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  • Pedas Springs Spa, Genting Highlands Review


    did you know there's a spa in Genting Highlands?

    I have been to Genting Highlands many times and yet not one time did I step into the spas there. Why? Well there's not many spas there to begin with and I always thought what's the difference anyway from the conventional spas back home? Boy was I wrong because I have been missing out on the greatest spa experiences 6,000 feet above sea level amidst the cooling fresh air of Genting Highlands. This is one spa experience you must try at least once!

    Self note: Adding into my list of must try spa experiences at least once.

    a spa experience high above the skies
    image source: Genting Resorts World

    It did cross my mind many times while I was at the First World Hotel indoor theme park to give the Pedas Springs Spa a try. However I was worried about the prices, the services and not being able to see the interior of the spa made me hesitant to try this spa. All that doubt is gone now after my first Genting Highlands spa experience last month at Pedas Springs Spa. The biggest spa in Genting Highlands, who owns the other smaller spas around here except for M Spa.

    the Pedas Springs Spa main entrance 

    The one question in my mind was why is this spa named Pedas Springs Spa? Does it translate to Spicy Springs Spa? Wait that doesn't sound quite right lol. Maybe it's "Hot" Springs Spa that would make more sense but I don't think there's any real hot springs in Genting Highlands. Anyway this spa isn't just any ordinary spa for ladies, it's a family spa. A legitimate family spa, no dodgy stuffs going on here. They even won the  Best Family Spa at the Malaysia Spa & Wellness Awards 2009, the very same year they opened.

    A wholesome family spa with garden-themed relaxation sanctuary. This is where you can calm your body and mind with heavenly treatments and therapies. It’s the perfect place to relax and rediscover your zest for life.

     14,800sf hub spa hub hidden in Genting

    During my visit there, I found out the main entrance is actually located outside of First World Hotel. It is opposite the hotel lobby entrance, across the road. There is where you spot the big Pedas Springs Spa signboard but you will need to walk up a small bridge to find the spa hidden inside.

    this is not a small spa, it's huge!

    Upon checking in at the reception counter, you'll spot a locker room on your left which I think is really convenient for travelers. My first impression of Pedas Springs Spa was that it was a small ordinary spa until I walked into the lobby and got shocked that it was so spacious and big. This place is not a unisex sharing spa, they provide separate female and male spa sections along with common lounging facilities. There's a wide range of therapies (treatments) to choose from. Ala carte session, couples package, head to toe pamperings and the full blown honeymooners package. Each with its own special theme room to provide the best of experiences. Click here to see the service menu.
    Complete with 1 Signature floating villa, 4 VIP Spa Suites, 23 treatment beds, Thai massage rooms, hot spring pools, infra thermal room, aroma steam room, a tranquil lake-view terrace, it also has a relaxation & movie lounge that is equipped with private Internet access facilities that put you in touch with the outside world even as you stay in our calm surroundings.

    lounging area where you can have have spa cuisine
    (light, warm food with healthy beverages such as juice)

    Now what's a family spa you might ask? Well a family spa caters to the needs of the whole family. It's a place where the whole family can relax and enjoy a nice afternoon away from the excitement Genting has to offer. It's quite an eye opener that you would find such a spacious, quiet place here to enjoy Genting Highlands in a whole different light. I'm hitting myself for not discovering this place earlier seriously. Here's an overview of what the family or just yourself can enjoy:
    • Movie lounge where families can watch movies or have a quick nap
    • Spa cuisine area where spa meals such as hot/cold beverages are served along with light but warm hearty snacks
    • Internet Bar to check emails or surf on websites
    • A relax lounge where you can opt for a aroma foot steam treatment under a man made tree
    • A manicure & pedicure station to beautify your nails
    • Outdoor garden terrace section for guests who would like to relax in the open fresh air while admiring the lake view overlooking the Genting Highlands theme park.

    the Internet Bar & relax lounge

    fellow friends tucking into tea, coffee & cakes
    (Esther, Senri, Isabel & Fish)

    a quiet time relaxing by myself

    welcome to the outdoor garden terrace

    sipping my orange juice in the cooling air

    super love their vegetable soup
    (I had like 5 bowls through out my time here) 

    where do couples or honeymooners do their massage?

