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  • THE FACE SHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion Review


    A miracle arrives just in time

    Thanks to THE FACE SHOP Malaysia, I had the chance to test out their latest product THE FACE SHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion. Now, this is a new baby to their iconic collection of bb cushions called the Miracle Finish. What set's it apart is that this bb cushion will keep your face, fresh all day long without turning dull or dark!.

    A God-sent to many who cringe at having their face make-up oxidizing into a grey or lack-luster shade, or at worst, cakey and uneven dark patches on a romantic date (eep!) but The Face Shop says whether this happens right away, later or after a day, shine or sweat, your skin will say it never looked this good!

    So will this be a keeper? Only time can tell *puts on bb cushion & goes out*. 

    Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation is the
    newest extension to the Miracle Finish line

    love the gold and salmon pink packaging

    designed to combat dullness, brighten up your complexion
    + give you velvety-smooth skin all year round

    along with the new cushions, came a surprise too!
    the Flat Velvet/Glossy Lipsticks

    Perfect pairing for face & lips this New Year

    long-wearing, perfect complexion – even without the need for touch-ups!

    Featuring a brand-new formula, Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation stays fresh all day without darkening, even after sweating and spending the entire day outside. The lightweight texture gives your medium-high coverage, concealing imperfections without leaving behind any white cast or unnatural effect. The 4 main ingredients in the formula are what gives this cushion, it's unique qualities.

    Persimmon tannin
    • Pore tightening through powerful astringent effects (skin tightening)
    • Continuous sebum control
    • Skin protection for rough skin texture
    • Enhances long-lasting effect for makeup
    Citrus unshiu peel extract
    • Citrus unshiu peel is the green unripe peel from the citrus tree
    • This is higher in efficacy than completely ripe peels
    • Has various effects including blood circulation, inflammation relief, anti-allergy, bile secretion
    • Nobiletin ingredient within citrus unshiu peels block the stimulation pathway of sebum glands
    Chamomile extract
    • Chamomile is a herb originated from Europe and is well known as household medicine
    • A herb that is famous for its calming and soothing effects
    • Excellent effects on allergic skin and prevents the expansion of capillaries from stimulation helping to calm and soothe the skin (apigenin ingredient)
    • Anti-inflammatory effect that is widely used for curing burns, ulcers, acne, dermatitis and etc
    • Helps to soothe sunburned skin as well as exhausted skin (α-Bisabolol ingredient)
    Lemon balm (Melissa)
    • The scientific name Melissa means ‘bee’ in Latin. Because the fragrance of lemon balm is sweet and strong, so it attracts the bees easily.
    • Lemon balm tea increases the activity of the brain, improves the memory and helps to make you feel refresh
    • A lemon-like fragrance helps to calm down the emotions and lower the heart rate and blood pressure
    • Lemon balm is rich in citronellal and geraniol that effectively works to relief stress

    Selfie Perfect Skin With Just One Tap

    the swatches on all three shades I received

    Currently available in 3 versatile shades of warm / cool-toned complexions #N201 (Apricot Beige/Fair), #N203 (Natural Beige), #V203 (Natural Beige with pink tone-up). I tried all three and find that #N201 is slight fair for me, while #N203 is just right. Somehow #V203 seem slightly on the darker side for me. The lightweight texture still gave coverage, concealing the usual flashes of red and uneven skin tone I have. I don't have scars or blemishes, so I'm unable to verify if the coverage is high enough to cover that. It didn't leave behind any white cast or unnatural effect (even with UVA UVB protection).

    While the texture is lightweight, I felt there was a dewy layer on my skin. I could feel the product due to that, but the on the positive side this is what makes the product effective in combating dullness. It stays fresh until I remove my makeup! 

    Another note is that for a sebum control bb cushions (which isn't my favorite) it didn't give that powder finish I cringe. You see I have dry skin, and I avoid powders if I can. They give a cakey, white cast on my skin. I always felt sebum control bb cushions are too powdery or drying for my liking since I have dry skin. This works just fine, I applied it and went out for 1/2 a day and my face is still looking as it was freshly applied.

    The only thing I didn't like is that the product stains easily if you're not careful. I notice this when I touch my face or when I blot my face with a tissue.

    How To Apply BB Cushion

    I still prefer liquid foundations due to my dry skin, but I do love bb cushions with dewy, hydrating finishing that's natural to the skin. I used to just apply bb cushion like how I do with my liquid foundations and well, I found out that's not the right way. The right way is to gently pat it on your face for a natural finishing. 

    How To Use BB Cushion

    1. Gently push your puff or sponge into the cushion
    2. Tap it onto your skin, building coverage. Do not swipe!
    3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for extra coverage around eyes, nose, and mouth.

    click here to read about THE FACE SHOP'S latest lipsticks

    Not too bad, but I'm a natural beauty (ahem) thanks to all the skincare and masking I do at home so I didn't feel I would need an anti-darkening bb cushion. BUT I know friends who do, so I do recommend you give this a try because it did work for me when I put it to the test (outside 1/2 a day and only remove at night). I would sum this cushion up in 4 key points:
    • UVA & UVB filters keep skin protected from sun’s rays
    • HD technology prevents foundation from darkening
    • Lemon Balm Extract & Chamomile Extract give you all-day comfort
    • Mandarin Peel Extract & Persimmon Leaf Extract brighten up the skin

    THE FACE SHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion Foundation (RM104.83 incl. GST // 15g) comes in 4 versatile shades of warm- to cool-toned complexions. Available at all THE FACE SHOP outlets from January 2018. You can purchase online as well from THE FACE SHOP Online Store.

    This product is sent to me by THE FACE SHOP for testing and review.

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    1. Wow!! The packaging of the BB Cushion so pretty!! Also, I want all of the lipsticks color too!! hehe



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