunus Mume flower pattern, inspired by the floral walls
that surround the residences of the royal women in Korean

harmonious beauty, a Sang Seng philosophy

between nature and people, science and tradition

ancient herbal remedies for complexion balance & clarity

baking, steaming, fermenting or pickling

I was immediately captivated by the decoration and display on the main table upon entering the area. The table showcases the many combination of Korean aesthetics, traditions and herbs used by Sulwhasoo. The brand manager of Sulwhasoo explained to me that Sulwhasoo does not stop at just selecting the best ingredients from nature for skincare. It also uses the best methods to extract them in accordance to the wisdom of Sang-Seng. That method is called "Poje" where various time honored methods of processing is used to formulate the ingredients. They are either baked, steamed, fermented or pickled to detoxify, enriched or preserved for a longer time in a non-toxic manner.

Click here to read the Poje method treatments description.

The spirit of Korean herbal medicine characterized by the balanced Yin and Yang is not one-dimensional. From the wisdom of Sangseng, to the theories of Korean herbal medicinal skincare, to the Poje Method that is formulated to fit the traits and efficacies of ingredients, Sulwhasoo deploys only the core of multi-dimensional Korean herbal medicinal skincare science. Sulwhasoo’s Korean medicinal skincare harmonizes fresh and treated ingredients to create a powerful synergy. As Korean herbal medicinal formula achieves the best effects when fresh and treated ingredients are adequately blended, Sulwhasoo has adopted the Poje Method for the first time to maximize even the hidden efficacies of ingredients. The synergies of ingredients that are reborn with the Poje Method can only be experienced through Sulwhasoo.

harnessing the power of medicinal herbs

East Indian Lotus

the complex medicinal herbs carefully selected

Coming back to "Jaeumdan" which I explained earlier is the major ingredient of Sulwhasol. Jaeumdan uses a mixture of Peony, Solomon’s Seal, East Indian Lotus, White Lily and Adhesive Rehmannia to counter the effects of dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, diminished elasticity and dullness, fostering a nourished, hydrated complexion.
Chinese Peony

The root of Chinese Peony dried under sunlight fills up the Yin in the liver and contains tannin and Paeoniflorin for tranquility and anti-inflammation. According to Donguibogam, Chinese Peony is known to stimulate blood circulation, comfort the internal organs, and treat illness of women. 
East Indian Lotus

The matured seed of East Indian Lotus enhances energy and treats fever. Fills up the Yin in the mind and smoothes skin through moisturization and blood circulation. Replenishes blood circulation to restore the facial complexion. 
Small Solomon's seal

The root of Small Solomon's seal, dried under sunlight, stops the thirst inside your body to treat dryness and create extracellular fluids. Contains various minerals to improve skin resilience and stops thirst inside the body. 
White Lily

White Lily helps your lung to stay healthy and treat coughs. Evenly distributes energy and extracellular fluids inside the body to tranquilize the mind and to refine the skin. Donquibogam's Brewed Medicine Part introduces the method of using brewed White Lily to cleanse wounded areas. 
Adhesive Rehmannia

The root of Adhesive Rehmannia is the essence of the five internal organs, energy and blood circulation, and balance of Yin and Yang in human body. It manages fluid circulation and has an outstanding moisturizing effect. it is helpful in treating pigmentation or dullness caused by aging and relieves thirst caused by fever.

First Care Activating Serum best-selling product
(sales break 100million Korean Cosmetic Market success story)

After knowing what ingredients were used and methods of processing it to create the ultimate holistic skincare, I was introduced to the Sulwhasoo range of products and best sellers. Testing them on my hand, they smell of ginseng and I love the smell of ginseng. Like any other Asian, I too strongly believe in the secrets of this miracle plant that has many healing and medicinal properties.

First Care Activating Serum is an Award Winning Boosting Serum with 9 bottles sold every minute. This is a boosting serum to be used after cleansing to prep the skin to boost the efficacy of the next product used for better absorption. It's called the first care because in Korean they believe cleansing is not the first step of daily skincare regime. Cleansing is a must for everyone, so the first product to be used after cleansing is considered the first step.

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

The second best-seller is the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream with 3 bottles sold every minute. The cream is used to restore radiance and strengthen skin texture. It's a special treatment that contains a potent 6-year old Korean red ginseng's extract for younger looking skin. Good for blood circulation and skin cell regeneration.

Essential Line for natural healthy beautiful skin
Essential Balancing Water, Essential Firming Cream, Essential Balancing Emulsion,
Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream, Essential Revitalizing Serum

The Sulwhasoo's signature line for natural healthy beautiful skin is called the Essential line. It's a starter range that targets hydration and basic anti-aging needs. Suitable for anyone, it keeps you hydrated and at the same time keeps your skin youthful.

Hydro-aid line for well-balanced, moisturized & supple skin
Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Toner, Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Mist,
Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Cream, Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Serum,
Hydro- aid Moisturizing Lifting Eye Serum

Looking for deep hydration and plumping up the skin? The Sulwhasoo Hydro-aid line is your hydration call. Korean Seaweed rich in calcium and minerals is used as the main ingredient to help flush out toxins and deliver moisture deep down into skin and leave you with supple looking skin outside.

