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Cutest ToothBrush Holder

check out my new toothbrush "homes"

Yesterday I dropped by Nu Sentral to buy stationary at Popular Bookstore. While waiting in line to pay, there was a standee of cute animal looking casings that caught my attention. They're toothbrush holders! I was looking for something like this for a while but didn't really come across any nice ones to my liking until now. They have so many types of animal, from panda, elephant, giraffe, penguin, eggs and t-shirt shape ones. I picked out the sea turtle and penguin. Obviously, penguin for me and sea turtle is for Baby G haha.

Was getting tired of washing the glass cups that I put toothbrushes in because grim and water collects at the bottom. I was surprised that these were made in Malaysia? the site is called and there's a range of designs you can see from there.

Each costs RM18.97 pretty expensive in my opinion for toothbrush holder but I bought it anyway coz it's so cute. A bit hard to pry open and close back, but I guess it's all like that?

the back 

"unboxing" time haha 

pretty cute and sturdy, not el-cheapo feel and look

update 31/8: After purchasing this two weeks ago, I decided to update back on my review and say while this is super cute, it is not practical at all. We only used it once, but after we decided to go back to our glass on the sink. Honestly, this is really not useful at all because it was hard to even open the body to place the toothbrush back in. The packaging says easy pressing on a button to open up but we see no buttons here. We tried pressing all over the penguin and turtle... (almost molesting stage now) but no, it doesn't open up. We pry the bottom where the hole is, to open this up... which was just too troublesome and the toothbrush holder would by time be broken if continue. 

Feel it's not worth the price I paid for and such a hassle to use. Now it looks cute on my bathroom wall only *sigh*. 


  1. Hey Tammy, I had one similar toothbrush holder many years back, until the suction cup loses its suction. Yes, initially you need to open up the flap with your hands to put your toothbrush in. But later on, all you need to do is just pull your toothbrush towards you and the flap will open by itself. Same thing after finish brushing, just press your toothbrush against the middle part of the holder and it will snap close. No button to push, see the diagram with the toothbrush on upper left of packaging.

  2. so cute!!!! it is nice to have something like this at home XD

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