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Christian Dior Warehouse Sales Report!

The much awaited Christian Dior warehouse sale which had most of us asking "when & where" for the past month finally happened after shoppingnsales investigated and informed us shopaholics that it's happening TODAY at The Coronade Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It will go on until tomorrow Saturday!

I arrived at Coronade Hotel after a massive morning jam. Parked at KL Plaza and finally entered the sales at 10.30am. I started writting down what they have (see below for price n product list) came out for lunch at 12.30pm-2pm, went back there again to say goodbye and finally left at 3pm. Suprisingly due to the "not sure when & where it will happen" the crowd was not at all large! and paying was a breeze.

I notice they increased the price for lipglosses and some products remain the same price as last year's. Even the manufacturing dates remains the same with most products carrying a 2006 manufacturing date. Better becareful girls, know what u want to buy and whether the stocks will last long enough for you to use them. Don't want your lips to grow fungus yeah!

Btw, I read from sns site, a girl who is also a promoter says these warehouse sale products could be display products which has already lost it's magic touch due to constant heat, light and exposure at the counters. So yea, things like that must come into consideration when shopping in warehouse sales ok girls? Impulse buying is at a high, and brain might not work when we go into a candy store :) I understand!

***Price & Product List on 1st Day Opening***

Fahrenheit RM 110 for 40ml bottle
Addict Summer rm150 / 2 for rm250 / 3 for rm350
Dior Homme Cologne 1 for rm150 / 2 for rm250 / 3 for rm350

Lipstick 1 for rm40/ 3 for 100
Dior Detective lip/gloss palette rm100
Dior D’Trick Make up palette rm140 / 2 for 240
Dior Flight Make up Palette rm150 / 2 for 250
Dior Backstage Brush Set 1 for rm280 / 3 for rm400
Addict Summer rm150 / 2 for rm250 / 3 for rm350
Dior Homme Cologne 1 for rm150 / 2 for rm250 / 3 for rm350
Lip Liner rm35
Eyeliner 1 for rm40 / 2 for rm60
Unlimited mascara 1 for rm 45 / 2 for rm80
Nail Polish 1 for rm30 / 2 for rm50 / 3 for rm60
Eye Shadow 1 color rm20 / 2 for rm35 / 3 for rm40
2 colors 1 for rm30, 2 for rm50, 3 for rm60
Skin Flash 1 for rm60 / 2 for rm90
Concealer 1 for rm40 / 2 for rm60
Eye shadow palette 5 colors 1 for rm100 / 2 for rm180 / 3 for rm230
Blush 1 for rm80 / 2 for rm140
Pro Cheeks 1 for rm70 / 2 for rm130
Compact powder 1 for rm80 / 2 for rm140
compact 1 for 80 / 2 for rm140
Refill 1 for rm60 / 2 for 110
compact + refill rm130
Bronzer 1 for rm80 / 2 for rm140
Color Control 1 rm40 / 2 for rm60
Compact perfect fit 1 for rm60 / 2 for rm100
Liquid foundation 1 for rm80 / 2 for rm140

Dior Snow Whitening Essence rm220
UV Protection base spf50 rm80
Spot corrector rm70
treatment ionized brightening intensive corrector rm160 4 pieces
whitening foaming cleanser rm50
whitening essence mask 2 for rm100
whitening matifying emulsion rm60
whitening eye treatment rm70
white solution lotion rm110
prestige whitening essence rm300
prestige whitening collection day fluid rm300 / 2 for rm500
Dior Voyage rm400
prestige cleansing foam rm100
prestige revitalizing essence rm360
Prestige exquisite lotion 1 for rm120 / 2 for 220
Cleansing crème rm120
foundation rm160
revitalizing crème rm300 / 2 for rm550
eye cream rm150
serum rm330 for set of 2
wrinkle cream 1 for rm80
wrinkle cream set (1 big + 1 small) rm185
D’ capture light texture rm120
rich texture rm120
wrinkle treatment rm100
ultimate wrinkle program or face n eyes rm120
hydra cleansing oil gel rm50
scrub rm70
bikini scrub rm70
firming rm260
multi perfection concentrated crème rm300
high definition serum rm110
lighting firming crème rm170
body firming crème emulsion rm50
Set of Body firming crème emulsion + scrub rm90


lip gloss silver & pink
1 for rm40 / 3 for rm100

comes with a mini lip brush!

