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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
  • Top 10 Female Bloggers in Malaysia Award
  • Cleo's Next Top Blogger Malaysia Award
  • Founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia

  • My Birthday Giveaway


    It's my birthday and I'm doing a giveaway!

    Today's my birthday yay! So guess what? I've been buying these Peripera Fashion People Carrier K-Pop Girl (Girlish Pink) from Althea Korea to get ready just for this day. At SASA they're RM129.90 but if you buy from Althea Korea, it's slightly cheaper! Just for my birthday, I'm giving away 10 fabulously cute travel-friendly beauty essentials kit to go when you enter my Wanderful Giveaway. It contains 3 lip tints, 1 concealer, and 1 multi-shadowing (eyeshadow & shading).

    travel without big cosmetic pouch!

    customised with stickers, make it yours

    Just look at the cute mini luggage #heartbeats. It can actually be pulled and rolled. Plus this kit comes with cute stickers so you can decorate your mini luggage! It's really easy to join, but only 10 lucky readers will win!

    How To Join?
    1. Follow my IG @hellotammylim & my blog
    2. Leave a comment here with the following details:

    i. Name
    ii. E-mail
    iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?

    This giveaway ends 8th January 2018. I'll announce the winner in January and contact her for shipping details. Unfortunately, this is only open to Malaysian residents only (International shipping is too expensive!). 


    1. i) Name: Wong Zhi Xin
      ii) Email: zhixin95@hotmail.com
      iii) I would like to read more about beauty and make up tutorial! Because it's time for me to start to learn more about beauty and make up to prepare myself for the working world.

      Thanks Tammy for organizing this giveaway! ♡

    2. Sherrie Pui
      I would like to see more reviews on beauty products and also complains? Can learn from case studies >_<

    3. i. Name: gabrielle chia
      ii. E-mail: gabriellechia83@hotmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?
      New beauty or Cosmetics info,and travel.

    4. Name : siti rohaida
      Email : sitirohaida81@gmail.com
      I want to see more about beauty products,travelling and food

    5. 1) Name: Vivian Tan SY
      2) Email: viviantan@teguh.com.my
      3) I have been your avid follower for more than 5 years. I would like to see You blogging more on new beauty products in the market, product reviews, tips and tricks using Beauty products and lifestyles.

    6. Lee yann
      First of all happy birthday mamasan Tammy..I want to see more about your international relationships love stories with baby g..hehe..

    7. Cindyrina
      Happy Birthday Tammy. I want to read more about your lifestyle tips, Beauty hacks and travel experience discovery. It can be local , not necessarily overseas trips. Cheers to Year 2018

    8. Hazlina
      More blogging on perfumes pls.As in buying,deals,storage and shelf life.As a perfumista with over 1k bottles,would love to see more of these.Tq and you are still my fave blogger :)

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Heppy bday mama sannnnn...
      May u have a wonderful year ahead....

      I would love to see more post on beauty, travelling, make up haul and how to not be a boring blogger (bcoz i'm becoming one😓)

      Name: Alia Farhan
      Email: aliafarhansaid@gmail.com

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Name : Caroline Lim zt
      Email : zhuting_91@hotmail.com

      Would like to see more review bad or good on beauty and services, cause not much real blogger which dare to post complain post or bad review. Something like what you always post on your Facebook.


    13. Hi Tammy! Happy birthday and thanks for having the giveaway on your birthday. Where we are the one who are supposed to give you present xD
      I would like to see more beauty reviews and maybe some hacks in your blog. You're such an inspiration and I especially love your apartment makeover. It is amazing! Hope to more this kind of posts so that I know what to get and what to not get <3

      Name: Cheryl Lim
      Email: thecheryllim@gmail.com

      1. Congratulations Cheryl! You had me at "we're the ones suppose give you prezzie".

        I'm so lazy but I'll try to incorporate more hacks in my blog topics this year! Thanks for suggesting that and I'm glad you liked the apartment makeover post! That one =_= so stressful, I learn a lot things from buying curtains (right size) etc.. mirrors and frames to wall (again... need right measurement or it all bcomes.... shit... sigh.

