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Uber, Makeup Storage, Clarins & How To Create A New Lifeform

look, it's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's just our Malaysian weather

It's 365 days of hot, humid, haze (it has become part of our weather) and high chances of Armageddon-like showers in Kuala Lumpur. I stood out my office window just last month, wondering why my eyes have failed me. The sky was dark, cloudy, and well blurred. It looked like a scene from "The Mist" a horror movie. 

Then my newsfeed was flooded with pictures of building collapsing, traffic jams, trees falling and cars wrecked. It was both exciting and horrible feeling to comprehend. I wasn't dreaming that's for sure because I have an office full of people still working. If this were a movie, everyone would be screaming and waiting for a Marvel superhero to appear. Say... Thor. 

The first thing I thought was man... Uber is going to have the high surge.

some guy ranting about Uber surge on ig

Okay so yes you do know all this insanity might spoil your makeup. The best way to preserve their "life" is to keep them stored in a dry, cool place say a nice acrylic storage from Daiso (cheap), Muji (expensive) or your local blogger sisters who sell them in cute customised, beauty fanatic vanity storage box.

I want my own princess storage please!
(check our my friend Sabby selling it on her blog)

Some people store their makeup, skincare and even perfumes in the fridge (I hope not freezer). It's to keep them "preserve" but some beauty workshops I attended say, it doesn't apply to all kinds of beauty products. Some products might have it's formula changed because of the temperature e.g., not all perfumes can be stored in the fridge, it's chemical compound may mutate it into another scent.

I guess it depends on what kind of fridge, because hey if you have the old school fridge that makes all your vegs start looking like popsicles, then it's just way too "cold." Some new high-tech fridge with smart temperature control probably... yeah.. help? I don't know because currently, the only two products in my fridge are the Clarins V-Shape mask and eye gel.

my fave all-time firming mask & serum It's from Clarins

Why I keep them there? Because firming masks can help shape your face, put it in the fridge for a few mins and wallah! You have a nice cooling firming mask that acts faster than your room temperature mask. The "wrap" around becomes more effective.

Eye gels? Well, a cooling eye gel de-puffs your eye bags (from a sleepless night working or quarrelling with your guy). Of course, don't just glaze it on your skin. Do a lymphatic drainage massage with the product on your eye bags so it helps to de-puff that area.

more about this on tongueinchic

Need a tip? Just apply the product on under your eyes (puff area), sit down with your knees together. Use your palms and placed it on your puff eye area, face down like you have a migraine attack and just want to close your eyes for a sec, and have your elbows resting on your thighs. Do this for 20 - 60 secs and it helps to make your eyes look not so... like the wicked witch from parliament.

Makeup and beauty products can be expensive, so be kind to them. Store them properly and don't let bacterias grow in them unless you want to discover a new species of lifeform. Hey that might explained the crazy alien weather.


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