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Sophie Paris Son Altesse Sophie Make Up Review

introducing my guest blogger somethinkblack

Let me introduce you to my guest blogger Sydney. She happens to be from the same Chinese family clan as me called the Hokkiens. We both shared the same surname Lim but no we're not related in any way. I thought it would be cool to invite her to review Sophie Paris's latest line of makeup introduce a few months ago. I didn't have time to review them so I asked if this glam sista if she wanted to. She loves makeup you see and she's also beautiful.

Thanks Sophie Paris Malaysia for sending me their collection of makeup from the Son Altesse Sophie line. The collection focuses on the glamorous look for your urban lifestyle. Here's what Sydney says, I told her to be as honest as she can because when it comes to makeup, it's all personal.

the Son Altesse Sophie makeup line (new)

swatches on fair skin

I’ve always loved being able to do a whole face with products from a specific brand. It really gives me a feel of what the brand has to offer as a whole, as well as an insight of how their products work together. I was recently given the chance to try out the Son Altesse Sophie range from Sophie Paris (thanks Tammy!), a French cosmetic brand that sells affordable beauty cosmetics. Let’s see how these items faired, shall we?

lightweight liquid foundation, matte and high coverage

First up is the Matte Liquid Foundation. I have this in the shade Natural Vanilla, but unfortunately, the shade was far too dark and yellow to suit my skin shade, which was such a pity because I really liked the packaging of it. It comes in a bottle with a pump on top, making this hygienic and easy to dispense. Texture wise, it was really easy to blend out on the back of my hand, and it definitely has medium buildable coverage that goes on with no streaks. It does dry slightly sticky so you might want to set it with a powder after for better-staying power.
for a natural flawless coverage

Next up is the Two Way Cake in Ivory Nude. Man, I really, really like the packaging of this. It feels sleek and heavy and comes with a good sized mirror for a compact. The powder is pretty fine,and spreads onto the skin evenly. As it is a two way cake, you can opt to apply this wet or dry (I personally prefer dry as wet end up streakier and need another layer of setting). I find that it can go on a bit cakey if you’re not careful about how much you put on. It’s great if you swipe on a light layer with a fluffy brush as it offers a little bit more coverage to add to your foundation routine.

a water base pearl primer with moisturising effect
leaving a luminous healthy glow 

This was definitely one of the products I was more interested to-try! I’m all about glowy, dewy skin and I was really hoping the Luminizer would be a good liquid highlighter to add to my stash. Let’s start with the good: packaging, like the foundation, came in a bottle with a pump. Great stuff because it’s clean and you can easily get the amount you want without accidentally pouring out too much. The consistency of the liquid is also good, easily blendable and dries at a reasonable time, so you still have time to move it around for a bit and get it blended before it dries and doesn’t budge. The bad? The formula wasn’t as pigmented as I expected it to be. It’s not so much of a highlight you’d use on top of your foundation, but it would be great as a base or primer to give your skin that “lit from within” look. I definitely prefer using this under or mixed in with my foundation as opposed to on top of it to give me skin an all over glow.

blusher with pearl and color pigment

I’m usually not a coloured cheek person, but the blusher in Neapolitan was really an unexpected winner for me. The colour was beautiful: a warm coral that leaned more red than orange that’s perfect for most Asian or warmer skin tones. Pigmentation was very decent and was really easy to blend out. It gave my cheeks a natural flush like I’d just gone for a healthy jog around my neighbourhood. Definitely one of my favorite products from this range!

long lasting waterproof brow liner

My second favorite is the Infinite Brow Liner in Brunette. Man, I love when companies think of making products as convenient as possible, so I really appreciated the fact that this came with a spooly on the other end. The colour suited my red hair, and texture wise, it was really easy to draw on without worrying about it smudging around or not being pigmented enough that you needed to go back and correct it over and over again. The spooly was a little hard for my liking, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t work with, and the convenience factor of it was enough to win me over. 