        I wish I was rich so I can just buy a apartment that's already makeover.. haha...

        Check your email!

    14. Name: Joshua Low
      Email: abebil@gmail.com
      I would like to see you blog more about IoT products & how it can improve your relationships with your loved ones via setting the mood. Also if you could highlight more unique skincare products esp for oily skin, that would be awesome!

      Thank you for organizing this giveaway & best of all, Happy Birthday Tammy! 🎂🎂🎂

    15. Name: Ika Sani
      Email: ikathequeen@yahoo.com

      Please make a post how to consistently active blogging as Malaysian blogger. The do and don't as beauty lifestyle blogger. Blog about sutible makeup look for chubby cutie per person.Happy birthday Tammy <3

    16. i. Name: Rawlins GLAM
      ii. E-mail: rawlins.una@gmail.com
      iii. I would like to read more about a life of a blogger and what's trending. At times, please give advise on what not to do. Oh ya. Please do teach us how to do makeover on our blogs too! Thanks Mamasan and I hope you have a great birthday!

    17. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to you Tammy! I thought we are supposed to send you gifts on your birthday but you are going to send us gifts instead?! How generous and thank you!

      i. Name: Princess Neverland aka Liew Sin Yee
      ii. E-mail: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?: Home decor tips and everything about styling a house! Not many bloggers blog about it and I think you have a good taste on that! Share some tips with us ok? Hehe!

      1. WAH?!!! I GOT GOOD TASTE??? (flip hair... dam perasaan now)

        OMG ok i blog more about home decor? I try... coz home decor sigh... can be frustrating after what I learn in December trying to do the makeover. The money, time, etc planning thinking...wow........ wish i can just buy a luxury apartment n stay only.

        BUT I GOT SOME TIPS ! I will share ^_^

        Congrats & check your email!!!

      2. Yes please share some tips with us! Can't wait for your blog post!

    18. Name: Mona Nene
      Email: xb_mona_nene_@hotmail.co.uk

      I would like to see more makeup tutorials especially those daily makeup which can be applied everyday. To be honest, I'm really enjoy reading beauty makeup post because I can get a lot of information from it!

      By the way, Happy birthday Tammy! Wishing you have a great year ahead! 😍

    19. Happy Birthday to you Tammy and Happy New Year 2018.
      name: Sherry Saw
      email: sherrygo@hotmail.com

      I would like to see more for how to do blog makeover, and how make the image on post bigger like yours. :D Hehe.. of course also wanna see more giveaway from your blog. :D

    20. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, Tammy!
      I would love to see more reviews/ guest posts by Baby G, he has a real knack for it.. Perhaps he could consider starting his own blog too? :D Also, I always like the lifestyle posts by you, especially about shopping hauls cos as you know, I'm a shopaholic and beauty-holic too so these are really right up my alley. Would love this Peripera set, I've been eyeing it for so long!

      Name: Carinn Tan
      Email: carinn.tan93@gmail.com

      Thank you!

      1. Wah.. Baby G has a special request to blog more! Okay lah Baby G says to let u win a prize coz you're one of his fans! HAHAHHA....

        Yes I love shopping also... aih... u r right... shopping hauls are alwiz d best kinda read! I will do more since I like throwing money away =_= arghhh...

        Congrats n check your email!

    21. i. Name: Jo Seah
      ii. E-mail: joubajoubawa@yahoo.com
      iii. I would love to see more beauty reviews & also your vacations! Love reading about your many adventures. :)

    22. i. Name: J-Mei
      ii. E-mail: surveyfoo@hotmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about? beauty and your life story.

    23. i. Name : Sally Samsaiman
      ii. E-mail : sallysamsaiman@yahoo.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?

