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  • Boss Woman Runaway Edition & Hugo Boss The Scent


    eenie meenie miney mo

    This post is a tribute to my love for Hugo Boss perfumes. It's been some time since I wrote about perfumes so I thought on my sick bed I would edit the pictures I took earlier and talk about my favourite perfumes from Hugo Boss. I don't keep many perfumes because I don't want to keep them too long (scent will die). Amongst my collection, there are three triplets that I adore very much. Born by BOSS, they're groomed and dressed to be fashionable ladies - each with their own unique scent.

    BOSS Runway Edition - The Animated Film

    They're called the Runway Edition (EDPS), and they're oh so beautiful. Each bottle has a fashion sketch, a silhouette of a woman in a day dress, tuxedo and evening gown. The bottles are slim, sleek and glossy. Just what you need to go from a classic to powerful to sophisticated women in a day.

    if the bottles don't charm you, the scent will
     BOSS Jour EDP 50ml RM266/ 75ML RM339

    A sophisticated fragrance that encourages women to be the authors of their own destiny. An invigorating interplay of white flowers and citrus notes create accords sure to excite and inspire. This limited-time edition perfume bottle features a sketch based off of one of the runway looks.

    Top notes: white flowers and citrus

    It's a refreshing & light floral fruity scent that's nice for day time.

    BOSS Ma Vie EDP 50ml RM266/ 75ML RM339

    A fresh, indulgent, and fulfilling fragrance for a feminine, independent woman. The lively and uplifting brightness of the cactus flower and a suave pink floral rosebud bouquet provides an elegant sensation of softness and strong femininity. The intense warmth of cedarwood encourages confidence and ease. Ma Vie is a fragrance that captures the intimate essence of the BOSS Woman’s independent spirit, releasing the indulgent and fulfilling sensation of simply savouring life – her life. This limited-time edition perfume bottle features a sketch based off of one of the runway looks. 

    Uplifting brightness from cactus flower and a pink floral bouquet
    Hints of rosebud for an elegant sensation of softness and strong femininity
    Warmth from cedarwood encouraging confidence and ease

    A floral fresh scent that exudes that of a woman's bold and charismatic femininity.

    BOSS NUIT EDP 50ml RM266/ 75ML RM339

    With notes of white peach, jasmine and sandalwood, BOSS Nuit Eau de Parfum is as elegant and classic as the piece it was inspired by--the little black dress. This limited-time edition perfume bottle features a sketch based off of one of the runway looks. 

    A sensual "evening gown" perfume that wraps itself around the curves of your body with tender notes of violet and jasmine.

    what's that next to the beauties?

    My man who looked like Gerard Butler (yes lah), who incidentally is the face of the Hugo Boss's Boss Bottled, who sounds like Gerard Butler (almost lah), and smells like Gerard Butler too! (well if Gerard Butler wears Hugo Boss, since he's the ambassador right?). In short, my man loves Hugo Boss and he is (the closest thing I would get to Gerard Butler).

    These days he wears BOSS The Scent. Which is a very manly scent to me (can't get enough of it!). BOSS description says "unforgettable seduction" with exclusive notes of Ginger, Lavender, African Maninka fruit and Leather stimulate the senses in a time-released formula. Now that just explains why I love this scent on him. It's just smells really good and it's unbelievable long lasting on him, till the next day I could still smell it!

    Product & Price List:
    BOSS The Scent EDT                          50ml        RM272
    BOSS The Scent EDT                          100ml      RM360
    BOSS The Scent Deostick                    75ml        RM96
    BOSS The Scent Deospray                   150ml      RM96
    BOSS The Scent After Shave Lotion    100ml      RM272

    Available at all Hugo Boss Fragrance counters near you. 


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