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Day 2 Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure Continues


1 day is never enough at Disneyland!

It's day 2 at Hong Kong Disneyland and after the Disney in The Stars Fireworks last night, I feel so pumped up today to continue my adventures exploring the other theme parks in Disneyland. One would think I have already explore all the theme parks but actually I only explored like half of it? Disneyland Hong Kong is huge okay!

welcome to the splendor of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

pinch Mickey's nose for good luck!
(that's my fiance, cute right?)

Staying in Hong Kong Disneyland really is a fairy tale come true. Everything here is prepared for you and the people are nice and friendly. I just wish that my parents brought me here when I was younger, I'll definitely go crazy living in my own Disney world. Getting around the hotels to the theme park is pretty convenient as it's just a bus ride away. Today I took the bus from Disney's Hollywood Hotel (where I am staying) to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel to have breakfast at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant. It was still early so my fiance and myself went to do a bit of "sight-seeing" around the Victorian style hotel.

this is a sight to behold from above!

can you spot something shining on the chandelier?

look it's Cinderella & her prince!

let's go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?

spotted real life princess waiting for breakfast too!

the Crown Package is roughly RM250
the Castle Package is roughly RM505
If I have a daughter, I would definitely get her the Disney Princess experience from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique here! Little girls from age 3 - 12 years old gets transformed by the Fairy God-Mother in training depending on which packages you choose. From head to toe, they'll be turned into a Princess and get their pictures taken! The boutique is open daily but advance booking is needed. 

You can choose from various packages which include everything from Princess costumes, shimmering make-up, hair styling, finger nail polishing and even dazzling accessories. 
exploring the recreation places around the hotel

Mickey Maze is a beautiful place to take photos

the Grand Salon overlooking the Mickey Maze
a grandeur place for Victorian high tea
finally I am here at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant
Victorian elegance in every corner

omg it's Sleeping Beauty's castle!!!

Western to Asian breakfast buffet for hotel guests

a young boy mesmerized by the Mickey waffles
(me too because they're so cute)

many varieties of food to make us full!

I was served tea by the friendly waiters
I attacked the Mickey Waffles many times
(they taste so yummy, I missed them the most!)

look at my American breakfast plate from the buffet
(looks so awesome right heheheh!!!)

all the children went crazy during breakfast!

I found out a "valuable" information about my fiance today
(his fave Disney character is Gofey!)

you can take photos with the Disney Characters to bring back home!
(pay at the counter after ordering from photographer)

*POOF* I was soon at Disneyland theme park after feeling happy & full from the good breakfast buffet at Enchanted Garden Restaurant , Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Since I didn't get to "camwhore" yesterday, I thought I'll do some today as it was less crowded in the morning. The fountain is a popular tourist photographing site. My fiance was laughing at all my poses >_< *shy*.

how can I miss the moment to ride the waves too?

once inside the themepark, more "photo" sessions!

antique steam style locomotive rides around the theme park
I brought my Disney gears with me to braze the heat

train stops us at Adventureland

this was the best photo of me!!!
(at Tarzan tree house)

this is the Halal Restaurant - Tahitian Terrace

Our first stop on the train was Adventureland. My fiance highly recommended me to watch the live musical show "Festival of the Lion King" (yes this is the second time my fiance has been to Disneyland Hong Kong). I was glad he did because the show was going to start at 3pm and if I missed it, I might not be able to watch it again! It was the BEST SHOW I have seen in Disneyland! MUST WATCH Don't MISS IT! Plan your schedule!!!

Besides the live musical, there are also many other activities to do at Adventureland. This place is literally like a journey to the wilderness! There is rafts on waterways, riverboat, giant treehouse and the a themed restaurant called the Tahitian Terrace which serves South Asian food such as Halal food, Indian vegetarian and local favorites that we are too familiar with. All food served in Tahitian Terrace are certified by The Incorporated Trustees of The Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong. 

the Lion King show about Simba from being a cub to a lion

Celebrate the grand spectacle of the worldwide sensation, "The Lion King", as the animated film is transformed into a theatrical extravaganza. The heroic journey of Simba from cub to king is staged in an eye-popping pageant of color, music, audience-participation and Disney magic.

so touched by the singing & dancing from the talented cast

boom wa wa boom wa wa
(can you feel it too?)

big moving props added a magnificent touch to the show

no wonder this show is a worldwide sensation

this is Simba finally a king with his friends Timon & Pumba

spotted the Jungle River Cruise at Adventureland

looks too interesting to resist not going!

Cruise the classic river voyage of adventure. Brave mysterious jungles with surprises around every bend in the river including an epic battle of fire and water. Come face to face with beasts such as hippos, elephants, cobras and orangutans and the most feared animal in the jungle — your wisecracking skipper!

looks like a boring river cruise but just you wait...
(the boat captain is really interactive)

beware of the dangers that lies ahead!

burn baby burn! real live fire burning, I can feel the heat!

next stop, PhilharMagic to watch 4D show!

"Quack up" at the hilarious hi-jinks of Donald Duck as one of Disney's biggest animated stars takes you on a three-dimensional journey through some of the most memorable moments in Disney animated films. Meet princesses, villains and beloved heroes up close in this silly symphony of surprises. It's a hilarious adventure through movies, music and mayhem.

we were given 3D glasses to wear

wow I wish the theaters back home look like this!

