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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Lush Orchard Gateway & Lush Giveaway


    Congratulations Lush Singapore on the 3rd store launch

    When I received the invitation from my favorite brand Lush to come over to Singapore to visit the launch of their latest store in Orchard Getaway, I went *ba-bomb* just like their bath ballistics when you drop them into the bath. I asked my friends immediately asking if I should take the long road down south to Singapore? and they said "GO!" and thus my journey begins down south from Malaysia to be in my very first Lush store in Singapore. Of course I brought my friend Caroline with me because I don't want to journey down Singapore alone! P.S all pictures you see here is taken with my iPhone 5s (too heavy to carry my DSLR to Singapore with my knee injury).

    From Malaysia to Singapore with love! My first step into Lush Singapore's latest store at Orchard Gateway. All this while I've been shopping on lushsg.com and now my dreams to shop in the store has come true!

    It's no secret that I'm a big Lush fan, my favorites has got to be their bath ballistics, bubble bars, soaps and fresh face mask. Everything about Lush is handmade from real vegetables and fruits. They're 100% Vegetarian, 83% Vegan, 60% Unpreserved, 38% Naked (no packaging) and most importantly animal cruelty free!. 

    Lush Orchard Gateway #01-07

    we found our way to Lush Orchard Gateway!

    I arranged for the trip down Singapore using Aeroline (bus) which costs RM180++ for a return ticket per pax. We stayed at Link Hotel, the best deal so far as everywhere seems to be fully booked. We took a taxi from the hotel to Orchard Gateway which costs less than SGD10. Inside Orchard Gateway we got lost a bit trying to find Lush's latest store. Fortunately the strong Lush scent was emitting nearby and my nose led us to the store! HOORRAAAY!!!. The new store was beautiful (I've not been to any of the Lush Singapore stores yet to compare) and their interior is made of reclaim wood. It gives a homely kind of feel, very cosy. A giant banana and apple was walking around and we decided to take a selfie with them.

    the Lush Singapore team - funny, friendly, bubbly!

    media & bloggers introduction to Lush & store tour

    here's where all the handmade soaps are kept
    (big blocks of soaps, cut according to weight just like buying fruits)

    here's where all the lip smacking products are kept

    in every corner, space is utilized to display all Lush products

    I wanted to try the solid shampoo for a long time!
    (solid shampoos can be used up to 80 times)

    Lush also has a fragrance corner - Gorilla perfume
    (I didn't get to sniff it, maybe next time!)

    Lush own line of cosmetics called Emotional Brilliance
    (eyes, skin, lipstick)

        my favorite section - the bath ballistics & bubble bars!

    gosh I just want to buy them all, look at the lovely colors!

    using bath ballistics & bubble bar to create the ultimate Lush bath

    After the shop tour, Lush demonstrated how we can fully enjoy a Lush bath using bath ballistics and bubble bars. It was something new to me, I didn't know we can do this!. Lush brought up a huge water bowl and drop a bath ballistic in. It immediately fizzle and zizzle it's way, turning the clear water into a magical pink wonderland. Lush then use two water jugs, broke a bubble bar into bits and began making "teh tarik"!. My eyes was just staring at the the water turning into jugs of bubbles. It was then pour on top of the bowl with pink bath ballistic, turning the whole bowl into a miniature bath tub calling our names to come have a sensual dip together. Gosh the scent just envelopes us and I couldn't resist not touching the bubbles.