Sulwhasoo's Cleansing lineGentle Cleansing Foam, Gentle Cleansing Oil, Herbal Soap

Removes impurities and reveal skin's natural glow with Sulwhasoo's Cleansing line, formulated with natural Korean herbs with light and mild texture with no skin's irritation. Consist of Herbal Facial Soap, Gentle Cleansing Foam & Gentle Cleansing Oil. The premium Herbal Soap is aged in a 40-day curing process; formulated with six-year-old red ginseng and Korean traditional medicine ingredients for a rich, revitalizing foamy lather.

Timetreasure for a youthful & radiance skin
Timetreasure Renovating Serum, Timetreasure Renovating Cream,
Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream, Timetreasure Perfecting Water,
Timetreasure Perfecting Emulsion

Timetreasure is Sulwhasoo's premium anti-aging line that combats signs of aging, revived lifeless, dull looking skin with loss of energy. The formula delivers optimal anti-aging solution by harmonizing the skin. 

Men's line for healthy, elastic skin
Essential Skin Refiner For Men, Moisturizing Fluid For Men,
Energizing Cream For Men, Sun Cream For Men

Oh my fiance is going to love this range! It's a special range created just for men using Alcohol steam treatment. "Jeongyangdan", the key ingredient in this line that contains Japanese Corneilan Cherry and Red Mushroom extract. The ingredients are then treated in alcohol steam and dipped inside AndongSoju then kept under air-tight conditions until the ingredients absorbs all the liquid. It is then taken out to steam until they turn into a rich color. A ten-fold efficacy is boasted this way!

the 4 Scents of Sulwhasoo
(Pine, Aloeswood, Sandal Wood, Prunus Mume)

Sulwhasoo Korea Spa

After getting to know the Sulwhasoo range of products, I was whisked away outside for a Sulwhasoo facial experience with a choice of massage oil from the 4 scents of Sulwhasoo. They told me that although Sulwhasoo has launched in Malaysia, the spa is not here (yet) but it is found in Korea and other countries such as Hong Kong. For today, I am lucky to experience the spa, recreated at The Spa, Saujana Hotel KL. You know I love spas and I haven't been to this one yet and the best part of my Sulwhasoo facial experience is that my facial therapist is from KOREA too! Her name is Guk Hwa Jin (so cute).

come follow me to my treatment room

for a Sulwhasoo facial experience

my foot soak used ginseng too!

I'm surrounded by Sulwhasoo products

glowing & radiating from my facial
(my Korean therapist uses jade rings to massage my face!)

treated to Korean herbal desserts after facial

What I Like:
Sulwhasoo's skincare ingredients are all natural herbs using the "Poje" method. Having sensitive skin, I find that their products are mild but powerful in delivering the ingredients right into my skin (good absorption thanks to the First Care Activating Serum). I can see how fast my skincare product disappears after using the serum). My cheeks was blushing after the facial, it wasn't because it got irritated by the products, I didn't feel any stinging sensations that might caused it. My only reason would be the ginseng has increased my blood circulation to my face causing it to be "obvious" on my cheeks. I have fallen in love with it's philosophy and ways of achieving inner beauty via medicinal herbs. The texture of the products is light and watery with scents of ginseng which I totally love. I can't wait to buy their starter kit! (before it runs out).

What I don't Like:
That I can't experience another awesome Sulwhasoo facial treatment because there is no Sulwhasoo spas in Malaysia! So I will have to do it myself at home using the products from counter. I really want to buy their best seller the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream but it's too expensive for me (RM650) hopefully I could save up to buy it or wait for a really good promotion. Their price is range from under RM200 to RM650, since this is a premium brand I will say only the rich can afford the premium range.

Sulwhasoo, Korea's No.1 Luxury Holistic Skincare is now available at Parkson Pavilion KL and Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang. Visit and for more information, promotions and updates.

Sulwhasoo Parkson Pavilion

Sulwhasoo Parkson Gurney Penang

July Starter Pack Promotion (while stocks last)
Available at Sulwhasoo Parkson Pavilion & Gurney Penang 

how to use the First Care Activating Serum

Get First Care Activating Serum's sample click here!

Sulwhasoo Price & Product List:

Best-Sellers: First Care Activating Serum 60ml RM250, Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream RM650

Cleansing Line: Herbal facial soap RM120, Gentle Cleansing Foam, Gentle Cleansing Oil.

Essential Line: Essential Water RM165, Emulsion RM190, Serum RM370, Eye Serum RM325, Cream RM270.

Hydro-aid Line: Hydro-aid Toner RM150, Serum RM340, Cream RM310, Eye Serum RM300, Sunblock RM165, Mist RM120.

