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THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet/Glossy Lipstick Review

Defining your moments with a kiss

We had the pleasure of putting to the test THE FACE SHOP's latest lipstick and just right in time for Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year! So if you're looking to shoot arrows at either your bae or angpao (red packets) we say these edgy, defining lipsticks should be your weapon this February! Available now at all THE FACE SHOP stores, the Flat Velvet Lipstick and Flat Glossy Lipstick (yes two different formulas) comes in 6 shades each. We swatched and pucker up for you so you can have your pick on your favorite colors! (scroll to the bottom).

These lipsticks have a semi-matte finish that doesn't feel dry or high-shine finish without the stickiness. During our swatch-test, we instantly notice that the lip colors brighten up your complexion and look oh so good on camera! (selfie perfect pout). The colors are so pigmented, that you go from plain jane to a polish 10 in seconds. Not to mention the ultra define lip shape you get without using brushes or liners only with just one product thanks to the flat, square-shaped bullet tip.

say hello to your new best friend

check out the video introduction!

Available in 6 colors each, go matte or go shine!

The Velvets are probably my favorite formula out of the two. They apply on super creamy and opaque in one swipe so you won’t be tugging till your lips hurt just to get it on. They don’t settle into the creases of the lips and don’t feel drying at all on the lips, making them really comfortable to have on all day. These wonders look great and matte upon application, however, they’re not transfer-proof, so you’ll want to keep these in your bag for touch-ups.

Matte out or gloss up? The choice is yours!

If you prefer a shiny look, you’ll definitely love the Glossies! These have a hydrating formula that glides on effortlessly, and both look and feel nice on the lips for a glossy formula (no wishy-washy pigmentation here!). As all glossy-type lip products, they won’t last super long on your lips but these are easy to reapply in a flash. They don’t slide around or bleed either and are definitely not sticky. Super comfortable to wear all day.

Flat, square-shaped bullet makes it so easy to define lips!
Super-pigmented formula – one swipe for vivid color

How To Draw A Well-Defined Delicate Line

Here's a tip on how to draw a well-defined lip line using the unique square tip. We'll even show you in 3 easy steps. It's only a matter of criss-cross applesauce (just a jingle). Use the angular point to make a criss-cross then finish the areas delicately and neatly - corner of the mouth and cupid's bow.

Step 1: Turnabout 3mm of the dial at the bottom to release the content.
Step 2: Use the angular side to draw a clean, well-defined line along the lip line.
Step 3: Lean the product on the wide side and fill the area with a rich color.

crisscross & line, then fill!

In addition to all the amazing colors, they're also made with a blend of lip-loving oils which explains why they glide on oh so smoothly and gives that extra relief and moisture to your lips! Nourishing oils such as Argan and Rosehip oil protects the lips from moisture loss and creates a plump, smooth surface. If you have cracked or sensitive lips, soothing oils such as Jojoba, Calendula, and Olive oil helps to instantly calm your lips.

We pucker up & tried them all on for you!

tell us which is your favorite color

We enjoyed putting these lipsticks to the test that we created a swatch gallery just to show you how vivid and intense the color pigments are! Even with just one swipe.

THE FACE SHOP Velvet Lipstick
Cassis Red- luscious cherry with pink undertones
Darjeeling Red - warm red with a hint of brick brown undertones
London Red - true bold scarlet
Be My Pink - warm, mid-toned pink
Rose Pink - brown blush pink
Solar Beige - nude with orange and brown undertones

THE FACE SHOP Glossy Lipstick
Berry Up Red - rich berry red with slight pink undertones
New York Red - classic blue-based red
Rocco Pink - bold, bright pink with hints of purple
Lily Pink - more muted mid-tone pink
Gemstone Coral - Coral shade that leans redder
Punch Orange - vibrant orange shade with red undertones

THE FACE SHOP Flat Velvet/Glossy Lipstick (RM45 incl. GST) comes in 6 flattering shades each. Available at all THE FACE SHOP outlets from January 2018. Online purchase available on and for more info THE FACE SHOP Facebook


  1. I love the colors. NY Red look so lovely.

  2. OMG!! All the colors are so beautiful!! I want all of them too!! Hehe


  3. OMG I love the swatches! I especially love gemstone coral <3


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