      Firstly, happy belated Tammy! I would like to see more about hidden travel places in Malaysia, more and more about foods in Malaysia and if possible, a tips or two about how you become a chief by not treating your staff as a slave/people who working for you but as a family/friends :)

    24. i. Name : Eintan Nurfuzie
      ii. E-mail : eintannurfuzie@gmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about? : ofcoz about beauty and gojes lifestyle.

    25. Sydney Lim
      Please post more blog posts with your face in it, coz we love seeing your face. <3 Love you long time, also pls review the Dyson hair dryer so we can see how your hair becomes Beyonce-looking :D

    26. Happy Birthday inspirational mamasan! Definitely not going to miss out on this opportunity...hehehhe
      i. Name: Nur Liyana binti Mohamunny
      ii. E-mail: absoluteyana@gmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about? : Beauty hacks and lots of travelling suggestions! (indirectly hoping that you will get to travel more this year...hehhehe)

    27. i. Name : MissJasJas
      ii. E-mail : missjasjas@live.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?
      I would love to see you blog more about you and your Baby G's travel things. It is because I love to go travel and working hard to go travel with my husband too. Also, post more beautiful rooms that you both have been travel in Instagram hehe

    28. i. Name : Nor Almas
      ii. E-mail : ordinary.shoppe@gmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?
      About sales and special deals especially for beauty product.

    29. Name: Susanna Tan
      ii) email: Susanna.tan@gmail.com
      iii) I would like to read more about reviews reviews reviews on make up and skin care products and also make up tutorials esp on eyes ! :*

    30. i. Name : Amanda Saw
      ii. E-mail : enix_extreme@yahoo.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?

      Happy Belated Birthday Tammy! I would like to see more post on travel destinations and hacks. Possible where to get the best food in those destinations too. You never know where there might be a hidden gem somewhere in Malaysia. ;)

    31. i. Name: Shereen Sow
      ii. E-mail: shereensow89@gmail.com
      iii. Beauty tips and tricks, shopping haul

      Happy Birthday Tammy! Have a great one with your love!

    32. Name: Shirley Yu
      Email: me@shirley.my

      I like to see Mamasan blog more about travel because I love seeing the travelling photos taken by Mamasan. Those photos are so amazing that sometimes I even feel so want to head into the places in the photos. 😂

    33. itscarmenhong@gmail.com

      Happy Birthday Tammmmmyyy! My favorite kind of posts from you is the one where you relate your personal real life experiences , whether good or bad because like all experiences there will always be lessons to be learnt that you can share with us. When I read those, it helps us see things from a different perspective!

    34. Catherine Khor
      Blog and Vlog more anything! From travel, beauty to some nasty stuff ��

    35. Adeline choo
      Happy belated birthday ~~~
      I would like to see more about your favourite beauty products reviews and why do you love it. It will become my guideline when I choose mine.

    36. Name : shamiera osment
      Email : shamiera_osment@yahoo.com

      I would love to read more about beauty products and do's and dont's in blogging life..and any tips on marketing strategy this 2018..hihi

      Neway happy birthday Tammy!

    37. i. Nur aslina moh ramli
      ii. Nuraslinamdr@gmail.com
      iii. I would love to see you blog about life, how you manage to move on, inspires readers who may be in the same situation but dunno how to deal with it. You have that kinda magnet! To me you are one pow wow inspirational lady! Keep it up Tammy?!

      1. Congratulations Mdm Killer (killemall), I've always wonder who u are.. bcoz u've commented since many years ago! I like the magnet part.. but actually I'm a simple, and introvert person who keeps to herself most of the time. I would love to open up and share more! Thanks for reminding me that.

        Check your email!

    38. Name : Diana Ling
      Email : lzhna3009@gmail.com
      I would love to see more on skincare products, your life adventures and of course, you and Baby G. I've been with you at FB since before your heartbreak, and I saw the process on how you've moved on, build your amazing career with Althea and found your happiness again = Baby G. I don't know why, but I just feel eager to know what's next from you.

      Happy New Year Tammy..