Timetreasure Line: Timetreasure Water RM300, Emulsion RM340, Serum RM890, Cream RM1195, Eye Cream RM745

Men's Line: Skin Refiner RM195, Moisturizing Fluid RM160, Cream RM310, Sun Care RM135

Others: Clarifying Mask RM130, Evenfair Makeup Liquid Foundation RM180

Skin Clarifying Mask – This gentle yet effective peel-off mask restores skin’s natural clarity with Small Solomon’s Seal Powder, Honey, and Honeysuckle to replenish nourishment, remove impurities and promote clearer, smoother, brighter skin.

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  1. Wahwahwah. First time dengar brand ni. Tapi dari segi penghasilannya, nampak ia a-lil-bit tradisional. mesti bagus ni... nak dapat sample lah. mana tahu sesuai dengan kulit kita!

    1. I also orang baru to this brand.. bila read into depth kan the book and information kat website..omg..slowly i dah fall in love kat concept and brand dia.. ish!!! apa lagi herbal traditional, I'm also a believer hahahhaa

  2. Wah... Really lush and luxe indeed! I first heard of this from a Korean tv show where they introduce people to really luxurious places to relax in Seoul, and the Sulwhasoo spa was one of them. So awesome that you got to experience it here!

    1. wow..makes me wanna see the tv show now... I'm very fortunate to experience this.. T_T the taxi ride to wrong place was well worth the effort!

  3. I heard of this brand b4! Omg bt seriously the price is a boom for me TT.hmm hope they will hv a spa here soon.feel like going for the facial ><

    1. It was my first time hearing it, and my friends from overseas all when they saw I went for the facial told me that Sulwhasoo is dam awesome and they're using it. I'm so impressed when they say that hahaha.....

  4. use jade ring to massage? how nice!

  5. nice... Feels like a rich Korean Tai Tai la upon looking at the beautiful decoration at the spa while enjoying the massage. Use ring to massage some more... So special!

    1. They really put everything into place to make the guests feel the "Sang Seng" of Sulwhasoo. Guess the differences between luxury and mass brand is the little details put into making the brand a whole aesthetic feel.

  6. Yerr... now I tempted to get this! altho the price like super expensive! T_T

    1. The starter kit is a good investment if wanna try. I see if buy 1 actual size, got a lot other deluxe sizes including the best seller Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream. This macam SKII price!!!

  7. Such a great write up.. Ive been using this product for two week and find it too rich for me.. Lol... But i love the concept n the use of herbs n ginseng is awesome!

    1. the ginseng cream? I'm using the sample ginseng cream, very rich but so awesome for night time.. under aircond my skin gets crappy :O

  8. uahhhh...the atmosphere of the spa looks so nice lo, i like the hutan feel, so greenish and relaxing

    1. luxury spas are the most awesome because they make us feel like we're not in the city anymore!!!

  9. SULWHASOO~~~ The name sounds nice! Haha

    1. yes.. maybe can name my future baby Sulwhasoo too hahahaha

  10. I love all your photos that are beautifully taken here. It always keeps me coming back to your blog. Keep it up dear!

    1. thanks Shirley for your wonderful compliment! I shall strive to make my pics nice T_T sob sob... my camera needs to go back to maintenance, it's becoming old.. sob sob....

      glad you like my pics <3 I believe a pic is worth more than a 1000 words haha

  11. How much is the facial?

    I bought the ginseng renewing cream directly from Korea though.... Rm500 ish (it was on discount with the five piece travel kit).

    Everything thing else was the same price as Malaysia, but that one about 50AUD cheaper.

    1. Hey Chea Yee,

      The facial is priceless in Malaysia haha. It was a demonstration of the products at the Sulwhasoo House Experience. In terms of it overseas, I don't know the prices.

      How is the cream? how long u been using? Right now here selling starter kit with the cream rm650 along with deluxe sizes.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. My face seemed rather rosy on Saturday.. haven't really looked at my face that closely, but my make up classmates noticed that I seemed to have a rosy flush on my face.

      Only been using the starter kit so far (which is quite a lot, but I only use a little each time)

    4. sorry, I meant I have been using the 5 piece GWP travel kit that came with my Ginseng Cream purchase. I have yet to open the RM210 starter pack I bought from Pavilion.

  12. Wahh, these are SO expensive! I always see Sulwhasoo everywhere, but eee... the price. My mom buys a lot of it, though, so I use some of hers! I'm happy with my Laneige though.

    Your spa experience looks AMAZING! *___*

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  13. lol......Laneige is more suitable for women between 20-30 actually. I no longer use Laneige since my skin is dehydrated, and the products aren't really hydrating enough for my mine.

  14. ah.. i love korean dessert! super like! this post makes me miss korea so much!
    and it's also my first time seeing u with ur double eyelids, super deep! serioudly long time no see already. =(

  15. Nice Blog ! For Health solution information Dermatologist in Malaysia.

  16. Beautiful glowing skin it is! I also am a big fan of Sulwhasoo! You got the best sulwhasoo review post : )

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  18. I read many positive reviews from other Sulwhasoo users. I should try this brand


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