    at the signature floating spa villa
    (rustic charm above still waters, overlooking the theme park)

    Now the best part of the garden terrace is the popular hot spot for honeymooners and couples. Introducing the Pedas Springs Spa floating spa villa where couples in love enjoy the tranquility and peace of having their massages in a rustic charms of the floating villa above the waters of the Genting Highlands theme park lake. The spa manager tells me that the floating villa is a popular photography spot while the garden terrace is great place for private parties, new year eve's celebration (which has the best view in Genting) or R.O.M (marriage registration ceremony).

    Floating Vila Menu: Select from Lake View Harmony, Lake View Romance & King & Queen Celebration.

    Did you know that Genting Highlands theme park is closed from now until 2016 to make way for the world's first twentieth century fox theme park. I am betting Pedas Spring is going to be even hotter after that.

    the Pedas VIP Suites caters to specially
    design packages for the ultimate spa experience

    a heavenly sanctuary to get away from the noise 

    the VIP Suites 1 & 2, perfect for families

     Premier Rooms for massages

    Premier Rooms for facials using Dermalogia products

    welcome to the VIP Spa Suites

    VIP Spa Suite 3

    has it's own balcony & foot steam area

    one of the spa suites has a sauna as well

    VIP Spa Suites 3, 5 & 6 are Oriental themed

    popular couple's choice for the all-in-one spa session
    (shower & jacuzzi bath)

    Now it's going to get confusing seeing all the treatment rooms here. Let me explain in summary what rooms there are and how are they different from one another:
    • Floating Vila: the only signature room available that is different from the rest. It stays on top of the lake with a great view. There's no shower or bath facilities.
    • VIP Spa Suites: there's 3 spa suites, all with it's own Asian theme. They have a great view overlooking the lake and two of the spa suites has an attach bath, shower and foot steam facilities. There is also a balcony relax area. One of the spa suites is equipped with it's very own sauna.
    • VIP Suites: catered more to body and foot massages, it also has a great view. The spa manager says one can enjoy a massage and have their children enjoy foot massages at the other connecting room.
    • Premier Rooms: rooms catered for body & face therapies.
    • Ladies/Men Treatment Rooms: these rooms are found inside the sections just for ladies or men. They are connected to the spa facilities for easy access.
    • Thai Body Works: this is under the men's spa area where they do their foot massages here.
    Spa facilities can be enjoyed with the spa entree fee of only RM98 which will be waived if you spend above RM200 at Pedas Springs Spa. The spa facilities allows you to enjoy the following like a "buffet" for a day but do take caution that one cannot stay too long in the infra red sauna, thermal springs pool, and steam room. There will be health notice next to the facilities mentioned with the necessary health advise and watch.
    • Thermal Springs Pool
    • Thermal Infra Room
    • Aroma Steam Room
    • Relaxation Lounge
    • Movie Lounge
    • Internet Access
    • Lockers & Safety Box
    • Luggage Room
    • Garden Terrace

    I found out that for facial therapies, Pedas Springs Spa uses Dermalogica skincare products while for body therapies such as massages, they use their very own blend of high grade essential oils from United Kingdom called Bliss. Since I was feeling down and tired from my trip to Genting, the therapist recommended me to have my foot massage done with the Re energize Aromatherapy Essential Oils. On first whiff, it smells citrusy and awakening thanks to the blend of Cedar wood, Grapefruit and Lemongrass. A great combination for a great day at spa.

    Pedas Springs Spa uses their very own
    blend of essential oils called Bliss

    it's a high grade essential oil from the U.K

    you can even buy one to bring back home

     the ladies locker room & changing area

     the shower & vanity room for ladies

    changing into my relaxing spa attire given
    (bathrobe, slipper, shorts, towel, disposable bra & panties)

    With 4 - 5 hours to spare before I head back to Kuala Lumpur. I thought I would try the Pedas Foot Massage treatment from the Heaven and Earth Therapy Menu (I love foot massages!). The Pedas Foot Massage starts with an aroma foot bath, aroma foot steam and then Oriental foot massage. In between this, I am going out and about the spa enjoying the facilities provided. Please view my photographs below as I am about to bring you on my spa journey via my lenses.