    Using two Lush bath products to create something magical like this ain't cheap but we can break them into pieces to use. I know how potent one bath ballistic is, so it can definitely be broken into at least 2 parts to be used in a normal bath tub. Will try this when I stay at my next staycation with bath tub! (current new home don't have).

    did you know? bring back 5 Lush tubs to be recycle
    & you get to pick a fresh face mask free!
    (I brought mine all the way from Malaysia)

    what must you get when you stepped into a Lush store

     Brazened Honey & Cupcake

    Oatfix & Ayesha (just got them)

    The first thing I would recommend for anyone going to Lush stores is to get your hands on their popular Fresh Face Masks SGD26.50 / 75g first which is only available in store and not for online purchase. Why? because these deliciously goey messy masks are handmade with the finest essential oils, fresh fruits and veggies, deep cleansing clays and nutrient rich herbs. Lush uses active ingredients to address a host of skin needs, from dryness to breakouts to fine lines, and everything in between. They also use freshly squeezed juices, extracts, or whole fruits and vegetables in our face masks, so they need to be refrigerated at all times to prevent spoilage. My favorite is cupcake, it's so chocolate goey I can almost eat it (no don't eat!). Right now I'm using Brazened Honey (a gift from a friend), Oatfix and Ayesha. I love them all and each serves its own purpose. Read below:

    Brazened Honey was inspired by traditional Indian ayurvedic principles, which put emphasis on balance as the foundation to health. We combined fresh free-range eggs and honey to soften, with astringent lime oil, antiseptic rosemary and exfoliating ground almonds. Kaolin reaches deep down into pores to pull out dirt and impurities, leaving your skin noticeably brighter and fresher. Our deepest cleansing mask, Brazened Honey is the perfect way to revive sluggish or congested skin.
    • Banish dirt and excess oil: Ideal for those with combination to oily skin, or those who want a deep cleansing mask.
    • Can you handle it? Brazened Honey is very stimulating, so if you’re quite sensitive, we recommend navigating towards Catastrophe Cosmetic or Oatifix instead!
    • Deep clean for your skin: We use ginger root extract in Brazened Honey to help the body eliminate toxins from the skin.
    Cupcake is our one Fresh Face Mask that was created for a bit of fun. At the time, our inventor’s daughter was a young girl having slumber parties with her girlfriends every weekend, so he whipped up a chocolate mint mask for young, oily skin (officially solidifying him as the coolest dad ever). If you suffer from oily or spotty skin, slather it in this cocoa concoction. With spearmint oil to cool, vanilla absolute to calm redness and Rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse- Cupcake is a sweet savior for young faces. Smothering yourself in chocolate for clearer skin? Every teenage girl’s dream. 
    • Sleepover staple: Cupcake is definitely a fixture at slumber parties for it’s wonderful effect on teenage skin.
    • It looks good enough to eat: But no, it doesn’t taste like chocolate pudding. Trust us.
    • Refreshing minty tingle: We combine spearmint, fresh mint and peppermint oils in Cupcake.
    Few things are more soothing than a big bowl of banana porridge, all sweet and squishy. Did you know the same is true for your skin? Sensitive, dry or irritated faces love Oatifix for its calming oats, softening mashed banana and ground almonds to slough away flaky skin. Keep in mind that dry skin doesn’t just occur in the winter! The sun can be equally harsh, as UV rays penetrate the dermis and heat can leave you feeling tight and dry. Treat your face to our most moisturizing mask all year round, and follow up with a spritz of Breath of Fresh Air toner for seriously soothed skin.
    • On a Goldilocks quest? Oatifix is just right for super sensitive, dry or irritated faces.
    • Calm skincare catastrophes: Oats are naturally anti-histemic, meaning they calm and soothe reactions or redness.
    • We’ve gone bananas! We use freshly mashed bananas in Oatifix to soften and moisturize dry skin.
    Named after the fictional priestess who bathed in the flame of immortality, Ayesha is a blend of tightening and toning ingredients to refresh tired looking skin. We use elderflowers and vitamin C-rich kiwi fruit to brighten dull spots, asparagus to mop up excess oils and honey for soothing sore or red areas. Ten minutes with this witch hazel and kiwi fruit mask and you’ll see why-sallow looking areas are transformed into bright, glowing skin.
    • Perfect for mature skin: Ayesha (temporarily) tightens things up and gives you that gorgeous, youthful glow.
    • When the clock strikes twelve: Ayesha’s effects last long enough for a night out on the town!
    • A magical brew: We use witch hazel in Ayesha for its potent antibacterial and soothing action.
    other fresh face masks check out lushsg.com

