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  • Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 Review


    tasty yummy healthy chicken wings & potatoes!

    After many trips to Tesco and chicken wings killed in the process of experimenting with my all new Tefal ActiFry Express, I have come to terms with the chicken wings and made amends that I only need a few sacrifices each month to satisfy my tummy. Finally gotten the hang of using the Acti Fry instead of deep frying. I finally found the healthier way to fry my all-time favourite chicken wings. I'm going to be shamefully honest, I used a pre-mix and just a spoonful of olive oil.

    Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510

    To be honest, this is the first time I'm using an appliance like this at home. It's called the Tefal ActiFry Express (model FZ7510). Tefal has several models of ActiFry, but mine is the Express (fast cooking). The ActiFry is the UK’s leading low-fat fryer brand, offering you a healthy way to fry. Many brands have gotten into the healthy fry less oil bandwagon, as people are more cautious about the way their food is prepared. Take for instance me, I work from morning till evening Monday - Friday. By the time I get back, it's already sundown which makes me feel it's too late to cook dinner not to mention I am too tired and lazy to be thinking of cooking. I want to just throw something into a magic box and *poof* dinner is ready.

    Here are 3 benefits of using the ActiFry:

    Fry using only 1 spoonful of oil and make tasty, crispy chips with only 3% fat*.


    Automatic timing, temperature control and stirring, for superb cooking results. Easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe parts. No oil smells, unlike standard fryers.


    Cook not only chips, but also curries, stir-frys, casseroles, and much more!

    *One kilogram of potatoes cut into chips to a thickness of 13 x 13 mm, cooked until -55% weight loss with 14 ml of oil.With the advancement of technology, kitchen gadgets have also become more convenient for the millennials to cook at home.

    unboxing my Tefal ActiFry Express

    Everything in my kitchen is electronic, I think my landlord don't want me to burn down his house with a gas stove. With the ActiFry, at least I have another cooking method to prepare my meals (easily), control my oil intake, reduce cleaning time and maintain a safe kitchen.

    I really like that the Tefal ActiFry Express made everything easy. It only has three button function - fries, vegs, and meat. Each button has a pre-set timer to cook automatically but I can manually reduce or increase the timing for the type of dish I'm cooking. I learn to adapt the temperature and timing to get the perfect meals now. It cooks so fast! (but be careful, the machine is hot after use). 

    The shape of the Tefal ActiFry is like a time machine haha! It's not too heavy, but it's big in my opinion. Big in all the right places (lol). With one click at the side, the flap opens to reveal a strainer basket fitted on a pan. The pan collects the oils from the basket and protects the hot basket from scalding your hands. It has a handle which can open up or locked away. Both the basket and the pan is easy to clean (I'm really happy about it). The pan has a unique coating that makes it easy to clean oil and dirt away. This makes it more hygienic than the other similar working models in the market, which is compact but you can't clean the hard to get places AND because of it's dome-like shape, which allows you to clean the machine easily. I find the best way to care for it is to clean and wipe it after every use.

    the hand-held frying basket in a pan

    oil drips from the basket to the pan

    Beats a messy wall when frying with oil in the pan. I get too lazy to keep wiping everything that gets splashed by the oil. 

    frying my potatoes to perfection with just a spoonful of olive oil

    garlic-herb potatoes 14 mins

    After several attempts to make the perfect roast potatoes using Tefal ActiFry Express, I finally nail the potatoes I want! Of course, I also learnt that blanching (soaking) the potatoes with boiled water for 3-5 mins helps make remove the starchiness and make the skin crispier. I seasoned the potatoes with Parsley and garlic salt before massaging them with one tablespoon of olive oil. I press the potato function button, and set it to 14mins to cook. The machine gives out a beeping sound after 14min is up and I went to check my potatoes to see them all looking not overly cooked, or burnt. Just nice, crispy skin outside, with the right body texture (not too dry, hard or soft).

    delicious tasty buffalo chicken wings with sauteed vegs

    buffalo chicken wings

    I wanted to make my all time favourite buffalo chicken wings using the premix I always get from Cold Storage - McCormick's Buffalo Wings in Original (it's available at major grocers, just look for the spice section). One pack can be used several times! The price range from RM6 - 10 depending on where you buy it from. I prepared an oil infusion of peppercorns, dry chilli and garlic clove. Place my chicken wings and drummettes in it, sprinkle in the premix and massage the chicken making sure it's covered evenly. I marinate it in the fridge for 30mins before placing them on Tefal ActiFry's basket, all line up gracefully so they get the even heat to cook. Pressed the chicken function button and put to fry for 15mins. I occasionally check to see if they're doing fine.

    after 15mins, my chicken wings turn out well

    The machine beeps to let me know they're done, and I let them cool down for a bit before serving. Sometimes I cut to check if they're really cooked and walah! juicy tender meat hiding under the crispy brown skin. They tastes so good, I really recommend the McCormick Buffalo Wings seasoning pre-mix either in Original or Garlic. It's a must try!

    I also tried it with drumsticks and the same results :) succulent tender meat. It wasn't undercooked at all. Here look for yourself! I was eating it half way.. haha..... with Nando's Garlic Peri-Peri sauce.

    fried drumsticks with peppercorn and dry chilli oil
    (look at the succulent meat & crispy skin!)

    steam cauliflower with broccoli
    (broccoli adds colors to the cauliflowers)

    sauteed vegs (peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini)

    If you're wondering how I prepared my vegetables, actually after frying the chicken wings you get the oil collected at the bottom of the pan right? Just chop up some vegs, throw them in and ActiFry for a few mins (I set mine to 3mins). I love cauliflower, but instead of using the ActiFry, I boiled them with a bit of broccoli. Then I drain and place them in a bowl, tossed around with the broccoli which adds some colours to my yummy cauliflower. Sprinkle a bit of salt and they're ready.

    I really had fun experimenting and getting used to making meals with my Tefal ActiFry Express, so much so that these pictures were taken to show how I cooked them. Tefal also has nice promotions on their Facebook and sometimes they have sales at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (I visit to see if I could snag some nice kitchen helpers). I saw they were selling another model of ActiFry at 50% off omg.

    For more information on Tefal’s products, please visit www.tefal.com or www.fb.com/mytefal. The Tefal ActiFry Express FZ7510 is available in main department stores at the retail price range of RM1,225.48. 


    1. easy way to cook...plus can cook healthy food right?

    2. You are making me crave for some chicken wings now TT

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    4. Tammy cook me chicken please!

    5. WAH SO CONVENIENT <3 Tammy, can I come over for chicken and veges also plssss? We can have a dinner party. I'll bring wine :D

    6. You make it look soooo easy! I shall start cooking now ;)

    7. That looks delicious! Easy and clean too! Tammy, please invite us for your party!

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    9. wow nice cooking tool. Is this one of those air fryers I hear so much about? They says frying in it doesn't need any oil .. very strange right? I mean how come you fry without oils! I gotta try one of those soon. I gotta watch my weight. Many thanks for sharing this.
      v2 cig my favorite.


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