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  • Crizal Forte UV Lenses by Essilor


    time to change my eyewear again!

    Even though Malaysia don't have 4 seasons in a year, I still go about wearing my eye frames according to how I feel about the weather. During the Summer, I wore my favorite pink frames. My sister & mom didn't like it, they say I look like ah lian a.k.a dumb blond. It's Fall now so I have decided to change my frames to make them happy and for the first time in my life I'm wearing something different from my normal preference of eye frames and lenses. A diamond shaped, dark purple pink ombre frame fitted with the highly recommended lenses, Crizal Forte UV Lenses. Even the name sounds so fantabulous. Crizal Forte UV Lenses is made by Essilor from U.K, dubbed the world leader in ophthalmic optical products.

    do I look better with or without glasses?
    (glasses = eye frames with lenses)

    I know people always wear what looks good on them. I guess that is how we choose our eyewear right? The moment we walk into optical shop, we want the branded frames (if we can afford it) or frames that make us look somehow 10 times better than usual. Most "newbies" don't care about the lenses on their frames. I was lucky to have my mom teach me that lenses do matter. She wasn't a optician but she knew a thing or two about it. Like for instance "Tammy you should pay more for better lenses that has scratch resistance".

    Now why would that be important? 

    It's important because along the way, your pair of eye frame is going to last you years and gradually the lenses is going to somehow just be damaged. I mean come on we always clean our lenses with our t-shirt (don't deny it!) and how many times did we accidentally dropped our frames too? You won't have the time to go back and get it replace, much less pay for a new pair of lenses. 

    That is why investing in a good pair of lenses will give you that durability and longevity that you need. However with the modern technology nowadays, lenses are not just scratch resistance anymore. Take for instance Crizal Forte UV Lenses that I am wearing today. It combats the 5 common enemies of having a clear vision.

    5 good reasons about Crizal Forte UV Lenses

    they're smudge proof so finger prints,
    dirt & oil don't stick on as easily

    dust proof so your adventures don't
    stop because you see dirty

    scratch proof, so you don't have to
    worry about accidents anymore
    (but no cleaning with your t-shirt!)

    glare free, so you won't think aliens are
    kidnapping you while you're driving
    (the lights! oh the lights!) 

     repels water, so being caught in the
    rain this Fall won't annoyed your vision!

    Scratch proof, dust proof, smudge proof, anti-glare and repels water. These lenses sounds too good to be true until you actually try them for yourself. I have been wearing mine for 2 weeks and I am so happy that I don't have smudges blocking my view anymore. It happens to my other lenses. Now that you know the 5 enemies of clear vision, I should let u in on another kind of evil. THE BAD BAD UV RAYS that would hurt our eyes! There's lenses out there that has UV coating to protect the UV rays from hitting on our eyes but have you heard of lenses that could protect inside out and block off UV rays? 

    Crizal Forte UV Lenses protects from every corner

    this diagram would explain it better

    UV rays can damage your eyes
    Source: janderson99

    UV rays is a serious issue and it not only matters for your face or body, it also matters for your eyes. It can cause eye problems such as cataracts, skin cancer around your eye lids (yeah believe it!), vision loss or worst blindness! I read all this from Harrisburg Healthy Start and boy am I scared to my skirts. I am going to be wearing my Crizal Forte UV Lenses from now on mommy!

    P.S: If this scares you, ask your Optician about how Crizal Forte UV Lenses can help protect your eyes and give you that 5 good reasons for clear vision. For more information visit Essilor's website.

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    1. Wow! Interesting.. Thinking of changing my lens too.. ^_^

      1. Yeah after reading about UV and eyes, I am proud to say thank god we wear specs... HAHHAHA coz now we can UV Lens to protect our eye area compared to those yang tak pakai

    2. Uv for eyes?!! Reli scary shit

      1. yeah no joke, but i wonder how much uv rays will be damaging enough to get to that level

    3. wow! learn something here! but i just got my new spec, broken by kid, life span: 4 yrs. Will consider crizal next :)

      1. my specs all can wear until 2 years plus then i get bored & wanna change. Currently I have 5 specs and 1 sunglass. Always changing according to my monthly mood hahahha....

    4. My left eye, already macular degeneration tats y that eye see floaters. Is this specs exp?? Thinking of getting one.

      1. O_O muscular degeneration? check with an Optician already?. The lenses itself few hundreds only, depending on your power also. You can ask quotation from Optical shop.

    5. My left eye, already macular degeneration tats y that eye see floaters. Is this specs exp?? Thinking of getting one.

    6. It was diagnosed from eye specialist. :/. Ok wil check out at the shop on the glasses, after reading ur blog very tempted to try!

    7. can u tell us how much will the lens cost?

    8. May I ask where did you get your lens? Not all optician carries Crizal Forte UV lens. I am too lazy to go around hunting for it.

    9. You look great in the pic without glasses, so I hope you can go without them a lot.


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