    the movie lounge to chillax in plush seats

     having my aroma foot bath at the movie lounge
    (using Peppermint essential oils)

    next I'm going to jump into the thermal spring pools!

    it's hot hot hot! just the way I like it

    of course what's a spa experience without your friends
    enjoying it with you? Here's Illy all ready to dip in with me

    the steam room & the unique infrared sauna room

     wow I'm all flushed! what's next on the menu?

    an herbal foot steam to get rid of toxins

    wow look at my glistening sweaty feet
    (feels so much lighter & fresh)

    my foot massage at the Ladies Treatment room
    (each bed is lined with a heat blanket btw!)

    the ambiance is warm & lovely

    Before my foot massage begin, the therapist informed me that the massage would take 40 mins and she key in the time into a strawberry shaped alarm device (so cute). I slumped into my comfortable massage chair about to doze off. It was so nice to have your feet rub and massage, the warmth of another person's healing hands does wonders to our body. Of course next to our quiet treatment room, was the men's spa zone. I sneaked in to take a few photographs just to show the differences! I believe the men's section is so much bigger than the ladies but their vanity area is almost non-existent! 

    the male treatment room & Thai body works room

    male spa facilities, they have a thermal springs pool too
    (along with Infra Red Sauna & Steam room)

    this chair is for doing back & shoulder massages

    this spa has it's very own nail parlor!

    getting my manicure done here
    (citrus soak, cuticle trimming, nail shaping & polish)

    how's my manicure? amazing right?

    Now the foot massage was good but my manicure was AWESOME. I was really amazed at the manicurist's service. Though it was just a basic manicure, each stage of therapy she perform out of my expectations. During cuticle cleaning, most manicurists are rough and fast, causing sometimes "accidents" and pain, where else she was gentle, soft and not at all rushing to finish it. There was practically no smudges and even when there is, she didn't use her finger nails to swipe them off my nail bed (I seriously hate that from manicurists! it's painful for me and I don't enjoy being scrape by finger nails). What she did was to use a cotton bud to clean it up. She painted my nails effortlessly too, it was so even and flawless looking. I was seriously impressed. I gave good comments to the spa manager about her service. Thumbs up for the best manicure service in my life!.

    massage + unlimited usage of spa facilities 
    (check current promotions here)

    This is the whole spa experience package that I am missing out on each time I visit Genting Highlands! I hope my review today would give an overview on Pedas Springs Spa, finally a spa experience up in the skies just an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. An exciting and refreshing family spa stop for everyone to enjoy a quiet time away from the hustling and bustling of city life. Seriously don't miss this spa out because for the price you pay for a therapy here, you're going to enjoy hours of relaxation and go back home refresh and ready to rediscover your life again. For more information click Pedas Spring Spa.

    Current Promotion: 70mins + UNLIMITED Time Usage on Spa Facilities for 1 pax RM198nett / RM388nett for 2pax / RM938nett for 5 pax. I think spending up to 4 hours for the price of RM198nett is an awesome deal. You get to relax, eat, drink, watch a movie at the lounge, read a magazine and try all the spa facilities until you're happy. We haven't talk about the 70mins treatment session, you can have a pick of either body/foot massages with foot steam or head massage as long you fit the 70mins quota. 

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    1. hoiii sedapnya kalau kena spa dan urut2 :)

    2. Oh wow...looks so nice.
      This is a must add to my list of destination to go when I'm in Genting. :)

      1. oh yeah baby, while the kids go theme park, the hubby go meeting, the babes go spa!

    3. wah didn't know Genting has such a big spa!!!! I usually only go for the theme parks and casino :p

      1. yeah me too, that's why so shock why i missed out on this spa every time i go genting

    4. Tak pernah ada experience pergi spa.. But seronok tengok the interior design.. =)

      1. yeah ^___^ big n nice this place... relax memang cun

    5. aww...been wanting to have a good spa time with bff! Hope can have a chance to do so

      1. try this for a unique experience :D spa up the skies hahaha. The cooling environment is BESTTTTT

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