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  • Avon Femme Exclusive & Avon Homme Exclusive Review


    avon malaysia perfume
    Avon Femme Exclusive & Avon Homme Exclusive Review

    The OG #bossgirl is here. This is my first time reviewing Avon perfumes so forgive me if I don't know much about the range of fragrances they have. When a long time friend, Aisyah asked if I would review her new perfumes the Avon Femme Exclusive and Avon Homme Exclusive. I said yes, partly because of my curiosity since I've never smell Avon before. The magic word (from her) was that this is the exclusive version of the popular Avon Femme perfume #bazinga.

    have you seen Girl Boss on Netflix?

    I hate and love her at the same time
    (it's like watching a spoiled mental girl trying to make it which makes it interesting but I still hate it)

    A lil' bit about Avon. It was founded by an Irish man named David H. McConnell who created a company for women back in the 19th century America to have financial independence. Back then, this was kinda rare for women to be her own boss, much less work. Even if they do work, the earning power is very low compared to the opposite sex. You'll remember the Avon girls from here, all the sampling parties, house visits and makeovers. It's interesting that beauty marketing started out from the homes of the women (direct selling), and now you can just buy a beauty product online.

    Avon's rich beauty history

    the original girl boss - Avon

    excited to test out these perfumes

    So a month later, I receive the Avon box. Inside, two perfumes, a catalogue and a sample perfume card. A quick unboxing reveals the perfumes, all elegant looking like jewels. I liked the sparkling diamond design on the Avon Femme Exclusive purple box. The men, on the other hand, is just, very man. The box is in blue with a matte glossy diamond checkered pattern. I had to admit the price is affordable. You can start owning these perfumes for below RM100!

    it's raining diamonds! (pic does not do justice)

    diamond cut perfume bottle

    the scent - sparkling pear, jasmine infusion & black vanilla essence
    (only for illustration purposes)

    Here come my thoughts on the Avon Femme Exclusive. It's a glamorous new fragrance for the glamorous ladies out there. Perfect for a night out, an elegant affair or a star-studded event. It's powerful, luxurious so yes, you want to go to that power lunch meeting, why not. The perfume is shaped like a jewel, with diamond cuts so the lights would make it shine. Picture a diamond ring, but now it's bigger and spritzes perfume just the brilliance isn't there which if it was would make this perfect. The bottle is see-through so you can see the liquid in purple. The cap is also shaped like a square diamond cut.

    The scent? Opening notes of strong sparkling pears with hints of jasmine in the background. It quickly mellows to a musky, warm vanilla scent, which is not edible or sugary, more of a dark vanilla tone which will linger throughout the day.

    This, in my opinion, smells like any other expensive perfumes out there. The notes of sparkling pears and jasmine infusion are more fruity, more berry-ish. Avon says this is Floral Oriental but I couldn't detect the floral in it. This lasted me a good 4 - 6 hours on my clothes but on my wrist, the scent weakens after an hour. 

    for the man, blue and true

    Avon Homme Exclusive

    Now the Avon Homme Exclusive, on the other hand, is woody aromatic fragrance. It's not a unique scent IMHO but it's the kind of scents men typically go for - confidence and power. On the first spritz, it gives a refreshing energetic lift but quickly mellows down to a warm, woody, sexy scent which is quite powerful until after 2 - 4 hours it dissipates off. EDT so you can't blame its lasting power. The notes are zesty grapefruit, herbs, spices and earthy vetiver. There's not much description given for the ingredients, so I don't know what type of herbs or spices goes into this concoction.

    The square bottle comes with a black cap that's see-through. If you're looking for the identical diamante pattern, it's actually on the back of the perfume.

    I gave this to my boyfriend Baby G so he's now one happy guy walking about using this as a day perfume to go out walking about in the malls. He asked if I could still smell it by the end of the day, and I leaned over to smell him. Yeap it's there, but more of a powdery musk after a day out.

    P.S: Thanks Aisyah for sending these over, I finally got a chance to own my first Avon product and it was the perfumes. 

    Now readers, if you're thinking about getting perfumes for your friends or your partners as gifts, these are perfect since their price point is lower than your luxury perfumes, but they smell good too just like a premium perfume (no  kidding). They can be found on Avon Malaysia's website.

    Avon Femme Exclusive 50ml RM89 WM / RM102.40 (EM)
    Avon Homme Exclusive 75ml RM89 WM / RM102.40 (EM)

    Free gifts while stocks last! If you have the Avon catalogue, show the page with the free gift redemption when you purchase these perfumes from Avon. The Avon Femme Exclusive's free gift is the 10ml purse spray worth RM29.90 WM / RM34.40 EM. The Avon Homme Exclusive's free gift is the hair and body wash 150ml worth RM29.90 WM / RM34.40 EM.

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    1. Avon perfume is best and mostly women are used these perfumes. This perfume smell is so lovely and boys are attracting with this perfume smell that’s why girls are like this.


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