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  • Grab A Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Today!


    grab a Nitro Cold Brew today

    What do you get when you push cold brew through a draft system? Smooth, flavourful coffee with a creamy consistency that's worth waking up for. That's what's hitting the town now - Nitro Coffee Brew. Just like the name says, it's infused with nitrogen. Seriously? yes, nitrogen seems to be hitting the scene now. We have nitrogen ice-cream, nitrogen milk-shake, nitrogen god knows what! but this isn't new. Apparently, it's been around for some time and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf who introduced the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in 2016 was even voted Time Out KL's Best 5 Nitro Cold Brew Coffees!

    Nitro Cold Brew Taste Testing Workshop

    We have the pleasure of tasting this Nitro Cold Brew today at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Shoplex Mont Kiara. Smooth, silky, creamy - it's all true. What kind of beans were used? Special ones, made from a special blend of premium Bali Blue Moon and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee beans,  plus chicory to give a sweet and spicy effect.

    While I'm not a coffee drinker, I do love CBTL's Vanilla anything and guess what? There's a Nitro Cold Brew in Vanilla Bean too, which was creamy and flavourful in every corner of your tongue. Of course, we had our picks of any of the Nitro Cold Brew to taste test and by the end of the session, we were high, coffee high.

    richer on tap, frothy tops

    While it's all yummy and served ice cold from the tap, it's actually complex to make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf said it takes 20-hours to steep the coffee as the cold setting allows the beans' flavour to be marinated into a smooth, less acidic aftertaste. For the silky smooth finishing, nitrogen is used to infuse it and put into a keg. The nitrogen also enhances the natural sweetness of the coffee so you can get hints of sweet toffee and caramel from there so you have an added advantage of forgoing the sugar (calories ahem).

    Here's a few more Nitro Cold Brew science for you:
    1. Nitrogen gas doesn’t dissolve in water, so you get a thicker and more velvety texture.
    2. Coffee degradation slows down so it doesn't taste sour or bitter.
    3. Oxides slowly, so your coffee stays fresher longer.
    the new boost in town

    Baby G making his own version of Nitro Cold Brew

    We also had the pleasure of making our own version of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Nitro Cold Brew at the Hands-on Barista Experience today after pairing our Nitro Cold Brews with bagels, wraps, muffins and fruit tarts. This was the exciting part because we now know how versatile the cold brew is from being our very own mixologist. How did we do it? Follow the picture story below!

    a table of recommendations of mixing your own Nitro Cold Brew

    first, pour 1/3 part from the Nitro Cold Brew Tap

    second, your choice of poison mix
    strawberry puree, coconut, vanilla bean, peppermint

    orange juice, which gives it a surprising tropical kick!

    lastly, finish it off with more brew & top it off frothy

    A few trial and errors and we finally ended up with a delightful mix of vanilla bean and coconut which was delish! (mint, vanilla and orange juice is a no no). Psss... we also know that overseas, you can mix it with alcohol to make your own coffee cocktails. Aromatic with a delicious kick, we had so much fun mixing our own that we were thinking of other recipes.

    the Nitro Cold Brew in Vanilla Bean RM15.50

    Curious yet? You can head over to the 52 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets and enjoy the Nitro Cold Brew from the tap in either plain or latte at RM13.50 and RM14.50, or in Vanilla Bean or Mint for RM15.50. For more information check out Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Facebook, Instagram @coffeebeanMY or website for updates and promotions.

    Many thanks to the peeps at CB&TL for the taste test and workshop.
    All opinions and photographs are of my own. 

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