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Restyle+ Aveda Indulgence Botanical Treatment Experience

Restyle+ by A Cut Above, Nu Sentral

I won this contest to have a hair makeover at Restyle+ by A Cut Above for their #BloggeRestyle program. Pretty happy that I finally could get something done with my broomstick hair, of which I swear I will never bleach my hair again (poor hair). After trimming my hair slowly and spending hundreds of ringgit going for treatments and even Brazilian Keratin Treatment (that costs hundreds),  I decided to chop my locks away and "bersabar" having umbrella hair for a while. Nobody is going to see me anyway during my medical leave and my hair will grow. For now it seriously needs a good hair treatment.

located at level 3 next to the escalator

welcome to affordable luxury

Restyle+ uses Aveda products (organic plant based)

Still, there's about 2.5 inches of damaged bleached hair left (not chopping it off because I don't want to have short hair!). My hair is already frizzy and unmanageable by now and I was desperate for a treatment. I made my appointment at Restyle+ Nu Sentral which I found out was slightly different from the other Restyle outlets by A Cut Above. Restyle+ provides organic hair care solutions to a healthy scalp and hair. They use Aveda products for most of their hair care services (except for certain chemical services). Focusing more on a holistic level, the atmosphere and "bonus" services provided when one have their treatments here is one of the attractive benefits of going to Restyle+. 

taking a before picture

here's what my broomstick hair looks like

I was greeted by a lovely hair stylist Nadia, she's friendly and cheerful (happy that I got her!). She answered all the questions that I asked (haha). I told her although I won a hair makeover, I didn't want to have my hair colored again (like all makeovers do). My hair is already damaged, anymore coloring I'll start to look like "rambutan". She recommended that I do the Aveda 
Indulgence Botanical Treatment which incorporates hair and scalp treatment using organic essential oils. She adds that I will also be enjoying their signature Aveda Ritual of Renewal. 

The Aveda Spa/Salon Experience
Aveda Salons and Spas allow guests to envelope themselves in relaxation and replenishment, providing a respite to their frequently stress-filled days. In addition to the professional, world class services themselves, Aveda guests also receive an in-depth consultation and personalized product recommendations to ensure salon/spa results at home.

All guests are also invited to engage in a signature Aveda Ritual of Renewal, which may include: The Tea Ritual, a cup of comforting tea upon arrival; The Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual, a complimentary hand massage; the Stress-Relieving Neck and Shoulders Ritual, a 3-5 minute tension-taming massage of the neck and shoulders; and The Aroma Sensory Journey, a guided tour of scent, sensuality and memory, to help a guest discover the Aveda aroma that truly speaks to them.

meet Nadia she's examining my hair & scalp

my Tea Ritual & Stress-Relieving Neck Shoulders Ritual
(tea tastes funny, didn't like it at all)

scalp treatment using scalp remedy for dandruff
(I enjoyed this so much! just look at me)

after that, Nadia washed my hair using Aveda's
Shampure & Rosemary Mint conditioner

repairing my damage hair using Damage Remedy
(protein treatment for the hair)

now for my hair treatment using Dry Remedy
(no need machine, ingredients penetrates into hair via nano technology)

The Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual
(while waiting Nadia gave me a nice hand massage)

trim my locks please Nadia! yes mdm

The whole session lasted 2.5hours including a hair cut which I requested for a trim just to cut the damaged ends away. I really love that I get those extra "attention" while I have my scalp and hair treatment here. The Aveda products smell so fresh and up lifting, like I'm in a herbal garden. Maybe it's just me but I feel healthier all of a sudden. My treatment includes well 3 steps (not counting the rituals) where I get my scalp examined first before deciding which products would be best suited for my scalp and hair needs by Nadia. She recommends using the Scalp Remedy because I have sensitive and peeling scalp so I needed to calm it down first. I enjoyed this part the most as Nadia massaged, tuck, pull and rubbed my scalp and hair to total bliss! (so worth it).

After washing and rinsing, it was the next step where Nadia selected Aveda's Damage Repair to repair my hair. It's a penetrating protein that intensely repairs damage hair in 5 minutes. She sprays the product on my hair, section by section making sure no hair gets left behind.

Next on the list was treating my dry and frizzy hair. Nadia choose the Aveda's Dry Remedy, a moisturizing masque that saturates the hair with intense moisture and seals it in. Like every hair treatment, there's a waiting time of up to 30mins. I was surprise that during this waiting time, I was given a hand massage using Aveda's Hand Relief. After sitting for so long and not moving, my hands was rejoicing at the tension relieving points being massaged at by Nadia. I closed my eyes to enjoy this, wishing it won't end.

But it did end and my hair was washed again, trim and blow dry. Revealing...

TADAAHHH!!!! beautiful hair

just to show you how awesome this treatment is

happy with my hair treatment! 
big thanks to Nadia for the awesome service

I was walking on air in Nu Sentral after leaving Restyle+, flipping my hair and touching it. It's soft and bouncy. Feels so healthy!. For my length it was RM210 (long) while short hair is RM180 and extra long hair is RM240. I usually do my scalp treatment with moisturizing shampoo at a salon nearby my home and that costs RM80 already (no massage etc and it ends quickly). I would totally come back here again to pamper my hair for 2 hours to treat my scalp, repair my hair and hair treatment (that's 3 different treatments in one). I bought the Aveda Shampure shampoo (RM70++) as Nadia advises me to use a gentle and calming shampoo at home for daily use as my scalp was pretty sensitive. Thanks Restyle+ by A Cut Above and Nadia for the hospitality. I'm happy I won this contest so my hair could get some love. Happy 35th Anniversary A Cut Above!

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  1. oh wow! so nice eh! but after u wash ur hair the next day did it return back to normal?

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  3. how long did it last?


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