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  • Fisherman's Cove Starhill Celebration Package Review


    My Year-End Party x Birthday

    I have always wanted to throw a year-end party celebrating the coming of my birthday (turning a year "younger") and ushering the New Year's surrounded by my closes friends. People who you don't need to talk to every single day, but when you do, you can't stop talking. I planned months ahead to find the perfect place. One with delicious food, great ambiance, and good service. I remembered Fisherman's Cove, Starhill from my last visit to celebrate Baby G's birthday. We had lobsters, tiger prawns on skewers and sides that made our day, just fabulous.

    Fisherman’s Cove evokes the ambience of a rustic Asian houseboat. Inspired by local and European varieties of seafood, award-winning celebrity Chef Wai focuses on specialty seafood sourced locally and around the world. Chef Wai, who is also co-author of the award-winning Two Friends – One Cuisine coffee table book, is adept at bringing out the freshness of the produce and ingredients he uses. His culinary style and techniques featured in the book are reflected in the dishes he crafts. You may also enjoy your meticulously prepared meal at the mezzanine and dine at the booths that resemble a houseboat’s bamboo shed and watch the world go by.

    I contacted the restaurant to find out about their celebration package, which is an exclusive menu with chef's recommendations. There Menu A, B & C. Obviously, my heart was set on C which had a "seafood tower" in it. I google and google but couldn't find more information so I made my way to the restaurant to speak to the manager himself and to pick out the best spot to host my guests.

    Fisherman's Cove Starhill, Bukit Bintang K.L

    serving fresh and high-quality ingredients

    the ambiance of a rustic Asian houseboat

     one of the lively dining restaurants at Feast Village, Starhill

    Fisherman's Cove Celebration Package
    click image for larger view

    The manager Dien and his supervisor Fauzi were helpful and so friendly. They explained that the celebration package is somewhat like a semi-buffet (only the sides), party sharing portion and assured me it would be a fine feast that would impress my guests. When I asked about the seafood tower, Din took out the two-tier copper brass tower to show me. He said the top would be piled with oysters, and the bottom would be filled with fresh assorted seafood on ice such as mussels, clams, prawns and a lobster.

    Impressed, I booked a party of 9 just before New Year's Eve.

    surrounded by people who love me

    all the special people who helped me in more ways than one

    nothing less than a perfect culinary experience

    my friends enjoying themselves

    they loved the oysters so much, I order two dozens more!

    Baby G said he's pregnant with food after the dinner

    When I arrived early to check on my table, I was impressed it was all set up with flowers and printed menu on the table for my guests. The supervisor Fauzi and his waiters took great care of my guests, from pouring the wine, to attend to their call. Other guests, kept stealing glances, wondering what's the commotion about, and how we're having two giant seafood towers which weren't on the menu. I bet they're jealous (haha) because we were given so much care and the food never stop coming! My guests kept eating, even though they've reached their food quota. Surprised by each dish that came out of the kitchen, they made moaning sounds "Ohhh Ahhh" after tasting each one. Sydney who sat facing me had this orgasmic glow, smiling to herself after each bite.

    At a dinner party, one should eat wisely but not too well, and talk well but not too wisely
    - W. Somerset Maugham

    Baby G was quiet as a mouse, silently devouring all the oysters and prawns he can consume. Anis Eros and Leonard who sat at the other end was on a high, chatting and laughing non-stop. Kiersten, on a diet, politely decline any carbs but enjoyed her oysters and wine while making her infamous Thai voice impressions that cracked us all up. Jo, surprisingly shy, was observing everyone and laughing by herself at my end. She loved the oysters.

    I was busy taking pictures and eating in between so I could blog about this and remember this night forever. I'm going to show you the dishes that were served from start to the end so you get an idea of how fabulous this is, even if you don't take the celebration menu, a la carte is available for the seafood. I'll put * on the dish that's recommended! My favorites are the clams, lobster, lamb chops and garlic bread (this is really good!).

    P.S: I bought my own wine - white wine and a Muscato (sweet, fruity dessert wine) to pair with the seafood dinner. Corkage charges are RM100/bottle here.

    Fisherman's Cove printed the menu for each guest

    Little Bites - Appetizer
    *Tiger Prawn Skewers with Togarashi
    Crispy Fried Calamari with Mint Mayo

    First Course - Starter
    *Hirata Three rice buns with a choice of 
    Salmon, Shrimps or Lump Crab Cake filling
    Roasted Red Snapper Sandwich

    Fisherman's Cove Sides served in a Boat
    *Garlic Bread Sticks
    Crispy Potato Wedges
    Spicy Onion Rings

    Main Course
    *Seafood Tower
    Salt Crusted Whole Sea Bass
    *Grilled Lamb Chops

    *Shucked Live Canadian Oysters on ice

    oysters were so good, I ordered 2 more dozen
    Oyster Menu (Ala Carte)
    3 for RM33 | 6 for RM60 | 12 for RM100

    Live Boston Lobster with lemon wedges

    Fresh Australian Tiger Prawn
    Venus Clam with thousand island sauce

    *Medium-done Milly Hill Premium Lamb Chops
    served with Grilled Vegetables

    best lamb chops I've ever eaten! succulent & juicy
    Salt Crusted Whole Sea-Bass

    steaming fresh whole sea-bass

    Desserts To Share
    *Fisherman's Cove Signature Creme Caramel

    Strawberry Pomelo
    Banana Split Ala Chef

    I would like to personally thank the manager, Dien for arranging and tolerating my stalker mode (comes out when I'm planning party). Taking the time to explain and accommodating to my needs. To the supervisor Fauzi, your great care and hospitality during my birthday were impeccable, thank you so much too. My guests were happy, the feast was fabulous and everyone can't stop talking about it.

    My Year-end Party was absolutely pukka (Brittish slang for first class).

    P.S: I hear the restaurant will be closing down the end of this month as Feast Village is planning for a local cuisine restaurant to take this place. It's such a pity as the food is really good. If you love seafood and lobsters like me, I highly encouraged you to visit this place before they're gone forever. I'll be back to try everything on the menu.

    here's my secret saving technique

    FavePay Promo Code "TRYFAVE"

    If you're planning to come here, #dealqueen is here to save you! After comparing all the discounts and deals out there, I decided to use FavePay to pay my bill here because I get a 30% cashback for my next visit to Fisherman's Cove. FavePay is a cashless/cardless mobile payment method that's linked to your credit card.

    For instance, bill RM2,000 @ get RM600 cashback!

    As a first-time FavePay user, I purchase this RM0 Fisherman's Cove code to discount 10% OFF my bill (max cap RM20).

    There are many restaurants that are on FavePay, and the savings can be up to 30% depending on which restaurant. Fisherman's Cove, for example, is the best 30% savings in the app. You can find out all about it on http://lp.myfave.com/favepay and if you have any questions you can ask me here because I tried-and-tested this!

    My dinner wasn't sponsored by Fisherman's Cove or FavePay. I wish it was.


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