lip gloss red

lip gloss in red
(very glittering!)

uv protective base spf50 - rm80

refinishing make up base 2 for rm140
(last 2 by my auntie)

lip sticks ultra nude & ultra shine
(there's plenty of lipsticks, lipglosses in various colors to buy)
u can choose any 3 for rm100!

different lipstick packagings

the brush set
(eyeshadow, eye liner, lip, face & blusher)

my favourite! the Dior Flight make up set

oh la la paris here i come

6 eyeshadows, blush, face powder, mascara & lipgloss
(comes with mini brushes too!)
1 for rm150 / 2 for rm250

only sold at airport so its kinda limited!
manufactured 1/2008 & some 2007
(there is another similar set, lighter colors but manufactured in 2006)
1 - rm140/ 2- rm240
eye liner rm40
2 for rm60

Update! 15/11/08

Shoppers who went on the 2nd day (Saturday) which is also the last day enjoyed further reductions from this warehouse sales. It is reported that the limited products that can only be bought from airport - Dior Flight, Trick & 2 of it's lip gloss sets were given a big reduction. The price on 1st day & the following day has a big difference in saving. Those who bought on the 2nd day enjoyed savings of up to rm50 a set. I bought mine on 1st day so I lost a total of rm140 because of the price difference. Just not my luck, but then again I won't go on last days :)

D' Flight buy 1 for rm100 / 2 for rm180
(compared to 1 for rm150 / 2 for rm250)
D' Trick buy 1 for rm100 / 2 for rm180
(compared to 1 for rm140 / 2 for rm240)
Lip set 2 for rm120
(compared to 1 for rm100 / 2 for rm180)


  1. wow, you managed to get all the prices... & take pictures! you go, girl :)

    they allow you to bring in camera? i have sneaked some pics using phone cam before, but can't always get good pics due to discreetly snap pics & phone cam resolution not so good (2mp).

    i think i'll be giving this sales a miss... overbudget already :P

    -eelynn (a fan of sns)

  2. thanks a lot .love u so much...
    from;(sns fan also) mandy

  3. my phone also 2mp actually!

    i didn't see any sign saying no camera lol, but i took pictures discreetly so nobody know.. or maybe they know but hey.. nothing illegal here to hide right? lol

    I'm also overbudget. Looks like have to tie my stomach until next year.

  4. :) Woo Hoo!! Awesome report!! Its like Secret Agent Shopperholic reporting on various products of CD!

    Awesome stuff gal!!

    Tks for sharing with all of us :)

  5. miu if u want to sell ur brush set im interested >

  6. Miu, CD lipstics u want to let go tak?

  7. miu is any part of your dior flight's pouch has yellowish stain or something? cos mine has a minor stain just right below the mirror =(

  8. no stain O.O

    i think u better go change if still open

  9. OMG!! you are so making me jealous. so tempting..too bad i am staying so far (MLK) ... else i'll get the backstage brush and D'Flight too. Goodness.. must really make effort to travel the next round..pls review soon

  10. miki: stay in melaka?! I know how u feel, there no warehouse sales on like in kl. But on the bright side, u save money T_T if not u gona end up $$$ zero like me.

    if u really wanna buy, lotsa ppl do sell what they buy in and on their blogs. They will charge slightly more but it will still be cheaper than retails.

  11. Hi Miu!
    Very good la you in taking pics. Even my hubby picture's also got inside. :)
    Anyway superb review you have here! Keep up the good work!

  12. omg ur hubby's pic also inside?! lol.. he's gona be famous now!!

    but my pics aren't that i'm using my hp with 2mp camera to take.

  13. mui..
    if u want let go ur brush set,plz email me

  14. TQ Miu.. Tq.. Tq.. Tq.. Ur an outstanding informer...

  15. Ur a great informer la miu... tQ Tq tQ... xoxoxo...

  16. hello,if u want sell ur lipstick ,pls inform me,im so interested,

  17. omg dior warehouse sales...

    over where i live, there's only oreal/lacome sale

  18. Dear Miu,

    Since we are not allowed to bring in our bags, will there be any counter looking after our bags?

  19. sorry everyone who's asking if i go to CD sales n help buy.. currently i am indebt with stila purchases already and can't make money available to help buy CD stuffs..

    felicia: they bag your handbags in a plastic bag n tied it up. U can bring it into the sales.

  20. Does anyone know if dior has sales like this in Canada?


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