      1. Hi Diana,

        You're the silent reader.. haha! Thank you for being with me through my heartbreak. It feels like a hug your comment. Life is truly full of ups and downs. I am grateful I got through what happened and continue to find my dreams. Meeting Baby G was unexpected but... was a blessing in disguise. The right person really makes a difference.

        Congratulations & check your email!

    39. Nama : farah wahida putra
      Email: farahwahidaputra@yahoo.com

      I would like to seeing more about beauty, tips & your blogger lifestyle.btw happy birthday to you😘

    40. i. Name: Jenny Cheng Yee Shin
      ii. E-mail: catz19@hotmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?: I would love to read more reviews about beauty products and other new products. I love love love the post about the Philips Hue :p

    41. Name : YONG CHOY PENG
      E-mail : choypengism@yahoo.com
      I would like to see you blog more on great deals that are had to resist!

    42. i. Name : Phoebe Tay
      ii. E-mail : yvesx86_phoebe@hotmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?

      I'm so sorry if this offended you but I really love how you have the courage to walk away from your previous toxic relationship. Therefore, I hope you can share more about tips for finding the right person or advice about this issue.

      Also, I hope you can do some life hacks and those amazing science experiment with Baby G. I bet both of you will have fun doing it together.

      1. Hi Phoebe,

        Your comment touched my heart as it was a difficult time for me and somehow I made it and also found someone who could respect and love me as I am. Congratulations! You won my giveaway & I'll be emailing you soon!

      2. Thank you so much Tammy~ ❤❤

    43. i. Name : Phoebe Tay
      ii. E-mail : yvesx86_phoebe@hotmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?

      I'm so sorry if this offended you but I really love how you have the courage to walk away from your previous toxic relationship. Therefore, I hope you can share more about tips for finding the right person or advice about this issue.

      Also, I hope you can do some life hacks and those amazing science experiment with Baby G. I bet both of you will have fun doing it together.

    44. Name: Yvonne Siew
      Email: secretlock@hotmail.com

      Happy belated birthday 🎂 ...girl

      My top 3 picks for your blogging:

      I) Luxury hotel accommodation (with honest review and tips)
      II) Foods & Beverages (which restaurant is worth a visit. This become handy when I want to choose a venue for celebration)
      III) Cosmetic, skin care review and tips (My all times favourite because every girl deserve to look good)

    45. Name : Mieza S
      E-mail : kekapas@gmail.com
      Saya nak mengetahui lebih lanjut dan lebih mendalam tentang travel, food dan beauty!

    46. Happy Birthday lovely Tammy
      Jnie LowChingChing (Jenny)
      I'm very love ur blog because u always share your favorite beauty products & your travel sharing...
      I'm love ur life ...

    47. nama : farah wahida
      email : farahwahidaputra@yahoo.com

      i would like to see u blog more about beauty stuff, beauty product & beauty tips. i love all about the beauty :) . btw happy birthday to u!

    48. i. Name : Amelia Chiang
      ii. E-mail: ameliachiangkarmun@gmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about? I would love to see you blog more about yourself, family, work and how maintain relationship with your loved one. I love how you spread the good vibes and positiveness to others woman especially in the journey of finding the right person in life.

      1. Hi Amelia Chiang,

        T_T I will share more good & positive vibes to women! Especially on finding the right person. Thank you giving me the encouragement, from one woman to another. I'll try to open up more! (but I thought nobody reading so didn't need to.. since I old newspaper already)

        Congrats btw and check your email!

    49. i. Name: Charmaine Chuah
      ii. E-mail: cul8rmha@hotmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?
      I'd like to see more honest make-ups and facial care products review, the 'no holds barred' type and more restaurant buffet reviews coz I just love food and beauty stuff <3

    50. Happy birthday Tammy! May God bless you with everlasting love, luck, health and happiness!

      Chien (IG: aikchien)

      I would like to see you blog more about beauty product reviews and share interesting things happening in your life!