    recommendations #2 Mask of Magnaminty

    Another mask I would recommend is the Mask of Magnaminty. I first bought it from Lush Hong Kong and fell in love with this minty muddy clay that makes my skin refreshingly tingling. Now this mask is different from the fresh face masks (no refrigeration needed, cheaper than fresh face mask & more in quantity). It's a deep cleansing face and back mask using China clay and fresh peppermint to pull yucky dirts and oils out of your pores. Aduki beans is added for exfoliation, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe. It can be used weekly. Available for SGD26 125grm / SGD45 315grm.
    • No need to refrigerate: Mask of Magnaminty contains an effective blend of deep cleansing oils instead of perishable ingredients.
    • Suitable to most skin types: Except for those sensitive to peppermint.
    • Deep cleansing minty mask: We blend bentonite gel into our recipe to clean the pores deeply and tighten at the same time.
    recommendations #3 Angels on Bare Skin

    My final recommendations to complete this top 3 must get products from Lush is the famed Angels on Bare Skin. With such a name concocted, you just can't help knowing what magical thing this pot of love does. This was my first Lush product in my life, a friend helped to buy it from Taiwan back and I just adored it. Beauty bloggers raved about this all the time. Angels on Bare Skin is actually a cleanser for heavenly soft and balance skin. Pinch a bit of Angels on Bare Skin, mix it with water and massage your face with it. It has kaolin clay to deep cleanse while ground almonds bits gently exfoliates the dead skin away. Rose and lavender are added to soothe and help balance out combination skin. When I use this, it's like having an orgasmic mess on my face. Just love the bits and pieces all over. This is Lush best selling preservative free and packaging free daily cleanser for all skin types. Sold for SGD25 / 100grm.
    • Not sure which cleanser to use? Angels on Bare Skin is suitable (and beneficial) for all skin types.
    • A worldwide best-seller: Why? Because it makes your skin look and feel incredibly soft.
    • Nutty scrub: Ground almonds gently scrub away dirt, oil, and built up debris in your pores.
    Lush Singapore also encourages sampling
    look at the cute miniature signature black Lush tubs!

    advisable to put liquid samples only like shower gels, shampoo
    (because lotions & cream testers are exposed)

    check out our cool animal cruelty free t-shirts!

    my Lush Singapore haul SGD120++
    (bought lots of soaps, a solid shampoo & toothy tabs)

        Spoiled rotten by Lush Singapore, thank you for all the goodies!

    I hope you enjoyed reading my Lush Singapore trip experience to their latest store in Orchard Gateway. If you're curious about Lush and the prices of each product you see here, fear not just go to their website at www.lushsg.com to check out. Everything is transparent there and you can even shop online and Lush Singapore will delivery to you within 3 - 5 business days. It's free shipping for Malaysians if you purchase SGD200 above. Otherwise it's also cheap, like SGD10 but depending on parcel weight. Stay tune for my reviews on Lush when I get better (currently on a long medical leave). There's no Lush Malaysia yet (I'm waiting patiently).

    Lush Singapore Orchard Gateway
    +65 67026135

    *** LUSH GIVEAWAY ***

    I'm having a Lush Giveaway come join!

    You know how Lush demonstrates the use of bath ballistics and bubble bars to create a Lush-tastic Bath right?. Well guess what! I'm going to give out 3 sets of Lush goodies to 3 lucky readers to make their very own heavenly bath by combining bath ballistic + bubble bar just like Lush!. Each set is worth over RM50. All you have to do is tell me your favorite Lush product or the one you been wanting to try!. Giveaway starts from now until 13th July, 2014. Only for Malaysian residents.

