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My Solvil et Titus & Crizal Forte UV Lenses Review

well I do, I name this one Galaxy

Meh~ I'm a sentimental fool. I like to give names to my glasses (eyewear with lenses), guess that's how attached I am to them. It also helps to identify the type I have. My pink glasses is call pinkie (obviously) while my Tiffany & Co eye frame fitted with transitions lenses is called Tiffany (again obvious). My latest eyewear fitted with Crizal Forte UV Lenses is definitely my current favorite for reasons I explained in my Crizal Forte UV Lenses by Essilor post.

protects against UV
smudge, dust, scratch proof
glare free & repels water

So yes I name my current baby, Galaxy because I feel the purple pink ombre with clear bright lenses reminds me of Star Trek's galaxy scenes. Plus I feel it would be a powerful name fitting for the awesome lenses it has on.

wait, first let me show off my Galaxy!

I think I made a good choice with the help of suggestions given by friends who accompanied me to Optical 88, Mid Valley. I tried on more than 10 frames, each with a different look. Finally I settle for this particular one from Solvil et Titus. The shape of the frame was unique and I believe it suited my round shaped face well. My friends also agreed and encouraged me to go for it!.

A round face is defined by a soft, circular shape where the width and length are almost equal. Balance your softer features with a more angled look. Defined, angled frames in rectangular shapes will sharpen your features and add definition.

Choosing the right lenses and the right frames matters. The optician will be able to advise what kind of shape would best suit a person's face shape. For me, round shape face would benefit from rectangular, horizontal styles so my face look longer and slimmer.

see the handsome shape

Solvil et Titus + Crizal Forte UV Lenses

really like how clear the lenses are

I got my frame & lenses from Optical 88, Mid Valley

they have a lot of luxury brands

I got my eye-check right here too

always take pictures of yourself when choosing a frame!
(so you know how it looks like on you)

It only took me a week to collect my glasses after ordering it at Optical 88, Mid Valley. After that I wore it for two months now, under the sun, rain or at home. I am a careless and lazy person so I don't normally clean my lenses the "right" way. That is just bad habbit I know. It's quite surprising today that when I wash my lenses under running water and check them, I don't see any scratches on them! whopeee!!!

 two months & still in great condition

see can you spot any scratches or dirt on it?

 barely gets oil & fingerprint too

a secret way to find out if your lenses is the real thing!

Overall I am quite happy with my current eye frame and lenses. I have friends telling me they bought good lenses but fitted them into a cheap affordable frame because it wouldn't make a difference right? No, they learn it the hard way when the frame broke after a month and the lenses has to be cut again to re-fit into a new frame. Waste money and time :( I feel sad for her.

I will recommend friends to go for Crizal Forte UV Lenses, it's really good! From my photographs you can see it's still in good shape and it's crystal clear (sampai boleh tengok sinki & neighbors trees). BEST BEST PART? I learn a tip from the people at Essilor on how to check whether the lenses we order is the real thing or not! (yeah got fakes out there???). Just give a big hot breath on your lenses and you will see the word CRIZAL appear! It goes back to normal after the temperature change. I can also spot it via putting it in the fridge and taking it out to see! (hahaha not advisable I think!).

love my glasses? guess what! I'm giving away one next week!

Stay tune for next week's post, I'm going to giveaway the same glasses I am wearing to a lucky reader! (if she's round shape face, even more awesome!). Yeah baybeh a pair of Solvil et Titus + Crizal Forte UV Lenses eyewear worth RM1k++ for a lucky reader!!!

For more information check out Essilor's website.

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  1. glare proof i want! so that i can wear the spec like a boss and ppl won't be able to poke my eyes anymore! *my friend like to poke ppl's glasses to see if it is real or fake.. lol

  2. HI Galaxy, you are so pretty!*Voice Command* =D

  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.

  4. Pretty fits you well! It's really important to be more choosy when it comes to glasses. More Power! :)

  5. You described it very beautiful. your writing style grabbed my intentions,would love to read more about it… 

  6. Thanks for sharing such a fastidious opinion, paragraph is fastidious, thats why i have read it entirely

  7. I just chkd cryzal Titus at an optical store....i confused weather to go in for rimless or with rims!!!!!

  8. I just chkd cryzal Titus at an optical store....i 'm confused weather to go in for rimless or with rims!!!!!


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