The PhilharMagic show featuring Donald Duck being his usual self - a meanie n bossy person manage to get into trouble and goes around a mayhem time with water, cherry pies, and strong winds! All these were emphasized by the 3D show into 4D touches where I really could smell cherry pies in the air and wind blowing at my face. I still can't figure where the wind come from and the water? Don't get me started on the water that was sprayed on us all! HILARIOUSLY FUN TIME HERE! I wanted to watch again but the waiting line was so long!
time for nom nom, I'm very hungry from my adventures!

Enjoy a taste of American Midwestern cooking at this Victorian-style, table service restaurant. Enjoy smoked salmon and crayfish ravioli, oven-roasted baby pork ribs, Corner Cafe cobb salad, Mickey waffle platter and more.

the popular Corner Cafe on Main Street, USA

 my fiance wants food! he's grumpy when hungry

so tempted to order this Magical Afternoon High Tea Set
(but we were so hungry we ordered meals instead)

look at the yummy cheese baked beef ribs!

his raspberry smoothie vs my cappuccino
(mine wins hands down for taste & aroma!)

he started devouring his food while I butter my bread

then my food came, the steak with lobster set
(it taste as good as it looks! don't jealous)

Really love the food at Corner Cafe! I was so happy I made the right decision to order the steak and lobster set instead of pastas. The steak was medium well, so it was just right meaty with a soft juicy center. My fiance was eyeing my lobster baked in cheese so I had to share it with him! He still wasn't satisfied from his beef ribs! such a meanie. Till now I still regret not ordering the Magical Afternoon High Tea Set! We should have just order it for dessert!!! Why oh WHYYY!!! *regrets deeply*.

a memorable time at Corner Cafe with the cute maids

trying to lose weight walking around Tomorrowland

caught the JAMMITORS jamming with trash cans as drums

what's the future without a big rocket for mankind?

this is where I met my brother for tea time
(he was out clubbing the whole night & slept in the day)

something creepy beside me right? I can feel it!

My fiance and I were so full, we couldn't ride anything anymore! Tomorrowland was the last land in Disney that we haven't explore so we have decided to explore the area and wait for my brother here. Yes you probably remember my brother was with me on the first day at Disneyland but today he only came around tea time because he was sleeping in the hotel. Tired from clubbing at night. We texted him to meet us at the space-themed restaurant, Starliner Diner.

On first look, it was a giant space craft with fast food counters. Many youngsters can be seen enjoying American-style fast food here like fried chicken and burgers with fries. My brother and fiance had a burger here while I save myself for dinner at Waltz's Cafe later.
we took a bus again to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Over 50 images of Walt Disney himself adorn the walls capturing some never-before-seen moments of his life. Our open kitchen offers you a distinctive menu including Walt's Benedict, Wagyu Beef Burger and magical soufflé to complete your magical day.

ordered another round of mocktails this time with brother

sunset dinner at Walt's Cafe, splendid meals to end the evening
(brother ordered the lamb of rack but it was too little)

by now you must have guessed I really like Lobsters LOL

Molten Chocolate Cake Trio

The by-gone era with warm walls, dark woods and fronded palms at Walt's Cafe provides the perfect place to have a sunset dinner for a truly unique Disney dining experience at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. The menu choices was limited compared to Corner Cafe but the food was good and well prepared. My brother and I shared a onion soup and a salad, specially made at the salad bar. He ordered the lamb rack dish but regretted because it wasn't filling for his growing body. I on the other hand made yet another awesome decision ordering the seafood grill set that looks fitting for a king! I shared that with  my brother. The waiter recommended us to try the Molten Chocolate Cake Trio to wash our grilled meals down, it was a fantastic suggestion because my brother and I finished the dessert in seconds! The combination of sweet and sourish flavors lifted our spirits and appetite after a heavy meal. Love the raspberry, vanilla ice-cream with chocolate molten cake (the chocolate flows when you break the chocolate cake). 

two little piggies tired from all the fun & food

What an unforgettable dinner. My fiance is missing all the fun, he's was so full from the burger he couldn't eat anymore. Both of them slump down the sofa at Grand Salon so I went to do some souvenir shopping before we go back to the hotel to sleep. I can't believe my holiday is about to end soon. I am going to miss Hong Kong Disneyland so much!

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  1. Now.. I really2 want to visit hong kong disneyland :p

    1. maybe you will get your chance to one day Illy with Johan & Hafiz. Bet you guys will go ballistic there!

  2. Now.. I really2 want to visit hong kong disneyland :p

  3. Now.. I really2 want to visit hong kong disneyland :p

  4. awwww same with Illy, really feel like going there now D:!

    1. wah ask BF bring u gooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Ami belum pernah pergi? It's so much fun and the shopping for Mickey Mouse ears and souvenirs!!!!!

  6. love your post! the pictures are so tempting! make me wanna purchase ticket right away...so hungry looking at your food pics

    1. thanks Shiro for your compliments ^__^ the Mickey waffles..taste as good as it looks!

  7. Hey Tammy, i love all ur pictures, they're awesome? What camera do u use? hv u attended any photography classes b4?

    1. Hi Varn,

      I use a Canon 550D under AV auto mode. I don't have any photography knowledge, just playing with the camera through trial and error.


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