    How To Win A Lush Bath Set?
    1. Follow this blog
    2. Leave a comment with follower id, name & email.
    3. Tell me what's your fave Lush or the one you want to try!

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    1. I've been waiting for this post since long! Must buy when I go sg next time teehee :D:D!

      1. heheh sorry! but do check out my post for updated version. I added my top 3 Lush recommendations in :)

    2. Finally get to try LUSH (a bit influenced by you lah, Tammy) in my last SG trip.

    3. I was at the Wisma Atria one yesterday, but since they didn't have sale, so I didn't get anything.

      I probably was also at Orchard Gateway at some point too, but didn't know about that store.

      1. they rarely have sale unless it's boxing day or black Friday :( mostly in Christmas season

    4. The samples why so cute oneeeeeeeeeee...........Pray hard I get to go Lush the next time I go SG. :( Always missed it during my business trip

      1. so cute right!!!!!!!!! I got 3 samples - liquid shampoo and two types of shower gels to try :D

    5. Hi Tammy,
      Those solid shampoo are all toxic free??? because my bf have a very fragile scalp (due to his proasis skin condition).the more he uses normal shampoo,...the more suffering he is (as it's very itchy and sometimes bleeding)><
      can we get those shampoos in malaysia??? i am urgently looking for something suitable for him hehe

      1. Hi Jean, the solid shampoo is toxic free but your bf's condition should be alerted to a specialist or doctor for recommendations on products to use. If you're looking for a solid shampoo, please pm me. I have one extra - Godiva which I am more than willing to sell to you so your bf can try it.

    6. I have their Gorilla perfume - Vanilla scented! It's very convenient and I smell like cookies every time I use. =p

      1. gosh I love vanilla and this.. makes me just *light headed*

    7. How exciting! I do envy our neighbours across the Causeway. I pop into a Lush every time I visit a country with their stores. I am using my haul from my last trip to Sydney. I like the Honey soaps and the Emotional Brilliance products.
      It would be nice to have a Lush store here but I'm having a good time trying out some of the indie soap brands that we have here too.
      I miss having a bath tub to try out those fizzy bath balls too.

      1. I wish I have my bath tub back too T_T but when I had one, I didn't appreciate it as much as now *sobs*. I haven't try the Emotional Brilliance yet, I'm just a lover of baths atm! :D and mask mask mask!!!!

    8. oh oh oh!!! i always wonder how to made ultimate foam like those in the movie, now i know liao! =D

    9. My water pressure was never enough to make that much bubbles! The teh tarik idea is so awesome, haha! My favourite product is definitely their Honey, I Washed the Kids Soap. So so so nice smelling!

    10. I have been wanting to try Lush! After reading your post, the most wanted to try product is your 3rd recommendation, Angels on Bare Skin! I want to have angel skin hahahha!

      Hope that I can win a product of Lush hehehe


    11. The teh tarik method is very interesting! It looks like a delicious drink :D I haven't had a chance to try a lot of Lush products, with the exception to Illy Baby Shower at Posh Nail Spa and gifts from Caro, and what I love most is the smell, they smell so good and so delicious, it makes the experience so relaxing. I heard that the bath bomb twilight is really good especially to reduce stress. Recommended to use before bed time and it helps with relaxing your body so you can sleep like a baby ^_^

      Farisha Nadia, farisha_nadia@hotmail.com

    12. Wahh..everytime I thought about Lush, it always reminds me of candy and sweets! just because they looks like a chewy candy and ice cream in a pot! I was so tempted for their cosmetics line, Emotional Brilliance! and the fresh face mask! I heard that if you want to make them last longer you need to put them in the fridge! How cool is that for a face mask? sounds like foodie ady! my eyes was eyeing on Angels on Bare Skin for a while! anyway, do you feel any taut feeling after using the cleanser? ^_^

      JiaJia Ree, jiajiaree@hotmail.com

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. You la mamasan, I always wanted to try Lush because of you okay? Missed the chance to buy Lush during my last trip to Hong Kong, passby but my parents don't wanna shop so didn't manage to get something rawr! Was planning to go Singapore for LUSH LUSH LUSH already!