    51. Name: Yan Ru
      E-mail: yanrula@outlook.com
      What would you like to see me blog more about?
      Id like to read more about your stories with your BF and the old bully stories related to blogging (haha this one a bit weird but I liked the one post you did before!).

    52. i. Name: Juneci Siong
      ii. E-mail: juneci.siong@gmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?
      Continue what are you doing now (You did great!) with a little of love spice, you know. Tips on how to maintain a good relationship, etc etc on occasional basis. I think it will be helpful to readers out there

    53. Name: Parizan Mohd Zain
      Email : Suriaamanda@yahoo.com
      I would like to see you blog more on foodies and travel or maybe something interesting about your personal life on childhood memories..
      2) Tammy's cookings perhaps
      3) make up tutorial

      Hapoy belated birthday mamasan..mmuah..muahhh...

    54. Name: Tiffany Mok
      Email: tiffanylpb@hotmail.com
      I like everything you blog, i like food can blog more foodies ... hahaha

    55. i. Name : Fhatin Amelia Bt Musa
      ii. E-mail : fhatinameliamusa@gmail.com
      iii. What would you like to see me blog more about?
      You are one of my favourite beauty blogger! However i'm a silent reader though lol. Your reviews are honest and i would like to see more beauty product reviews from your blog. Also, if you could share some tips on how to be a beauty blogger, i will be the happiest person to read lol 😂

      1. Dear Mellya,

        REALLY? I AM? (for this you kena jackpot) haha. Congratulations! I want to continue blacklisting myself coz of my honesty lol. I will try to give more tips.. but out there, there's so many tips from veteran bloggers already so I felt it wasn't necessary.. maybe I will try to do more case study posts on how to do review?

        Check your email!

    56. First off, happy birthday and happy new year!
      I really enjoy reading your posts and adventures.
      Would love to see more of your inspiration ideas of beauty meets home living.


    57. Name: Geraldine Yong
      Email: wanyyg@gmail.com
      What would you like to see me blog more about? : more on self-development! perhaps how did you go through to set up the amazing business today? and flatlay tips! product shootings those are definitely your forte!

      happy birthdayy Tammyyy! we're birthday buddies! though im actually 7days after yours! hahha

      loads of love,
      wan @ everything magical

      1. Hello Geraldine,

        =_= I thought nobody notice my product shooting awesomeness! (ceh... perasaan sungguh). I try :( and I thought nobody notice my efforts... but at least you do! Thank you so much muahahha.. and now happy birthday to you too (7 days + x years younger than me).

        Check your email!!!! Congrats!

    58. Nicole Chin

      Happy birthday Mamasan! Keep blogging more as your posts are really entertaining, especially when your Angmo boyfie blogs haha! I would love for you to review more hotels and their buffet/high tea etc coz who don't love food!

    59. Name: Amanda Lim
      Email: liulishu26@gmail.com
      I would love to see more about reviews on makeup and more skincare routines! Even like what products you use for anti-aging, pih etc! And even your favorite websites to shop! Always love passionate you are about beauty and blogging, and of course always working hard on making this community great with organizing the buttefly project :)

      1. Hi Amanda,

        Woah you wanna know the secret to staying young??? It's a secret. Cannot tell. HAHAHA! I will share more about anti-aging and beauty reviews this year ok! I would have more time if I didn't manage the community (haha) but the future is all about you younglings so I hope you all achieve the same passion and goal in blogging!

        Congrats & check your email yah.

    60. i. Julianna Chan
      ii. dreamchasercyq@gmail.com
      iii. Maybe can try posting more about travel, hotels & recommendations. Sharing on your experience & tips would be really helpful. Even better if its cuti-cuti Malaysia as i find it not much updated blogpost about it recent years. I believe there are more hidden gems in Malaysia!

    61. Name : Lia Hasty
      Email : claracancer@gmail.com

      I like to read your blog about lifestyle, beauty, house decoration, product because I want to learn about other people lifestyle & learn more about beauty.

      Happy Belated Birthday Mamasan!


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