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Sold My Cheese Cake 2 Skye for rm35


Yesterday I got an sms from Skye (from myb forum) and she was jokingly asking me to sell my cheesecake to her for rm35. I was thinking wow somebody want to buy, but for rm35? I called up my brother to discuss about it. SO after doing some thinking, I concluded why not? rm35 is better than my brother coming all the way from port klang to collect the cake and eat one slice of it only. He suddenly want to diet =_= sigh. So I reply Skye and said SURE! when u want it?

She just collected the cake from my condo just now & I found out it's for a good cause! Sky is so sweet! She's actually on her way to spend time with under priviledge children and she bought this cake to share with them! omg how sweet is that? I was just thinking yesterday that if my brother don't come and pick up this cake, I may as well donate it to the children's orphanage. Isn't the world beautiful in the end with people like her? I admire her heart to help the poor and still smile the same way she did when I first met her. Probably next time if got such promotion again, I'll share with her$$ n get 2 cakes for the children.


  1. that is so thoughtful of you..who knows in the end you help people who need the most..really love to drop by at your page..even put a link at my blog..wink(^.^)v..

  2. that is really nice of you and her.

    one good deeds always deserve another. well, you deserve all the nice things happening to you for such kind hearts.

  3. skye is really sweet n kind hearted. Hope God Bless her & give her, her heart's desires.

  4. miu is any part of your dior flight's pouch has yellowish stain or something? cos mine has a minor stain just right below the mirror =(


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