      Hmm, I wanted to try the Roots actually but don't think my frizzy hair is suitable for that now. Probably I wanna try out some mask? How about Mask of Magnaminty?!! Hehehe, since it's also recommended by mamasan so I think it's quite good ho? ^___^

      How your leg btw? Hope you're getting better and better already k? Miss you!


    15. Wahhh I want to go to Lush shop too!! My Godness sabun jadi teh tarik pun boleh? hehe

      I really wanted to try the Angels on Bare Skin so badly. I want super smooth and glowing skin for my hari raya...

      Get well soon ok Tammy?

      Follower ID: Izzati
      email: superxoxostar@gmail.com

      1. thanks Izzati for the well wishes ^_^

        yah the teh tarik method really cool hahaha! but it makes such an awesome 2-in-1 bath

    16. I love lushhhh.. may i be the lucky one ..

      i wanted to try CUPCAKE mask because its look so yummy!! Hahahaha.
      Give meee oneee TAMMY... hahaha.

      follower id : izzati ghafur
      email : sweet_tatie88@yahoo.co.uk

    17. Wah, interesting teh tarik method to make a Lush bubble bath for self pampering (´◡`✿)

      One Lush product that I would really love to try is the Fresh Face Mask, especially the 'Brazened Honey' (co-incidently featured in your post, lol)

      My face have visible pores thus easily congested especially after being at outdoor for whole day....wondering if this mask can help to banish the dirt while deep cleaning my skin??

      Thanks for this post, have been waiting for it ^_^


    18. hey Tammy,

      i would love to try the OATIFIX! i have dry and sometimes sensitive skin so I think that's the perfect one for me. i think I have to consciously remind myself that they are masks and NOT FOOD! they look so yummy and tantalizing especially during PUASA heheh *rasa nak makan je*

      follower id: Dina bagbeautybaby
      email: bagbeautybaby@gmail.com

    19. Hi Tammy! Ahh, you went to Singapore, so near my hometown! XD When I was reading this, I was more excited for you because of the trip to your fave handmade soap store, than the products. It's like a kid going to her fave candy store heh!

      I wanna pay a visit to the Lush store there soon, wanna get my hands on the bubblegum lip scrub! I would love to try the Brazened Honey and Cupcake because honestly it sounds super delish! And I trust your recommendations, cos you're always honest about the product functions. I was gifted the Honey bath soap and bath bomb set from Japan for my birthday and I love it. So addicted now I feel like trying the other ranges! <3

      You're always hosting awesome giveaways, thank you! :)

      Follower ID: Carinn Tan
      Name: Carinn Tan
      Email: carinn.tan93@gmail.com

    20. Hi tammy...
      I want to try the bath bombs as it looks colorful.The bath ballistics & bubble bars section look likes a dessert section ~ macaroons, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream ~ how yummy .. is it smells good??
      If it's interesting, it makes you keen to try it. so do i .. im drooling right now...can i try???can i?? :)

      follower id: Mrs Shyza
      name : Tengku Norliza
      email : shyza82@gmail.com

    21. Woah! The Lush store looks amazing, and all the colourful bath bombs...! *eyes sparkling*
      The one thing I would love to try the most would be Angels on Bare Skin, because it sounds really heavenly and would be a great product for daily cleansing. Plus, their products are all natural so I won't have to worry about harming my skin OR the environment. Win win!