high impact intense shade that glides smoothly on eyelids

The Intense Shadow Stick is essentially a cream type shadow in a pencil form for easy application. I got mine in the shade Folklore, which was a warm, shimmery brown with hints of taupe. It applied on creamy and was really easy to blend out, but was really budge proof by the time it dried. This lasted all day on me, and was really waterproof and sweat/oil proof as well (I have relatively oily lids). I think this product would be really good as a base for warmer, dark eye looks, say a smokey eye or something because it really lasts on your lids.

gel based formula for long-wearing, water resistant finish

I’ve used quite a few gel liners in my lifetime, and I’m always on the lookout for a good one. The Gel Liner in Ebony was unfortunately not one of the ones I will keep in my holy grail stash. The pigmentation was good, black enough to not have to go back a second time with the product, and the texture was really creamy and glided on like a dream. Unfortunately this didn’t last very long on me. Within an hour or two, the product on the inner parts of my eyes started to flake, and before I knew it, I had half an eyeliner missing. The outer wing remained pretty and sharp, but the rest of it was gone, which was weird for me because usually my flick is the first one to go. The brush was no big deal: felt a bit cheap, but it got the job done and could be tapered flat enough to do a wing.

water proof mascara for long and deep eyelashes

like the shape of this wand

Following that was the Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara in black. I actually really liked the shape of the wand with this one: it was bushy but not too fat, and had bristles that you knew would easily coat your lashes with a slight curve to make sure your lashes stayed curled. The pigmentation and wear time of the mascara itself was great: no flakes or smudges throughout the day, my lashes were black and perky. Volumizing and lengthening properties of this mascara were so so; my lashes were more defined, but nothing extravagant.

waterproof, long wearing lip liner with creamy smooth texture 

I’ve never been a fan of lip liners because I usually find myself applying on lipstick without, or that they’re too drying and tend to drag on my skin. That’s definitely not the case with this product. Aptly named the Amazing Lip Liner, this baby glides on really creamy, making it really to apply on and hit those sharp lines. It doesn’t feather and the pigmentation is super vibrant. So good!

rich luxurious colour + deeply nourishing

Last but certainly not least is the Couture Lipstick in the shade Drama. It’s packaged in a pen fashion similar to the eyeshadow stick for easy application. Man, I really like the lip products from this range. This glides on easily and the texture is creamy but not sticky or slippery, giving the lips a satin-matte finish. The colour is bright and bold, extremely vivid and pigmented with just one swipe. Perfect for finishing off a dramatic look, this gorgeous red shade has made it to my loved pile.

the look created using Son Altesse Sophie's makeup products

Here’s what they looked like on together. For this look I used all the products mentioned above except for the Matte Liquid Foundation. I actually really like how everything turned out together. My favourite parts are of course the brows and the lips. For a range as a whole, I think Son Altesse Sophie was alright, but they could be better. Colours for skin products are limited, and this might mean that only a small range of people could use them according to their skin shade. The prices for the products featured are as below: 

Matte Liquid Foundation 20ml - RM45 (WM), RM54 (EM)
Two Way Cake 10g - RM 60 (WM), RM72 (EM)
Luminizer 20ml - RM50 (WM), RM60 (EM)
Dazzling Blush 5g - RM45 (WM), RM54 (EM)
Infinite Brow Liner - RM38 (WM), RM45.60 (EM)
Intense Shadow Stick 3.25g - RM35 (WM), RM42 (EM)
Gel Eyeliner 3g - RM40 (WM), RM48 (EM)
Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara 8ml - RM45 (WM), RM54 (EM)
Amazing Lip Liner - RM30 (WM), RM36 (EM)
Couture Lipstick 3.15g - RM32 (WM), RM38.40 (EM)

If you like what you're seeing here, click here to find out how you can purchase Sophie Paris products from their flagship store at Menara UOA Bangsar or through mail order. They're also open for locals to sign up as a member to start being a Sophie Paris agent :)


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