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Throwback: BeneBox Charity Project

our Bene Box Project group picture

I can't believe how time flies these days. One minute I'm counting down to my birthday with fireworks in Bali, next celebrating my 1-year anniversary with my boyfriend and then it's August. This means 4 more months to Christmas / New Year again. Not to mention another year older (smacks head). I've been sick for the past 3 weeks with tonsillitis (bacterial infection) since back from Korea. Agonising, painful suffering. I couldn't eat properly, swallowing my own saliva was so painful, I could cry. The pain also affected my right ear, it felt like someone was pouring chillis sauce inside. Didn't help that I was feverish, eating paracetamol like candies. One minute I was so hot (high fever) the next I was shivering under the blanket. At times I woke up with cold sweat.

Good news, the amoxicillin (antibiotics) hospital doctor prescribed me has improved my condition. It was stronger than what the clinic doctor prescribed me. I was given a week's dosage along with anti-inflammatory pills, painkillers, throat spray, throat gargle, and magnesium. Today's Sunday and I can also finally say goodbye to painkillers *phew*.

Enough sleeping, so I decided to edit my photographs that I have been keeping on my desktop for so long. It was the photographs taken last December when I organised the Bene Box Project (Christmas) for charity with CaffeBene Malaysia. To find out more about this project, read my blog post here. In short, just to speed things up. The Bene Box Project is inspired by the shoe box project (overseas) where we gather gifts and packed them into shoe boxes to be given to orphanage children as big sisters. It's not just stuffing "things" into the boxes, we really took our time to make a thoughtful gift that would be fun for the child assigned to. Each box was also personally decorated or gift wrapped using various craft materials the big sisters gathered from shops nearby.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
― Anne Frank

Instead of shoeboxes, we used Bingsu takeaway boxes donated by CaffeBene for our activity. On Sunday morning, the bloggers a.k.a members of Butterfly Project gathered at CaffeBene, Puchong 101 Mall for the activity. We brought toys, candies, stationaries, anything that could fit into the Bingsu box. Each person was assigned to a child of age and sex so the gifts would be appropriate. The gifts were left behind at CaffeBene, who will then personally deliver them to the orphans.

I hope you enjoy these photographs taken from the heart.. You can see everyone putting their love into making the gift a special one for the children. I will not forget this special memory together with everyone who took their time to come and support this Christmas charity activity and for always being supportive of me.

Sunday Morning at CaffeBene Puchong 101 Mall

armed with coffee, we started packing our gifts

Caroline & Samia enjoying each other's company

carefully packed gifts for the children

some were serious, making sure this was perfect

surprise gifts included - spot the giraffe

little notes from the big sisters

time to decorate the boxes

big sisters showing their creativity

P.S: I was really touched by the bloggers who showed up to support this activity. They took the time, effort and heart to make this work. I can say I am proud to know them all. It's not always about taking, but it's also about giving and these bloggers, gave.

Special thanks to:
1. Julianna (Rika)
2 Bowie Cheong 
3 Leona lim 
4 Betty Liew 
5 Trislynn Chan 
6 Aliza Sara & partner
7 Alyza Fisol
8 Miera Nadhirah
9 Rachell Ho
10 Sharon Sree
11 Samia Saad
12 Carolyn Malasig
13 Ridley Jing
14 Sabrina Noor A 
15 Mokshanah16
16 Misz-ella 
17 Leonard Heng 
18 Tiffany Lee
19 Anis Farhana
20 Juneci Siong & partner
21 Fiona Chan
22 Carol Lam
23 Adrienne Wong
24 Gareth Tucker
25 Mae Wong & CaffeBene Team