      GFC: LauraLeia
      Name: Laura Lee
      Email: Laura1990my [at] hotmail.com

    22. Looks so cute, colourful and attractive. Nobody can resist wanting to try it on!~

      follower id: prince n princess mum
      name : Kylie
      email : cre8tone@yahoo.com

    23. So jelly!! I want lush tooo... :D

      I want CUPCAKE because of the super cute name and of course I want a fresh looking skin! Gimme, please? hehehe :D

      Follower ID : Sabby Prue
      email : sabbyprue10@gmail.com

      Thanks for the giveaway Tammy! xoxo

    24. MAMASAN! So jelly of you and your LUSH trip. It reminds me of my own when I visited a LUSH store at Swanston Street. The assistants were so nice and helpful (always calling me darl and babe in Australian accent *cute*). I had alwyas love LUSH so IMAGINE when I finally had the chance to be IN the store! Felt like Alice in my own Wonderland. I took my own sweet time sniffing and inspecting every single thing on display. I came back with a small bottle of Eau Roma Water, small 9 to 5 cleanser, Latte lip tint for mother and a Bubblegum Lip Scrub (YUM!). Everything works well but i love Eau Roma Water the most so much that I asked a friend in UK to get it for me in the full size and a tub of AOBS.

      I do wanna try everything else they offer, especially Gorgeous moisturizer (damn pricey!), Full of Grace serum, fresh face masks (especially OATFIX), the Honey I Washed the Kids (gotta love LUSH copywriters for brilliant names given to the products) soap, jelly soaps and the star bath bombs!


      id: nurul jannah md isa
      email: jannahmdisa@gmail.com

    25. Hi Tammy! I went to the LUSH store in Japan and bought myself the Aqua Marina fresh face cleanser, Let the Good Times Roll cleanser and bubblegum lip scrub. Loving aqua marina so far, feels like it has controlled my oil and I get less oily throughout the day. Loved it so much that I asked my friend to help me get another tub from Aus even though I haven't finished my first tub.

      My biggest problem with lush is that I don't like a lot of the scents their products have. That is quite disappointing. BUT, I would LOVE to try Mask of Magnaminty, Ocean Salt and Ayesha! I saw the bath bombs etc but decided not to splurge on it since my bathtub's tap isn't working anymore. Plus if I were to use the entire bath bomb while I was in Japan, it would be quite a waste.

      Name: Rachel Tan
      Email: rachel.tanley@gmail.com
      Follower Id : rachsayshello

      btw, your friend's shirt is actually a whale shark, not a dolphin hehe.
      WHY DOESN'T MALAYSIA HAVE A LUSH STORE ALREADY? (Probably better for my purse though.)

    26. Ops just saw the updated version heh. I wanted to try their fresh face mask cosmetics warrior as my main concern now is blackheads and acne scars and it's also on your top recommendations! :P By the way thank you so much for the giveaway to let us have the chance to try out Lush products :D

      Name: Ng Yuh Jiun
      Email: josephine_0909@hotmail.com
      Follower ID: Yuh Jiun

    27. LUSH products are so cute and colorful I feel like owning them all! I have always wanted to try Mask of Magnaminty, Angels on Bare Skin, Dark Angels and Cupcake mask, I hope one day I can finally own them ^_^

      name : Mieza Everdeen
      email : trisy7@gmail.com
      follower ID : Mieza Everdeen

    28. OMG~ everything look so yummy, really make me wanna have them and try it since I always have awful skin. anyway does lush have own shop in KL? wanna go have a look

      Caroline Lzt

    29. Hai Tammy, I really like to try Lush because it rare than other brand in term of their bath bomb and bubble bar . I love the bath ballistics with difference design because it beautiful love to have it as my collection. Hopefully I could win this goodies bag so I could experience my self using bath ballistics and bubble bars <3. It look totally fun.

      Name: Noor Atiqah
      ID follower: Miss Ika
      email: ikathequeen@yahoo.com

    30. Wow! Are they coming to Malaysia anytime soon?

      Sounds like really good stuff I'd like to try! I've got sensitive and acne skin which is really irritating because they are leaving scars behind >.<

      I think I really need to try their 'Mask of MagnaMinty' and hopefully it will clear out some of my stressful acne!



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