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One Week One Rent All Covered - Haftarent

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I wanted to share something interesting, recommended by my friend Nicholas to me last month. I was given a chance to have a short stay in the heart of the city and be surrounded by the glitz and glamour of weekend walks around Bukit Bintang, and food binging in Jalan Alor.

Yes, who don't want to live in the city. I want to. I'm in my thirties, and I should have a life like Carrie in the Sex and the City, ops.. minus the sex. I just want the city. Did I just give away my age? ops. Anyway, this is fascinating! Thanks to the magic of convenience, living in the 21st century does has its perks.

For instance, booking for a short stay say a week due to work, travelling or just because you're fully loaded can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Formerly known as TrupCotel, Haftarent is an affordable luxury renting platform online available for rent in strategic locations around Klang Valley. Even landlords with vacant properties can come on board and advertise their properties for short stays. 

Started last year April 2015, Haftarent already completed more than 400 bookings serving more than 1,900 guests to date. Their target audience would be young executives, expatriates, and students looking for rental homes in the city. 

Interestingly... Haftarent means "week" in Persian. In Hindi, Urdu and Turkish it's "loanword".

the perks of renting with Haftarent

I like the hassle free living that comes with Haftarent. Like I say, if you're travelling or here for business, you don't want to worry about deposits, tenancy agreements, paying bills, someone cleaning your place yadda yadda yadda. You can even give your visiting friends or guests a treat with this, and they don't have to worry about anything. It's like walking into a massage and having everything taken care of. 

Here are 6 reasons why Haftarent can be your next rental:
Reason 1 - Low Deposits. Forget the 2.5 months rental deposit.
Reason 2 - Forget long tenancy period. You can rent 1 week or longer.
Reason 3 - Pay online. No tenancy agreement, checks, bla bla blah...... just take my money already.
Reason 4 - Worry free living. Your rent comes with housekeeping service! Weekly :)
Reason 5 - Worry free living 2. No bills to pay. It's all part of the rent too! (wifi as well!)
Reason 6 - Quality furnishing. You're not going to live in a college dorm.

P.S: For emergencies like break ups and couple fight and need a break or a short stay until you find another place, you can consider this place. Rentals start from RM300 onwards per head per week. My first rental costs RM1k a month. That's not inclusive of bills and cleaning. I could've just rented with Haftarent for RM300 a week! And not worry about Unifi contract two years. 

4 easy steps to start renting from recommended properties

My Personal Experience:
I stayed in The Vipods which is opposite Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.  I didn't check in personally, but my boyfriend did. He waited for the landlord to be at the property and was given keys to our brand new home (for the night). After work, I took the lrt from Bangsar to KLCC and a short walk to the property. The view was amazing at night, and well also cold. It was central air-conditioning, and the floor was made of laminated wood nice. My boyfriend and I cuddle up on the sofa and watch Family Guy on the tv, streamed online via the wifi (all part of the stay).

The next day, check out was easy - all I did was put the keys into a key holder and leave. Yeah, that easy. Well, I'm not sure how other properties are like but for The Vipods, the security was top notch and electronic. The landlord would just enter his door password to retrieve the keys at a later time.

I met with the cleaners on my way out. They came right on the dot 12 pm to clean the place up. 

So there you have it, weekly rentals with the aim to encourage flexible tenancies and a hassle free living experience in the heart of the city and Klang Valley. If you find my review helpful, leave me a comment. I would like to know what you think. For more information, check out


  1. Interesting, I want to do this.... checking out their site now.... I want to hop around KL with this! LOL!

    1. lol..... one week min to stay, I would've use this service when I had to love out suddenly last year! =_= then have enough time to scout for a permanent rental place.


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