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HM Recycle Clothes Discount

brought my unwanted clothes to recycle at H&M 1Utama

for every bag of clothes you recycle, you'll get one discount voucher

it's 15% discount only on one item

So I brought bags of unwanted clothing, mostly new or not worn that many times because of impulse buy to H&M Malaysia to recycle. H&M says for every bag of clothing donated, they'll give you a 15% discount voucher for it. To make it easy for you, I'll explain that one bag needs to have min. of three (3) pieces of clothing. Max only 2 bags a person. It can be any brand, any condition as long min. 3 pieces in a bag which you bring to the counter at H&M and wait for the cashier to check and record it down. They'll put it into the H&M recycle box and pass you the discount voucher.

The discount voucher is only valid for one (1) single regular item. This means no promo no sales item. The validity is very long, a year ++ so you can keep collecting and come back again to shop the next time. There's no min. purchase to use these vouchers.

do check with H&M on the latest terms & conditions as they may change at the time you're reading this post

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  1. Omg, and that voucher valid until 2019. That's cool. I've been eyeing few pants & shirt from H&M last 2 week. And this morning, i did clean up for my wardrobe. So yeah, there's few shirts that i don't wear anymore. Planning to donate it somewhere.

    1. Me too, I’m also clearing up my wardrobe banyak things don’t wear can bring go exchange for the voucher. I got 4 now, planning to get some basic Tshirts, at least save 15%!!!

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