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Lebaran Luster an Exclusive 11Street Collaboration

the fashion collection from now until 31/7/16

Just before the Raya holidays, I was surprised to discover the Lebaran Luster on amidst the usual deals and steals, commonly seen on 11street's app. This is the first time 11street has done something out of the box to suit local needs and growing fashion scene I read. What attracted me continue browsing was the pictures of mannequin models wearing interesting, modern and bold patterns in "Barbie Doll" inspired box. The models are real btw. 

the out-of-the-box concept attracted me!

The Lebaran Luster fashion collection features 4 renowned local designers Adam Liew, Ruzz Gahara, ShomirIzwa and VARIANTE. Whether you're a modernist, fashionista or the classic Audrey Hepburn looking for something closer to the expressions and styles of home - Malaysia the Lebaran Luster would make a good start to look. I hope to see more local designers collaborate and get their designs out, especially for plus size girls like me.

SyomirIzwa's Bold Modern

for women of all sizes

SyomirIzwa believes in creating pieces which celebrate women of different shapes and sizes thus introducing his plus-size line, Gupta PLUS. Being famous for his modern timeless pieces and luxe designs, Gupta PLUS is specially crafted and will debut as part of 11street’s ‘LEBARAN LUSTER’ 2016 collection and will exclusively be available on 11street.

Gilded Syawal by Ruzz Gahara

modern batik

To add a dash of Malaysian flavour in 11street’s ‘LEBARAN LUSTER’ collection, the e-mall which offers a plethora of fashion indulgences, collaborates with Ruzz Gahara for some unique and beautiful hand-painted batik ensembles with custom prints. Ruzz’s designs combine local flavour to modern design which have been making waves in the fashion industry.

GlamoRaya by VARIANTE

classic elegance

As the very definition of elegance, 11street is proud to present its 2016 Raya collection, GlamoRaya by VARIANTE. The outfits will be available at VARIANTE’s Bangsar boutique for customers to try on but will be sold exclusively on 11street. VARIANTE always has its unique mix of style for those who want something more for themselves and does not shy away from stylish trends, and this collection is no exception.

 French Kiss by Adam Liew

French Chic

Being a part of the exquisite Raya collection by 11street is none other than Adam Liew, an emerging Melbourne based fashion designer who melds fashion, culture and art in his designs. Focused on timelessness, uniqueness and modern elegancy, Adam Liew created garments that will absolutely indulge customers with his out-of-the-box “French Kiss Raya Collection”.

I was looking for a modern, elegant, and yet modest Malaysia dress for a wedding to attend in Korea (so patriotic). I know the collection is for Raya but hey they look so beautiful I decided this is where I would buy my dress from. I checked Gupta Plus designed by ShomirIzwa because he desigend for women of all sizes (yay!). He uses bold modern colors and lines to create a balance illusion on a plus size figure. Inspired by the fantasies of the Turkish Harlem, ShomirIzwa cleverly plays with the striking colors and lines of the Turkish interior and architecture.

Illy Kurung Set in Infinity Print - Gupta PLus

I had my eyes set on this style, called the Illy Kurung Set in Infinity Print. I love how elegant the patterns were, the demure yet modest style of the baju kurung with bold tri-colored sleeves which reminds me of the South Korean flag. Since I was working for a Korean company and also attending a Korean wedding overseas after Raya, this would make the perfect dress. 

 ‘Out-of-the-Box’ fashion show video

Prices range from RM169 onwards but you know what? I was so lucky because, after weeks of stalking, there was a Raya sale and the dress became 50% off! I checked and the sale is still going on until end of July. A designer outfit at 50% off.... I'm going to hashtag #blessed.

Thanks 11street for giving me to opportunity to review the Lebaran Luster collection on my blog. I look forward to many more plus size fashion and local designers shining their craft here. 


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