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Dove Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari

gain your self confidence in 14 days with Dove

Have you joined the "Serlahkan Diri Dalam 14 Hari Dengan Dove” campaign?. Well it's more like a contest where you start your Day 1 journey just by simply uploading or writing what / how you feel towards the mission given to you on that day. There's 14 missions, each a day for 14 days. These simple missions remind you of how beautiful you are and to be confident about yourself. Addressing issues such a hair fall, which is a top concern for women. While some lose confidence in their appearance, shying away from their husband's loving gesture of stroking their hair for fear that their hair loss will be discovered. The unsightly sight of hairs all over the floor being discovered is also a confidence buster. Recognizing this, Dove sets out to inspire women to let their confidence shine through as they overcome hair fall in 14 days in this campaign through a series of activities that take them beyond their comfort zone.

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a chance to win these amazing prizes

building relationships with your husband, loved ones, bf, best friends

The activities are meant to help women realize their full potential and promote confidence while reassuring women that they can stop hair fall in 14 days with Dove Hair Fall Rescue System1. The campaign also reminds us how important it is to maintain a relationship with the people around you - your husband, loved ones, boyfriend and best friends.

How To Join?

       simple, just click here & register to participate to start Day 1

As you can see Day 1 task is really simple. You only need to take a picture of yourself (selfie) while posing with your hair. Upload it from your Facebook photo albums or upload from you pc, mobile, or laptop. Day 2 and 3 subsequently could be anything. It's a surprise anyway but I'll share with you what tasks or say missions I have completed till now.


Day 1: Selfie of myself sambil bergaya.
Day 3: What's my favorite color?
Day 6: Happy moments with my boyfriend.

all the photos you uploaded will be stored in your gallery

What you will be doing:

• For 14 days, complete one mission a day
• Share the completed mission via photo or caption
• A digital video will be created for participants based on their 14 days of completed missions
• To win one of prizes, participants have to share their personal digital video on their Facebook page. The more shares achieved, the higher their chances of winning.

Prizes worth up to RM20,000 await winners for this campaign!. For more information about this campaign visit


  1. interesting.. 14 days, i can do it!

  2. Nearly there Tammy, haha :) Only four more days left <3 Gambateh!

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