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Day 3: Chef Mickey Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Day 3 - Last Day at Disney's Hollywood Hotel

My 3-days, 2-nights stay in Hong Kong Disneyland has been a magical whirlwind of an adventure. I would have never thought I got the chance to visit Disneyland and Hong Kong at the same time. Living in Malaysia, my options has always been Thailand, Bali or Australia. I have been to all three countries but never further because I have one weakness beyond these region! The language barrier syndrome haha! Well okay I don't speak Thai either but it gets a bit wee stressful when you're a Chinese and you don't speak Chinese and you go off to a holiday escapade in a Chinese speaking land. It's going to be so weird because people there would be [hello how are you what do you want to eat?] and I will be either [nodding heads] [blinking eyes] [speaks back in English asking what?]. Not as bad as going to Thailand and get the "Sawadekap, Maam, howe u today".

Fortunately for me, my stress levels didn't go up that high in Hong Kong Disneyland because everyone here understands and speaks English! Well at least to everyone who has been serving and helping me around the Disneyland Resort and at the hotel. Feels just like home but not quite :D *happy*. Everyday has been all rainbows and clouds to me, just like in a real life Disney movie. Everyone is helpful, happy and there's so many Mickey Mouse toys around! I want them all from the soft toys to the cookies! The prices were affordable!!! I just wish I brought more Hong Kong Dollars to shop.

SO my last day at Disney's Hollywood hotel what do I do? I slept late the night before and got up for breakfast at Chef Mickey's Restaurant. Everyone who stays here would definitely not miss Mickey Mouse making an appearance during breakfast (children screams Mickey Mickey!!!). This is the only time Mickey will come and pose with you for pictures! Unfortunately, I must have missed the session because Mickey wasn't around when I was having breakfast. It's okay because I got to see him the day before at The Enchanted Garden Restaurant, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

back to reality as a grown up

I stuffed myself silly with Mickey waffles and visit every buffet station I could! This is my last chance eating breakfast in a Mickey Mouse restaurant. The walls were filled with lovable Disney cartoons. I just wish I bought a big giant Mickey Mouse from the souvenir shop beside Chef Mickey, so I could have my very own Chef Mickey Mouse.

Thank you for the hospitality and the memories Hong Kong Disneyland! I'm going to go back home and tell everyone YES I HAVE BEEN TO DISNEYLAND and it's AWESOME! Must bring your kids and turn them into princesses yeah!

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  1. I still wanna go Hong Kong! I miss the foods and of course SASA!! lol!

  2. I really enjoyed all your post on your trip to Disneyland.
    Though I have not been there yet, reading through your post sure makes me imagine & relieving it by myself.
    One day, I sure will make a trip to Disneyland with my kids & experience it for real.
    Thank you for sharing Tammy. =)

  3. I am planning to go there with my hubby next year.. 30 years old and still have that urge of excitement going to disneyland..thank you for the tips tammy really makes my day....


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